Read dozens of posts featuring the most emotionally intelligent and instinctive sign of the Zodiac. There are more myths and propaganda peddled about this Sun Sign than any other. But Cancer is no mere home-body, they are attuned to land spirits and geomancy. And far from being “mother-obsessed,” this Sun Sign is connected to lineage and psychic heritage.

Lindsay Lohan’s Dodgy Mercury

Ellen Von Unwerth Yes, yes i KNOW she has a coven of p.r peeps crafting her message and all but Lindsay Lohan’s continual “We were not shit-faced, we were exhausted” line does make one wonder about her Mercury.  I mean, she seems to have a strong line in hubris & denial, even allowing for the confluence of artistic temperament, celebrity and easy access to Space Dust/Blue Devil Hooch Juice. So …

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Rad Hotness & Synastry In Action

Tom Brady is an American football player who seems to have spawned a number of “why do I hate this guy?” style sites & columns…Written by guys, not the gay ones. How could you hate something that looks this amazing?  It’s probably something to do with his immense sporting prowess, successful acting/modelling career, shitloads of self-made $$$, hotness and marriage to super-mod Gisele Bundchen.  You think? He’s got the Bill …

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Elementally Water – The Astrology Of Frida Kahlo

The Astrology Of Frida Kahlo is that she was elementally SO Water. She had the Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, and the North Node all in Cancer, in the Soul Sector. Now that’s a Stellium. Her early life seclusion was enforced via illness, but the solitude compelled her to develop an inner life, that later informed her art. The Sun Conjunct Neptune is particularly potent by being placed in the 12th House …

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iconic female pilot 1930s

Fearless Aviatrix Embodied Mars Conjunct North Node Vibe

Amy Johnson was an English pilot who embodied the fierce, fearless energy of Mars Conjunct North Node.  Iconic in her day, she was the first woman to fly solo from Britain to Australia, one of many record-setting flights. Johnson also went to university and studied economics, at a time when few females did. She died during World War II under mysterious circumstances. Some say she was ferrying a German spy, also …

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Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love


Somehow, i never actually wound up reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s much-raved-up memoir – Eat Pray Love – and now, of course, it is a movie, starring the Scorpionic Ms Julia Roberts. What i do think is that Elizabeth Gilbert is doing her chart REAL WELL. First read these quotes from her book…She basically has some serious romantic mishaps and goes bunging off around the world, seeking solace and enlightenment: “…When I …

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Tamara Mellon eating junk food

Astro-Tamara Mellon

This is the Cancerian Shoe Mogul, Tamara Mellon, at home in London, photographed for Harpers Bazaar. Cancerians are the canniest sign of all, you know.  They regularly bulk out the lists of self-made super-successful peeps.  It’s partly their renowned intuitive powers, think also their drive for security via independence. Yes, you could argue (and some do) that Ms Mellon had a head start, but she has still done brilliantly with …

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