Is This Classic Aqua Or Pisces?

“People who are not ‘faithful’ do not necessarily desert one person for another, but are often simply driven home to themselves…It need not be a gesture of abandonment for them to set free the person to whom they have clung; more likely it is a gesture of reverence: returning him to the world.” Lou Andreas-Salome (born 12 Feb 1861) was a free-thinking woman & unconventional love-life leader way before it …

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Ganesha Symbolism diagram

Uma & Ganesha

Was reading this interview with the multiple conjunct Taurean Uma Thurman in W Magazine & it’s banging on about how her fiance – the hunky Aquarius banker & ex-to-Elle MacPherson, Arpad Busson, his entry in Wikipedia is insanely fascinating, seriously – gave her a honking great big diamond (bigger than the Ritz) and then this… “…Which takes us to another piece of jewelry Thurman is wearing tonight. On her right …

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Twins Sci Fi Art

Astro-Fitness: Who Does The Gadgets?

My friend Aqua-Girl was really amazed the other night (and she is reasonably  unshockable) when i said i did not have scales. SHE has a full body scan fat monitor device that measures bone density, fat percentage, metabolic age, weight and a whole pile of other things. It is basically a computer in her bathroom and the technology is such that it would have been impossible a few years ago. …

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Cleopatra was Aquarius

What Was Cleopatra’s Zodiac Sign?

What was Cleopatra’s Zodiac Sign? I think I have cracked the Astrology of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. All that is known of Cleopatra’s birth is that it was in January of 69BC, rendering her a Capricorn or an Aquarius Sun. I was sitting there last night, pondering some sort of gag a la how she could/could not be either one of those signs, whatever. Suddenly, like a fiend possessed, I …

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Yoko Ono mini skirt

An Aquarius In The Age Of Aquarius

When you’re a Double Aquarius, you’re Yoko Ono. Or you’re you; agelessly cool and continually excited by creative change. You generate genius on demand. The P.i.X: Donald Urquhart wanted to know what is it like being a double Aquarius in the Age of Aquarius? Yoko Ono: I sense that we have more responsibility than others to better the human race, spiritually. The P.i.X: What’s been your most amazing gig ever? …

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