Leos defy explanation but it doesn’t matter. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Read dozens of unique posts on the heat-seeking sign of awe and dazzle. Read dozens of posts about Leo, the dazzling, creativity-driven, performance sign of the Zodiac. Featuring Leo role models, quotations, anecdotes and “management tips,” it’s a fabulous resource for Leos and their devotees.

girls flashing cars on the freeway


David Drebin   It’s time! Mars is in Leo, we get our moxy back and there will be no more snivelling about trying to pretend our expectations are modest. Brazen exhibitionism is big again and who wants to mind-map (on …

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Psychedelic Lion Sunglasses

Suddenly Leo

“Oh lady, oh wow. Can I just say- and yes, I know I can- I am so excited to have found your website.  Is that still a question?  I found it two weeks ago, subscribed last week (yippee!), and am …

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Queen Of Leos

Lord Snowdon   I know most peeps have seen this pic of the actress Helen Mirren but i just saw it again now and was stuck anew by her Leonic charisma. And obviously the dedication to her Craft, multiple awards and …

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Robert Redford with Dustin Hoffman making a funny face at him

Two Leos

LOVE this picture. Robert Redford (in his core hotness era he epitomized l’uomo Leo don’t you think) with Dustin Hoffman, also Leo but hilariously aware that he unable to attain the uber-Leo cool of Redford. Thoughts?

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