What your friends won’t tell you, their Sun Sign will. Sure, it’s not the whole astrological story but the Sun Sign personality is hugely indicative. Enjoy dozens of unique, informative and sometimes humorous posts on the Sun Signs.

Learn more about Leo Self-Limiting Syndrome, Virgo Vision, why Saint Valentine could not have been an Aquarius. Discover the niche, rarely mentioned super-powers of the Sun Signs in posts like The Dominant Gemini Personality Trait and Two Rarely Mentioned Pisces Personality Traits.

Or, compare all of them in The Sun Signs As Cruise Ship Workers.

Mars In Aries For Actual Aries People

Externally, Aries people are acting as if everything is the same. They’re still genuinely spooked by subterfuge. You could sell them an anti-nuance spray and the add-on diffuser reeds. They say they’ve got a strategy but don’t disclose that it’s to streak ahead of you. Without competitive impulses, Aries slackens. They become a creature of the couch, a spectator. An Aries automatically identifies with Jolene, not the complainant in the …

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Helmut Newton woman at beach

How To Be More Scorpio

Scorpios themselves are often baffled by their archetypal Scorpio sign traits. “I don’t have any of them,” they’ll sniff disdainfully, deftly concealing an incoming message notification from scrutiny. Like ultra-rich people who ‘don’t care about money’, they don’t measure “sexiness” as a metric and couldn’t care less whether someone thinks they have sex appeal. Superficial people calling them ‘obsessive’ is an omen they’re on the correct path. Note: In Scorp-O-Vision, …

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Mop Cleaning With The Most Virgo Woman In The World

The American television personality and celebrity cook Rachael Ray is the most Virgo woman on the planet. She has – wait for it – the Sun, Ascendant, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Pluto, and Uranus in Virgo. Her Leo husband, fortunately, has Venus, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo.  Hyperbolically Virgo people are his thing. RR says on her rare days off she writes and then cleans until she crashes with fatigue. …

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There Are Three Types Of Capricorn

There are three types of Capricorn: Stoic, Sensual, and Supernatural. Excitingly, they are not all ruled by Saturn. Additionally, a Capricorn can segue between these different modes at various points in their life or manifest a hybrid version. Fittingly for the only chimeric sign of the Zodiac, Capricorns excel at “X by day, Y” by night lifestyles. Here are the three core types of Capricorn: Stoic Capricorn These are the …

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Capricorne The Comic Book

Why have I never heard of this?! A triple Capricorn – Andreas Martin – has a whole series of graphic novels starring a protagonist whose entire narrative IS (kind of) about being a Capricorn. And not only that, a Capricorn Astrologer! Even this Google translate version of the Wiki sounds legit. Capricorn arrives in New York on a full moon night, he meets three old women who give him six …

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