This is a good news for Capricorn’s announcement. I know, it seems out-there. Capricorns have become accustomed to a certain wariness. Never exactly heedless in the first place, they’ve gotten more watchful since 2019.

Their eyes are permanently narrowed like a sentinel stationed at some interstellar frontier, scanning the galaxy for incoming s**t and keeping detailed logs.

We could blame Pluto, Saturn, poxy governance, there are any number of potential perps. But without dwelling on how they/you got that way, let’s look at the imminent epicness for Sea Goats:

Good News For Capricorns

*Pluto only has 15 more months in Capricorn. The epic grandeur of the Capricornian journey since January 2008 will be more tangible in hindsight, for sure.

*The New Moon on Jan 2/3 is in Capricorn and trine Uranus in Taurus. It’s at 18.34 Universal Time on January 2nd or see the Moon Calendar for the precise time in your zone. After a year of Saturn pressuring Uranus (or, as one of the Mega Mystic members memorably phrased it recently, “Saturn has been cock-blocking Uranus”), this will be an opportunity to channel pure Uranian ingenuity.

*The benefits of Venus in Capricorn till March and the accompanying Plutonic sensuality/enrichment has been discussed here but what about this?! Venus is going to be trine Uranus in Taurus from Jan 23 to Feb 5. The involvement of Uranus, an outer planet like Pluto, for this extended time adds to the already hot romance and creativity vibe.

*Mars is in Capricorn from January 24 until early March – another magnificent reinforcement. I will expand on this in the Monthly Horoscopes but the Earth emphasis, Venus-Mars action and outer planet enhancers all bode brilliantly for Caps.

Additionally, here are two of the most popular (and flattering) posts on Capricorns. Happy Capricorn Season!

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Scanning, scanning, scanning…
Both for more crapfest, but also manifestation of long-held dreams. 2020 and 2021 were a writeoff. The pattern has to break some time, doesn’t it? I hope you are right, dear Mystic!


I wouldn’t say cockblocking I’d say adding die diligence to make sure the right things get changed. 😂 (I’m cap rising)


My dear Myst, have a sweet day, enjoy your mini break, thank you for all the output you have given us, so appreciated. A true constant and guide in our somewhat chaotic lives over the last 2 years.
Blessings & Bouquets.


Love me a Capricorn, the style, the well considered ambition, they are somehow very neat in their ways, not flash but they do flash but in a subtle way. Did i mention their taste in fine furnishings like chesterfields and tiffany lamps, the real thing not gaudy imitations.
They are dependable, and they are ‘staunch’ a go-to if you have a problem that needs advice or simply talking through.


Why, thank you, Dearest Peg! 🙂 Love you for appreciating our rather dated taste in chairs, sofas and lamps. 🙂


Fifteen more months 😩


In will go by faster than quick. Time has officially (scientifically) speeded up by something like a second or 2 but feels like much more. My dear cyber friend have a calm warm and cozy day to recoup your energy expenditure from the last few days or weeks. I was stress central yesterday, said ‘fuq’ twice in the chemist and then called to apologise. Saw 2 blokes running around the oval with their elderly dogs panting loyally following even though exhausted, then the postie made me drive 6 kilometres twice to collect a parcel from post office that could have… Read more »


Love YOU!


I know right?
cant wait for 2023
Merry yuletide Invicta 🎄🎄💕


And to you Scorpiodawn xxx


We will miss it when its gone. And this, from a person who has a 5 planet stellium in Cap. Pluto makes one feel hyper alive.

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