Strange Invisible Perfumes AQUARIUS Review & Competition

Aquarius people specialize in Normcore.  Their weirdness is not overt…until it IS. Go out with an Aquarius/Aquarius Rising person at the wrong phase of the Moon and have people genuinely ask if they are a Mogadon Fiend from the Eighties, Zombie or Robotic. Aquarians, Aquarius Rising and Uranians DEFINE “contrary.”  Think also electric shocks off car doors, setting off burglar alarms by just strutting past, excessive deja-vu, mysterious strange personal …

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Win Aquarian Roses With Just Your Wit

People – Win yourself a bottle of the uber-classy and ethno-botanical (read; haute hippie and no toxic ingredients) Aquarian Rose scent from Strange Invisible Perfumes. Top Notes: Rose, Marjoram and Sandalwood. Perfect for a Proust-bender of practical fragrance magic (remember: every sorceress is a pragmatist at heart) this Mercury Retrograde. As befitting anything with Aquarian in the name, it’s unisex. Or omni-sexual, whatever. The winner is announced on Sunday – …

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Aquarius No More?

Dear Mystic, I have been reading your blog for a bit and am now a recent subscriber. I have gotten an astrology reading and I also input my birth information to get a chart from Both have revealed facts that have me questioning my allegiance to Aquarius. I always thought I was one of those born on a cusp. My husband profusely believes that I am a typical Aquarius. …

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Freya Stark – Aquarian Nomad & Last Of The Romantic Travellers

Jessa Crispin on the amazing Aquarius writer Freya Stark and her Mercury – she was Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Scorpio & Mars in Aries square Venus in Capricorn – a Zap Zone in motion.  “You have left your props behind you, all the furniture of your life, the barricade of things and people erected by yourself and your forebears against the attacks of circumstance; and circumstance is now …

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Heavy Metal Yoga

Lia is one of my lovely subscribers – when i heard what she was doing i wanted to know more and so voila here it is. Metal Yoga seems so super-Uranian and ultra-NOW. This could be the new Bikram people!   As an Aquarian, I consider myself to be a progressive thinker and something of a revolutionary. With my sun in the 8th house, I’ve always been powerfully drawn to …

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Metronomy – I’m Aquarius

I can love it or I can leave it You said honey, I Best be leaving Cause you’re a novice and I’m a Taurus and We’ve had problems, were Notorious for them It’s what your friends said, now You’re inside there, now I’ve seen our stars but there’s nothing aligning. That’s Cause I’m Aquarius Yeah, I’m AquariusI’m Aquarius [x16] Okay watch the vid for more, um, insights but it’s the …

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