For When You Want A Massive Inspiration Jolt

Are you Aquarius and seeking a new role model? Look no further than the Bessie Coleman astrology. She was a double Aquarius who defied convention to do precisely as she wanted. ” If I can create the minimum of my plans and desires, there shall be no regrets. I decided blacks should not have to experience the difficulties I had faced, so I decided to open a flying school and …

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woman holding tarot card with red nail manicure and Seventies styling. It's a still from the film The Love Witch

I Love Witch Movies Where The Witch Wins

I love witch movies, especially the ones where the witch wins. So, of course, I am super thrilled about The Love Witch. It is written & directed by Triple Aquarius and Mega Mystic member Anna Biller, renowned for her brand of “narcissistic feminism.” “The Love Witch is a film about pathological narcissism and men’s fear of women. The main character Elaine is a witch. She is not ashamed of the blood …

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Sweat Your Prayers

 “Put your body in motion and your psyche will heal itself.” Somehow, i got this far without having heard of Gabrielle Roth. An Aquarius, born right at the start of Pluto in Leo (thus a proto boomer and expressing the best of that generation’s ideals) she was a dancer, musician, shaman, activist, healer. Sweat your prayers, she said. “Our soul, our true self, is the most mysterious, essential, and magical …

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When Uranus Meets Jupiter & You’re An Aquarian

Peter Freuchen and his second wife Dagmar Freuchen-Gale, in a photo taken by Irving Penn in 1947. Freuchen is a top candidate for the Most Interesting Man in the World. Standing six feet seven inches, Freuchen was an arctic explorer, journalist, author, and anthropologist. He participated in several arctic journeys (including a 1000-mile dogsled trip across Greenland), starred in an Oscar-winning film, wrote more than a dozen books (novels and …

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Ronda Rousey Is Plutonic

I got chills watching the UFC champion Ronda Rousey walking out to her signature fight song Bad Reputation to front Bethe Correria on the weekend. It was the climax to weeks of bitching and trash talk. Most of it was from Rousey’s Brazilian opponent, who reached a new low when she referred to Ronda’s father, who died from suicide when RR was eight years old.  Before that it had just …

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Dark Star – HR Gigers Was Plutonic As Fuq

 DARK STAR – HR GIGER’S WORLD Where others flee, he makes his home. What others dread, he makes his habitat. What others fight to suppress, he drags back to the surface. How Pluto does that sound?  Change the personal pronoun and it’s Pluto’s Tinder blurb. H.R. Gigers – Surrealist, Sculptor and Set Designer – was Plutonic as fuq. Neptunian also. You may not know  his name but would have seen …

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