Leos defy explanation but it doesn’t matter. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Read dozens of unique posts on the heat-seeking sign of awe and dazzle. Read dozens of posts about Leo, the dazzling, creativity-driven, performance sign of the Zodiac. Featuring Leo role models, quotations, anecdotes and “management tips,” it’s a fabulous resource for Leos and their devotees.

A Vitamin For Leos

The celestial vibe has not been altogether supportive to our Leo of late. There is a whole line-up of influencers in Taurus, the sign that squares Leo. Mars is spending a huge part of the year in Scorpio, another tricky relationship with Leo.  You would look to Sagittarius – their fellow Fire sign – for support but Saturn is there, the relentless candor proving wearing for Leo. Uranus in Aries? …

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Ask Mystic: Leo On The Verge

Dear Mystic, I can’t help feeling like it’s a stroke of luck that I am (blissfully) ignorant about the aspects and complexities of my chart…other than knowing the I’m a Leo, with Leo Rising and Moon in Gemini.  As I am in possession of particularly active mind and prolifically rampant imagination. Too much insider “knowledge” may just fuel the cognitive fire…it happens! I wait every day for you to write …

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Greece Is The Word

Alexis Tsipras is the new (radical left) Prime Minister of Greece – he’s Leo, so left he named one of his kids after Che Guevara and has “change Europe” as his mantra – not just Greece.  He’s also against the austerity (cuts to government services etc) laid out as a condition by the German bankers/I.M.F etc as a condition of the bail-outs/loans to his country. Without wishing to bog down …

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Strangely Happy When The Sun Goes Down

Guy De Maupassant via Sea Of Quotes Love this. De Maupassant was a triple Leo – Sun, Mercury, North Node with Virgo Rising and Moon in Kataka. His best known short story is probably The Neck;ace. Note also; chart ruler = Mercury, on the North Node. And is there an astrological correlation with day/Sun people and night/Moon people? It would seem so basic but hey why not?

leo and dating habits

Dating The Zodiac: Leo

Leo and dating Once i got ENGAGED to a Leo. God, where do i start. I don’t even think i can detail the story here. I could not stand the scenes, the blowback, the rocketing straight to a theatrical Defcon 9 at the appropriation of his mojo by mere mention “on your blog that nobody sane reads.” There was ego, jealous tantrums (over clearly gay male waiters) and an envious …

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The Leo Syndrome

God it’s like everything is going into Leo – Leo is the new It Destination. AND the Everything in Leo – very soon it will be the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Lilith and Venus – is in aspect to rad planet Uranus in Aries AND Mars in Scorpio.  Snazzy. Not to bore you with astro geekery but Pluto and Uranus are still technically in their Zap Zone square and Mars is …

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