When you’re talking to someone who effortlessly segues from their sympathy for Sharpay on High School Musical to international diplomatic policy, you know you’re talking to a Gemini.

They know that Aesop’s fable about the Hare and Tortoise was propaganda, spread by the slow. Really, the fastest way to wow a Gemini is to tell them something they don’t know already. But keep it concise. Long-winded explanations mess with their consciousness.

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Gemini + Gemini Rising Preview 2021*

Feel The Galactic Breeze Here comes the Air again. Gigantic gusts of Aquarian winds blowing in from the future and an intermittent Libra breeze, fragrant with new inspo. But most important of all: the Gemini cross-currents, whirling up out of nowhere, carrying elemental magic particles. You've been breaking rocks at the Saturn Quarry for months; fingernails, posture, budget, and confidence shredded but, - what was the benefit again? -  ah …

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Tamara de Lempicka art deco art of woman in red headscarf reading book

The Dominant Gemini Personality Trait

The dominant Gemini personality trait is not duplicity nor even adaptability. It’s thought speed. Whatever the cognitive destination, Geminis get there before you do. Your “I just heard about this.” is their Seven Hours Ago. Your Tomorrow is their Yesterday. Their renowned enigmatic smile is often because they’re sick of repeating “I heard it already.” They’re Meme Queens and Kings. Sometimes it seems as if Geminis are the internet, so …

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The Lunar Eclipse Horoscope For Gemini and Gemini Rising

Lunar Eclipse Horoscope For Gemini And Gemini Rising YES Lunar Eclipse. As in the one at the end of July. The Weekly Horoscopes for that week are not going up until July 17. But I am posting this early for our Mercurial friends. GEMINI/GEMINI RISING – Weekly Horoscope for Week Starting July 21   Nine thousand unanswered messages, ten browsing windows open and expanding on multiple fronts. You’re in play. …

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The Accidental (Gemini) Icon

Interested in style at a certain age? Check out Lyn Slater. She became an accidental Gemini style icon after her 2nd Saturn Return. She thinks that ‘dress your age” fashion dictates are a control mechanism. The first time Lyn Slater felt control over her body was at the age of 40, when she got her first tattoo. Twenty-three years later and she’s never felt better. The oldest of six siblings, …

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The Gemini Conspiracy

There is no way that members of the same Sun Sign automatically get along. It’s not like discovering that you y’all have a shared interest or something. A Scorpio sniper, for example, is not going to just instantly bond with a Scorpio concert pianist. Leos can be actually freaked out by the proximity of other Leos – is there enough limelight to go around? You can see their (psychic) fur …

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Geminis Are The Most Flirtatious – True Or False?

“Women born under the sign of Gemini are considered the most flirtatious.” This is from 1953 – was it true then? Is it true now? Is “flirtatious” even a thing anymore or is there a more mindful term for it?  Please debate this here. Anecdotal proof welcome. The person sporting the strongest ‘argument’ gets three years of Mega Mystic + lifetime access to Astro School.   Image: Girls Love Stories …

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