Astro Lena Dunham

Jupiter over her Sun-Mercury in Taurus last year was good to Lena Dunham – i’m sure she’s Leo Rising (she’s cat-like, creative and brazen enough) and that would make it Sun/Mercury in the 10th House being oomphed by Jupiter – a total fit. I get her as a cultural phenomenon & all but can’t quite get hooked on Girls. This might be cos i’m not Gen Y enough  – i …

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Michelle Obama in red dress at inaugural ball with her husband Barack holding her hand

What Rising Sign Is Michelle Obama?

What rising sign is Michelle Obama? Any take on the Michelle Obama astrology is frustrated by there not being a public birthtime. But, here are some ideas. She is clearly a fierce presence – Capricorn, you understand.  But no birth time that i can find – so frustrating. For instance, depending on her birth time, she is either Moon in Pisces or Moon in Aquarius. And of course, no birth …

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Capricorn Con Man

The Capricorn Con Man

Meet Victor Lustig – Capricorn Con Man Extraordinaire. Wanted by 45 different law enforcement agencies during the 1930’s, he conned arch-gangster Al Capone, sold the Eiffel Tower (twice) and wrote a list of Commandments For Con Men that actually seem quite sensible advice for everyday living.  Or is that because my Saturn-Moon transit has sent me sociopathic? 1. Be a patient listener (it is this, not fast talking, that gets …

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African model in pink ballgown running in the desert

The Capricorn Personality Is Timeless

The Capricorn personality is timeless and take-anywhere. They’re the sorts of people who would thrive at any era of history and in any echelon. While there is a variety of Vampire Grifter Capricorn, the majority use their powers for good. Pluto in Capricorn until 2024 is augmenting their strengths. From my Astral DNA birth chart report: Sun in Capricorn Capricorn Sun people embody the power of perseverance and of working …

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Capricorn Of Ages

Capricorns give genius, awesome advice. Not saying that other signs of the Zodiac don’t also offer insights, useful opinions and support but DO admit that Caps are amazing in this regard. It tends to be timely, tactful, appropriate to the person/situation and always provoking an ‘aha’ moment. It’s why they’re so in demand to run empires and manage potentially complex scenarios. And, guess what? The bit of your chart with …

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Pop Art Shag Capricorn

Checkpoint Capricorn

Shag So guys, it has now been approximately 40 months of Pluto in Capricorn and yes, we have the Global Financial Fuqery to contend with. But what of our ACTUAL Capricorns? Goat-Peeps, how have you morphed in the past three and a bit years?  Pluto being the planet of transformation and all. Note: Pluto went into Capricorn in late January 2008 but then zipped back into Saggo for a few …

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