Read dozens of posts featuring the most emotionally intelligent and instinctive sign of the Zodiac. There are more myths and propaganda peddled about this Sun Sign than any other. But Cancer is no mere home-body, they are attuned to land spirits and geomancy. And far from being “mother-obsessed,” this Sun Sign is connected to lineage and psychic heritage.

REPOST: The Sun Sign Formerly Known As Cancer

Hey I don’t usually repost things BUT given the current emphasis and to help anyone confused as to the repeated Kataka referencing here it is again. I have a few e-mails re why i altered the Sun Sign name for Cancer to Kataka in the Daily Scopes. The e-mails are amazingly non-narky. Okay, Cancer is Latin for Crab and the Crab is ONE of the symbols for the constellation that …

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Cancer Sagittarius Rising Inspiration

If you are a Cancer with a Sagittarius Ascendant, look no further. This image is a poignant and inspirational example of Cancer Sagittarius Rising. Princess Diana fulfilled a long-held personal ambition by meeting Nelson Mandela at his holiday home in South Africa on March 17, 1997.  Diana was visiting the country privately to see her brother, Charles Spencer.  After an hour long meeting in which he praised the Princess for …

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The Ultimate Seventies Supermod Was Cancerian

Jerry Hall was like the reigning supermodel of the Seventies/Early 80s and so iconic, she’s more of an ultra-model. Cancerian of course.  She lived  with Grace Jones, was discovered sun-bathing on a beach in St Tropez, knew everybody, partied at Studio 54 with Warhol and hung out with Gala and Salvador Dali. The daughter of a Texan truck driver, she emerged from a hard-hard background to enjoy the fruits of …

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Crab People Stand By: Redressing The Balance

Guys guess what??? Not A Leo was correct!  This is alarming. But as you may know, there is a drop-down categories menu on the right hand side of the site. It is the one i always wish people would use (along with the search function) before they email to ask if i could write something on – say – Pluto. Anyway, there is a category for each Sun Sign so …

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The Astrology Of Orlando Cruz

The Astrology Of Orlando Cruz. The Astrology of Orlando Cruz is revealing. He became the world’s first openly gay professional boxer in early October. Fittingly, for a Cancer Sun, he came out at the behest of his mother, who said it would make him happier. (Cancer males can be more enmeshed with their mother’s than some). AND how cool is this? He was cheered when he came out for his …

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Elon Musk astrology

Elon Musk Astrology Notes

Elon Musk Astrology Notes. He’s a Cancer guy with the Moon (probably) in Virgo. But he’s really all about Mars in Aquarius. He’s a Uranian Billionaire. The tech mogul, inventor and space entrepreneur left school early, dropped out of Rocket Science and co-founded Paypal. His Uranus in Libra is conjunct Renegade Lilith and that squares his Sun conjunct Mercury. So he can’t get out of bed in the morning without …

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