Francoise Hardy’s Memoir Is Capricorn Wisdom Distilled

“It has to be acknowledged that the more impossible love affairs are, the more they intensify the illusion that the individual on whom we have crystallized our needs and hopes is the only lovable person in the world, the only person we will ever love. The suffering this causes is quite real and can be as destructive as it is energizing. Although it was far from my main source of …

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Stephen Hawkings Pluto Conjunct Midheaven

Stephen Hawking was a Capricorn with two Grand Earth Trines. One hummed between his Mercury in Capricorn, Neptune in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus. The other was Sun in Capricorn, to Moon in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. As if that were not a strong enough config, the genius physicist had Pluto conjunct Midheaven, the astral signature of enduring renown. Or, of someone recognized as a transformer of consciousness and …

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Multi-Capricorn Cool

Saturnine Cool What is a Multiple Conjunct Capricorn? It just means that you have the Sun, Moon and/or several planets in Capricorn. Exhibit Number One: This is Anthony Hopkin’s Valentine’s Day Instagram post: he is Venus, Mercury, Sun, Ascendant and Jupiter in Capricorn – love his Saturnine Cool. And hey, if you’re doing Saturn, he is as good a Saturn role model as any. Older (as in he is nearing …

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Checking In: Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn for Capricorn? Welcome to more gravitas, gut instinct and being more fully in your body. Capricorns, it has been a month of Saturn – your boss planet – in the constellation of Capricorn. Never mind the presence of Pluto, Mercury, and Eros as well. The Saturn Vibe should feel like a distinct new tone has entered your own personal galaxy. Like a distant, productive humming in the …

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Mercury In The 3rd House Genius

She lived in a tower in the woods, writing worldly-wise works on Jungian psychotherapy. Marie-Louise Von Franz was a fab example of Mercury in 3rd House genius. Her Sun, Mars, and Mercury were in the sector of communication and hermetic magic. Some samples of her words. “People who have a creative side and do not live it out are most disagreeable clients. They make a mountain out of a molehill, …

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Roy Batty Was Sun Conjunct Pluto

Blade Runner’s Roy Batty is a cult character, a rogue replicant mercenary with a poetic consciousness and appreciation for metaphysics. His storyline, while not central to the narrative, showed that the replicants had developed not just emotions but a soul. And in fact, if reincarnation is real, why would a soul be unable to transmigrate into a replicant? Rutger Hauer’s portrayal of him was magnificent, particularly the ‘tears in the …

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