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chintzy French bedroom

Yves St Laurent – Are Leos Chintzy?

This is the master bedroom in the country residence of the late Yves St Laurent, a multiple conjunct Leo (Sun, Venus, Mercury)…Is this or is this not classic Leo? I mean, are they usually this chintzy?    

Ameila Earhard in the cockpit

Amelia Earhart & The Mysterious Astro-Glyphs

An expedition is on to find more info re Ms Amelia Earhart, the fearless pilot (and Leo) who disappeared in July 1937. She was fascinating and on this site here you can see what some say is a message from her, suggesting Earhart was held in capitivity. By the Japanese presumably. She was, at that point, the most famous woman in the world. “These mysterious initials were found in a …

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Young Patrick Swayze on horse

Astro-Patrick Swayze & Is Virgo The Handmaiden To Leo?

Oh dear, the grim reaper strikes again. I so wasn’t going to do this but then i altered my mind…Poor Patrick Swayze – he was a truly fab & talented multiple conjunct Leo — Sun-Mercury-Pluto. This is also interesting for Astro-Fiends: at the time of his passing, he had Saturn on his Virgo Asc & squaring the Gemini midheaven exact. As I say, interesting but not at ALL a usual …

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Persian Cat doing Yoga Class

Is Leo Rising More Up Itself Than Leo Sun?

I think Leo Rising is actually more Leo – in the cliched sense of Leo – and likely to be Lower Leo than the actual Sun Sign Leo. I can spot Leo Rising as they always look feline – not so much as limber as they’d like but resembling a plush house-cat, perhaps slightly perturbed lest the sardines do not arrive on schedule. But really, without a strong artistic cause …

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Regal baby booties with crown

Astro-Baby: The Leo Baby

The Leo Baby has an extremely sophisticated grasp of music and, from an early age will respond with alacrity to Brahms lullabies & al those classical compositions set at a certain tempo to help babies relax. They may diss standard nursery jingles in fabour of a far more complicated tunes. As soon as they can hold – say – a rattle, they would love a drum set or any other …

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Lion Statue with lion tamer cloack in teeth


Wannabe Leo-Tamers, get a grip! I don’t think many of you realise  how the transit of Saturn (from August 2005 to September 2007) chastened our Leo…Saturn in Virgo hasn’t done nearly the same amount of ego-dinging to our Virgo because they LIKE being encouraged to get into shape. 2am shredding and filing orgies don’t phase them. Whereas a Leo thinks he/she should only be up at 2am if they are …

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