Read dozens of posts featuring the most emotionally intelligent and instinctive sign of the Zodiac. There are more myths and propaganda peddled about this Sun Sign than any other. But Cancer is no mere home-body, they are attuned to land spirits and geomancy. And far from being “mother-obsessed,” this Sun Sign is connected to lineage and psychic heritage.

Being Cancerian…Nomadically

Not all Crab People are super-settled, as one of my Cancerian subscribers, Jessa Crispin, explains so eloquently. It has been one year and two weeks since I put all of my belongings into storage and started living out of one carry-on sized suitcase. I had been traveling extensively, from Italy to Sarajevo to Texas, and it seemed the one thing that was holding me back was all of the stuff. …

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Coutney Love in red dress and hat

Courtney Does Jupiter

What Courtney Love did do was live wild. She took drugs and trusted others could look after themselves. She flirted with self-destruction. She got into fights. She burned with ambition. She flaunted her sexuality and was upfront with her desire. What she did, in other words, was behave like male rock stars always have. From Love and Loathing – The Price Courtney Love Paid For A Wild Ride – SMH  …

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The Miracle Lilith

“I’ve known women who plodded through life…but the women I knew did their plodding on the pavement, not the soil. I know very little about the simple life. I’m a product of crowded places and jammed-up emotions, where right and wrong weren’t always clearly defined and life wasn’t always sweet, but it was life.” —Barbara Stanwyck   Barbara Stanwyck spent most of her awesomely long classic Hollywood career playing “hard-boiled …

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Nelson Mandela Quote illustrating Jupiter Conjunct Pluto characteristics

Nelson Mandela Had Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela, god what a giant of a human being. His signature astrological aspect was Jupiter conjunct Pluto. He was Cancerian with Moon in Scorpio and the North Node Rising in Sagittarius. How’s that for Singular Destiny?  And Jupiter was the chart ruler, aligned with Under-Worldly Pluto. Such people create themselves. They are wealthy in money, soul, and influence. Jupiter Conjunction Pluto When Galaxy King Jupiter aligns with Underworld …

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Debbie Harry black and white 80s

Do Cancerians Have Really Messy Bedwombs?

There is a rumor going around that Cancerians  – especially the ladies – have really messy bedrooms. Or bedwombs. I know, because i started it. But is this astro-cliche fair?  Is it just that prominent Crab chicks such as Debbie & Courtney let themselves be photographed as such for artistic reasons? In the interests of astro-research, Cancerians fess up please. Is your bedwomb a melange of mouldy maiden hair ferns, …

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Artemesia Gentileschi

Artemesia Of The Moon

Artemesia Gentileschi Astrology Notes. “As long as I live, I will have control over my being. Talk about a woman who was ahead of her time.”   Artemesia Gentileschi (1593-1652) Yes, let’s talk about her. What a woman. Artemesia Gentileschi was an Italian Baroque painter. The daughter of an already renowned painter, she endured a seven-month-long hugely publicized rape trial. Hideously, she – not the accused rapist – was tortured …

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