When you’re talking to someone who effortlessly segues from their sympathy for Sharpay on High School Musical to international diplomatic policy, you know you’re talking to a Gemini.

They know that Aesop’s fable about the Hare and Tortoise was propaganda, spread by the slow. Really, the fastest way to wow a Gemini is to tell them something they don’t know already. But keep it concise. Long-winded explanations mess with their consciousness.

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Vintage Movie Star Perfume

I Am Gemini – Therefore I Enigmatically Smirk

So i saw this pic and thought utter Gemini and indeed she is…Or was. Jeanette Macdonald was a multiple Gemini star of stage & screen in Golden Hollywood, huge in her day. Seriously, how classically Gemini/Mercurial is this pic? That little half smile and expression like she is harboring some outrageous gossip or a very funny joke is Gem to the max. Of course, for the ultimate in enigmatic smirks, …

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The Lana Del Rey Birth Chart Is a Lilith-Pluto Symphony

The Lana Del Rey birth chart is a story of Lilith, the Renegade. Del Rey’s Gemini Sun is conjunct Lilith AND she is a Venus-Pluto woman. We already talked about Lana Del Leo’s astrology right here. She has a Gemini Sun/Lilith conjunction, giving her an innate ‘outsider’ edge. Lilith was the first wife of Adam in prototypal bible stories. She is the Whore of the Madonna-Whore complex, the Snake in the …

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We Want Only Privacy On The Cover Of A Magazine…When Your RELATIONSHIP Is A Leo

Last time i mentioned the word “Kardashian” here someone stormed off the site in a snit, never to return. Unless they’re an anon. A Keira Knightly post elicited a similar snark off.  I get it. The letter K can be confronting. And now of course here is the probably most egotistical K name person in the world; Kanye. I know, i know. I love Kanye because of Homecoming and because …

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Being Gemini…In Berlin

You know Geminis are all about the non-stop Growth right now, yes?  It’s awesome to behold – here’s one example of an Ultra-Gemini, working her Jupiter through Gemini transit (till June) brilliantly. I’m Fiora and I’m a Gemini, singer and songwriter.  I studied classical voice but obsessively loved pop music, I also played violin and I write orchestral music. Fitting into one vocation even just in the world of music …

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A Triple Gemini, Iconic and Witty

The iconic novelist and philosopher Francoise Sagan was a brilliant example of Triple Gemini wit and intellect. She was ultra-cool and mercurial.  And she was born with Mercury Retrograde, yet another example of that placement lending itself to unique word witchery. She was a cult playwright-screenplay writer-novelist-philosopher genius who wrote a notorious runaway best selling book at the age of just 18.  She was several times married, a mother and openly …

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Lana Del Ray on the phone

Lana Del Leo

Lana Del Ray – genius name, sounds like a rat pack moll via J.G. Ballard – is Gemini (Sun-Lilith) with Moon in Saggo and Leo Rising. But i.m.o the key to her chart is that Leo Rising + her Mars in Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn is like the ultimate, total work-horse. But the Leo-Capricorn combo is one of the most likely to be successful/famous. Think about the Leo-Capricorn types you …

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