Mars In Aries For Actual Aries People

Externally, Aries people are acting as if everything is the same. They’re still genuinely spooked by subterfuge. You could sell them an anti-nuance spray and the add-on diffuser reeds. They say they’ve got a strategy but don’t disclose that it’s to streak ahead of you. Without competitive impulses, Aries slackens. They become a creature of the couch, a spectator. An Aries automatically identifies with Jolene, not the complainant in the …

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Aries astrology glyph on red vintage comic background

Why Not Invest In An Aries Today?

Sick of stuffing about with the less direct Zodiac signs? Want a more high-energy presence in your life? Why not invest in an Aries today? Aries knows what you want before you do! You’ll quickly recoup the cost of your investment via that feature alone. Depending on what model of Aries you decide to purchase, your Aries will complete your sentences for you or alert you by pulsing/throbbing if you …

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A Woman Is Strong When…

“A woman is powerful when her first word isn’t ‘sorry’. A woman is powerful when you forget who the man in her life is. A woman is powerful when she follows her gut. Any woman who belongs to herself has power, and that power is perceived as dangerous.” —  Joan Juliet Buck Lilith in Capricorn is coming.  More soon. Image: Leonora Carrington

Proto Aries

For a brilliant example of Aries personality characteristics, check out this profile of the gifted physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed. He has the Sun, Retro Mercury and Chiron all in the sign of the Ram. The whole article is worth a read but here is an extract. Get Nima Arkani-Hamed going on the subject of the universe — not difficult — and he’ll talk for as many minutes or hours as it takes …

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