An Astrology Lesson Via Muhammad Ali

What can we learn from the Muhammad Ali astrology? Plenty. His singular, meta-themed life is a brilliant study. He was a Solar Capricorn with his Sun in Capricorn strengthened by being part of a Grand Earth Trine. The Sun trine to Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Virgo. A Big Earth Vibe like this often manifests as physical prowess, fantastic feats of athleticism and material grounding. But see also the …

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Lieutenant Ellen Ripley Astrology

Ellen Ripley Astrology? Yes, Ripley from Alien has a birth date:  January 7, 2092, at the Olympia Colony on Luna.  That is official. A Capricorn, she has Moon in Sagittarius but does this count if you are born ON the Moon? She also has Venus, Mars + Jupiter in Aquarius.  Neptune features prominently in her chart and is opposite all the Aquarius.  So this could make one paranoid about a …

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Marvel comics creator Stan Lee in the Seventies standing in front of comics

Stan Lee Is Saturn To The Max

Marvel comics genius Stan Lee is a fantastic example of a Grand Water Trine in action. Visionary and an originator, not an imitator. Stan Lee is just beyond. The Marvel comics genius recreated the superhero/superheroine archetype as flawed, with human traits, reinvigorating an entire genre. He portrayed them as marginalized, living in shitty apartments, having weird relationships and struggling with their everyday existence. I was thinking about him while marathoning …

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David Bowie Was The Ultimate Uranian

David Bowie Astrology Notes. David Bowie going is SO sad. In a world where words like “iconic” get tossed around, he really was. Many artists can endure and many are stunningly original. To manage both is extremely rare. Bowie was niche and mainstream, always ahead of the Zeitgeist. Maybe he WAS the Zeitgeist. This list of his (according to one source) 24 best songs illustrates the crazy extent of his reach.  …

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Capricorn Male

The Secretly Magic Capricorn Male

The Capricorn male is often credited with being a creature of spreadsheets, stoicism, and corporate ambition. But they’re also the Hermit archetype of the Tarot. Their worldly quest for success is but a pale imitation of their spiritual journey. Carlos Castaneda was a Capricorn. So were Kahlil Gibran (The Prophet) and J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord Of The Rings).  So is David Lynch. My god, and Bowie.  David Lynch is currently zooming around …

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Aelita Andre Work

Aelita Andre – Capricorn Child Genius

Aelita Andre is successful even by Capricorn child standards. People born with the Sun in Capricorn often show talent, focus and drive from an early age. But child surrealist artist Aelita Andre is raising the Capricorn bar. Her first painting was when she was nine months old, the first exhibition by the age of two and now that she’s six, her work is starting to earn proper $$$. She is …

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