Leos defy explanation but it doesn’t matter. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Read dozens of unique posts on the heat-seeking sign of awe and dazzle. Read dozens of posts about Leo, the dazzling, creativity-driven, performance sign of the Zodiac. Featuring Leo role models, quotations, anecdotes and “management tips,” it’s a fabulous resource for Leos and their devotees.

Conan The Leo

  Jason Momoa is a Multiple Conjunct Leo.  He may just be the Ultimate Leo. He is what I like to call a “Performance Leo.” Not only does he have Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter all tight together in Leo …

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Lace Lion

Psychedelic Leos

Today’s forecast for Leos: Psychedelic, delinquent and too tired to make the scene they really want to make. Pondering a technically psycho-bats move or decor statement chez Leo. Fantasizing about plastic surgery. Kinky nightmares. Secret imaginary celebrity lover. Out of …

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