From Conscious Uncoupling to the Whim of Steel, Libra is composed and in command of themselves. The core competency of Libra is linked to the trait that they are most derided for, their indecision. But behind the tendency of this sign to not make up their mind at Warp Speed, is an ability to detach and properly consider all aspects of a scenario, sans bias. Browse unique posts featuring Libra people and their sensibility.

Vintage Sci-Fi - Libra in a new dimension

Mars In Libra Is A New Dimension

Libras did Saturn. They streamlined, balanced, stayed hydrated and had healthy relationships. They called themselves on their excuses and washed their face before going to sleep, every night. Then they adjusted to rad planet Uranus in their opposite sign for nearly a decade. That called for individuation and self-reliance. The Seventh sign people could no longer rely on others for validation. But Mars in Libra is a new dimension. Librans are …

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Bull with Dita Von Teese

You Can’t Fake The Funk

Dita Von Libra is making this Bull nervous. Or maybe they put him on Bovine Mogadon so that he wouldn’t ravish her. I mean, she is meant to be Europa for fuqs sake, she read the myth, right?  RIGHT?  God, anyway, so who want’s to do a Full Moon in Taurus mash-up?!?!  I think it was magic for reconnecting with Gut Instinct, but that may because i have been shovelling …

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Tranquilize Your Sharks Before A Stunt

So i look at this picture and see an olden days Aries dude, with possibly a prominent Asteroid Gary. But seriously, Mars + Uranus are also omnipotent in the charts of stunt people. The ones who score cult status have Neptune in there as well. eg; Felix Baumgartner, Harry Houdini, David Blaine  – all Aries – and Libran Evil Knievel. He LOOKS Libran. He had Aqua Rising and the requisite …

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Astro Gatsby

F Scott Fitzgerald in all his multi-Libran, Mars-Neptune man fuqed up genius glory was posted about here already and now of course we have the Baz Luhrmann version of The Great Gatsby. So, some questions… * D-Listed said this Vogue cover makes Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan look like Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot – agree or disagree? I think it looks weird, I don’t know if it’s …

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Margaret Thatcher Was Saturn Trine Pluto

Regardless of your politics, the Eighties Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher, was a potent example of Saturn trine Pluto. The so-called Iron Lady was a Libra, with Saturn Rising in Scorpio. When you have a Scorpio Ascendant, it means Pluto is your ruler. So Saturn trine Pluto made the whole deal exceptionally strong. It was a Saturn Pluto conjunction in Libra, in the early Eighties that ushered in the …

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A Magical Example Of A Libra Scorpio Stellium

The actor and photographer Viggo Mortensen is a good example of a Libra Scorpio stellium. Most of his astrological energy is between 15 Libra and Scorpio. It means that he is inspired by relationships and collaborations but also that if he does not connect with a person – or project/piece of work – at a soul level, he’s not there. And, depending on his rising sign, he would barely be …

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