Leos defy explanation but it doesn’t matter. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Read dozens of unique posts on the heat-seeking sign of awe and dazzle. Read dozens of posts about Leo, the dazzling, creativity-driven, performance sign of the Zodiac. Featuring Leo role models, quotations, anecdotes and “management tips,” it’s a fabulous resource for Leos and their devotees.

Jerry Hall young big hair black and white portrait

Leo Hair Jealousy

It’s funny but people go ON and ON about the Leonic Madonna’s determination to look ever-young & stay, you know, relevant. But what about the way-older Leo Mick Jagger??? He’s been a fitness-fiend, vitamin vampire puller of young things for …

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Generation Leo

Lately, due to the loss of certain “generational icons” & this article re the so-called Jones Generation (apparently sandwiched between the Boomers and the Xers) there has been a bit of chat re generations. Astrologically, there is really no such …

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