Aries Men Arms

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Holy Harlots!  (That is what Cashed Up Clueless Whores say instead of Oh My God or whatever)  Aries men have the most awesome arms. It’s like a gift from Mars to go with their pugnacious temperament. So Michael Fassbender is [ Read more…]

Edie, Andy & Neptune

Edie Sedgwick was an actress, disinherited heiress, fashion model, Andy Warhol ‘superstar, Aries and addict – to speed, glam, attention, alcohol and arguably a few other substances.  Where there is Substance, magic, charisma, beauty  and addiction, Neptune is never too [ Read more…]

Amazing Aries

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I’ve met know-it-all Aries people whose Ego Emissions were of such a powerful frequency they ought to have their own environmental category: Immune to nuance and empathy, high on their own pheromones. But I have NEVER met a an Aries [ Read more…]