Fake Heiress Anna Delvey in dark sunglasses. Black and White portrait.

“Anna Delvey” Is At Least A Real Neptunian

Are you interested in the Anna Delvey astrology? You should be. She’s such a substantial case study. The fake heiress and A-list grifter, Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin, just got found guilty of fraud. The New York magazine had the ultimate story on her and if you have not read it, do. But to summarize; Up until her arrest, she was a designer-fashion-clad, aspiring film-producer living an instagrammy life, jetting …

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Valentine's Day astrology

How To Do Valentine’s Day Pagan Style

Welcome to Valentine’s Day Astrology. Saint Valentine was not an Aquarius. Even by Stolen Pagan Festival standards, it seems ridiculous to schedule a festival of schmultz, gypsophila, convention-sanctioned togetherness. And the Dining Dead during Aquarius Season. Firstly, Aquarius classically despises officially mandated celebrations and sentimental gestures. Cognitive connections move them more. The most memorable gift you can offer an Aquarius is usually Space. Poor Valentine officially perished on February 14. But even …

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Aquarius Today

Zeitgeist City – Aquarius Today

Aquarius Today is an agitator and a time-tripper. “In-the-moment” is irksome so they’re doing “in-the-future.” Why the chrono-weirdness? Chiron + their ruler Uranus in changeover mode are echoing the epochal shifts of 2010/2011. But this time, Saturn and Uncle Pluto are in the picture. They’re gradually moving together in Capricorn, influencing the Aquarius subliminals. They’re Uranians adjusting to a stronger input from the Aquarius co-ruler Saturn than usual. The urge …

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Checking In With…Aquarians

Aquarians, how are you?  Mars is nearing the end of a hilariously extended stay in your sign.  Aside from a couple of weeks when the Red Planet obligingly backed into Capricorn, it has been in Aquarius for the most time since the Early Seventies. You’d think patchouli, paisley prints and glitter might get a look in, but no, you refined your consciousness.  But then your sharper instincts ramped up the …

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When You’re An Aquarius With Moon In Gemini

When you’re an Aquarius with Moon in Gemini, you are a self-created, paradigm buster who does it with wit and panache; you’re Bessie Stringfield. Born in 1911, she was a stunt motorcyclist, the “motorcycle queen of Miami,” World War II bike courier, six times wife – always with much younger men, mother, and non-stop defiance merchant. Bessie Stringfield was the first African-American woman to traverse the United States by motorbike. …

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Amethysts and Aquarius

Amethyst and Aquarius

Amethysts and Aquarius go together. Though many gemstone associations are up for debate, Amethyst belongs firmly to Aquarius, the sign of the Storm-Gods. Unlike Earth signs, who don’t need extra ‘earth,’ crystals and stones ground Aquarians. They’re usually a highly electrical person, a conduit for high-vibe energy that has to be earthed. It won’t work as an essence or an idea. Amethyst works as the rock, kept nearby and given …

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