Warren Beatty in bed with Goldie Hawn

Astro-Warren Beatty

He’s been apparently blissfully married for years but a new biography out claims major Seventies star Warren Beatty had over 12,000 lovers – not counting the “casual gropes”etc. He essentially averaged a woman a day for 35 years. Legendarily insatiable, …

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Yasmeen Ghauri in black and white dress

Aries Eyebrows

Yasmeen Ghauri Aries peeps always get credited with having the most over the top (and sometimes beautiful) eyebrows…Their shape itself being reminiscent of the Aries glyph: the Ram’s Horns…Yasmeen Ghauri & Joan Crawford clearly represent the great Aries beauty end …

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Jesus…An Aries?

HEY GUYS, AM RE-POSTING THIS FROM APRIL AS IT IS A SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE DEBATE, NON? Yes, as someone pointed out a while back, having watched a doco + wanting to have a crack at Ariean fashion sense/sandals – many Christians …

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