When you’re talking to someone who effortlessly segues from their sympathy for Sharpay on High School Musical to international diplomatic policy, you know you’re talking to a Gemini.

They know that Aesop’s fable about the Hare and Tortoise was propaganda, spread by the slow. Really, the fastest way to wow a Gemini is to tell them something they don’t know already. But keep it concise. Long-winded explanations mess with their consciousness.

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Colin Farrell Esquire

Colin Farrell Does Pluto

For Pluto transit celebrity examples, look at Colin Farrell’s epic six-year-long Pluto transit/phoenix stunt. He’s flamboyantly changed everything. He embraced sobriety, fatherhood, and self-actualization, then fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor. THAT little astro-passage began earlier this year with him …

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