Leos defy explanation but it doesn’t matter. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Read dozens of unique posts on the heat-seeking sign of awe and dazzle. Read dozens of posts about Leo, the dazzling, creativity-driven, performance sign of the Zodiac. Featuring Leo role models, quotations, anecdotes and “management tips,” it’s a fabulous resource for Leos and their devotees.

Astro Gatsby

F Scott Fitzgerald in all his multi-Libran, Mars-Neptune man fuqed up genius glory was posted about here already and now of course we have the Baz Luhrmann version of The Great Gatsby. So, some questions… * D-Listed said this Vogue cover makes Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan look like Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot – agree or disagree? I think it looks weird, I don’t know if it’s …

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Fire & Air + the Love of the Public

So I’ve mentioned Ms Mirren and her Leonic regal elegance before a few times but never have I seen her look SO Leo as she does here. Madam has got almost the perfect astro for an actor; it’s not just her sexy Sun-Pluto in powerful performance Leo. Successful thesps tend to have a loaded 5th House – she’s got Chiron, Neptune and Lilith there in Libra.  Gemini Rising for the …

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The Alternative Dimension of D-List Reality Leo

Hulk Hogan is a multiple Leo conjunct with Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo as his signature aspect. It manifests as fierce anti-fragility and phoenix power. And he channels it through a D-List Reality Leo prism. He’s Teflon. Any inner planet connected to Pluto hooks you into your generation. You embody your people and age with your fan base. Breaking News: “Hulk Hogan says the leaking of his sex tape is …

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Better Living Tips From NapoLEOn

Voila Napoleon – ultra-Leo, Emperor and a man considered to be the greatest military genius of all time. This picture drew my attention because of what looks to be astrological detailing around the side of the awesome rug beneath his throne. You think? Napoleon is also a fantastic astro example – he had Mars-Neptune conjunct in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. That’s Mars in a Grand …

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Seventies Supermodel in broad white trousers and bandanna


It is an astro-cliche worth acknowledging that Leo/Leo Rising peeps are both insanely photogenic AND often gifted behind the camera; they take amazing pics. The camera loves Leo and Leo loves it right back.   Images:  Vogue, April 1972, by Gianni Penati.  Marion Cotillard by Bruno Dayan

Yves Saint Laurent nude

When Leos Haunt

Paranormal Activity?  We ain’t seen nothing yet. Or rather the house of Yves Saint Laurent hasn’t. It is my belief that they have just awakened one of the most potentially powerful and frightening supernatural forces of all. A Leo Ghost. A Leo Fashion Designer Ghost. In fact, forget fashion. Someone should do a horror movie on this. How has this Exorcist-On-Speed-Dial scenario been allowed to happen? Yves Saint Laurent – …

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