From Conscious Uncoupling to the Whim of Steel, Libra is composed and in command of themselves. The core competency of Libra is linked to the trait that they are most derided for, their indecision. But behind the tendency of this sign to not make up their mind at Warp Speed, is an ability to detach and properly consider all aspects of a scenario, sans bias. Browse unique posts featuring Libra people and their sensibility.

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Regret Is An Appalling Waste Of Energy

“Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can’t build on it; it is good only for wallowing in.” Katherine Mansfield SHE was Libra with her Libran Sun conjunct Uranus (free-thinker, ahead of her time) and a lovely great big gallumping Mars in Saggo Rising + Venus-Mercury in Scorpio… Which if it were being expressed freely, would want to regenerate and could not stand to stagnate. That’s just f.y.i. ButRead More…

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Inner Child 101

 I thought the whole Inner Child seemed to erupt in the 90s but apparently it emerged in the 70s. I think i did one session with someone re it once & it was surprisingly healing, although v.easy to wallow, I imagine, if you wanted to. It was to do with something traumatic & the therapist got me to go back and talk to myself as a five year old etcRead More…

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