Read dozens of posts featuring the most emotionally intelligent and instinctive sign of the Zodiac. There are more myths and propaganda peddled about this Sun Sign than any other. But Cancer is no mere home-body, they are attuned to land spirits and geomancy. And far from being “mother-obsessed,” this Sun Sign is connected to lineage and psychic heritage.

Bee Goddess

A New Sex Order

 The life of the bee will be the life of our race, says Nikola Tesla, world-famed scientist.   A NEW sex order is coming–with the female as superior. You will communicate instantly by simple vest-pocket equipment. Aircraft will travel the skies, unmanned, driven and guided by radio. Enormous power will be transmitted great distances without wires. Earthquakes will become more and more frequent.   Temperate zones will turn frigid or …

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Travis: Creature of Saturn

Travis Fimmel –  farmboy turned Calvin Klein underwear model turned legit actor and star of Vikings – is a (cute) illustration of a particular astrological syndrome: Fear of Saturn. He is Sun-Venus Cancerian but he has Saturn on his North Node.  The North Node looks this in a chart – it is said to signify your path in life, your North Star, your “ideal” and definitely most profitable direction, destiny …

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R.i.p. Robin Williams – Genius Neptunian

God how sad is this?   Robin Williams was SUCH a gifted and versatile performer. He was an epic comedian who also pulled off sensationally poignant roles such as the shrink in Good Will Hunting or the besieged-by-the-occult suburban Dad in the surreal Jumanji. He was also haunted by lower Neptunian issues – drugs, addiction, alcohol – and apparently succumbed after decades clean. With, bizarrely enough, Jupiter on his Leo midheaven …

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Sewing Machines Are Standing By

Dear Mystic, After a life time of transformation, Pluto on Jupiter, I am once again faced with a career transition for so many reasons. I should have understood this a lifetime ago, but there are so many things to know and so with the assistance from the light in my dad’s ire it is now obvious that I must start my own business. I have had a strong interest in …

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How Can I Be Famous But No Men Approach?

Hello Love, Firstly, let me thank you profoundly for your boundless positivity and banging creative booya we subscribers get to enjoy from you on the daily. What a gift you are. If you post this, please keep my details private, as i am a little bit famous. Call me Luna.  In the last five my career as a performer has become amazing.  I tour the World constantly getting standing ovations, …

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Pamela Zaps Back

Good ON Pamela Anderson, both for sharing her story and speaking out against the abusers whose main defense against discovery is usually shaming or destroying the victim. People in the public eye being so transparent and brave gives support to the victims still suffering with this schizz today and helps the shift the blame back where it belongs. With the perp. She’s had Mars going back and forth opposite her …

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