Is It The Age Of Aquarius Yet?

When is the Age of Aquarius? Nobody knows because nobody really knows what it is.

If you go off the song made famous by the Sixties Musical Hair, it’s several times a year, when the Moon is the seventh house’ and there is a Jupiter-Mars alignment.

The most precise definition is that it is when the March Equinox point occurs in Aquarius – that is, anytime between the 1400s and the year 4000. There are dozens of different ways to calculate this moment. Some say it began in 1962 when there was a stellium in Aquarius. I opt for December 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn met in Aquarius, the prelude to Pluto in Aquarius. Yet how relevant is it?

The Age Of Aquarius Could Be Any Time This (Or Last) Millennium

The term was barely mentioned before 1969 and when it was, it was in a skeevy context. In 1934, the esoteric author Alice Bailey – a double Gemini with Leo Rising and a tricky Neptune – wrote of a coming “Aquarian Age.”

Energies emanating from…Aquarius…will (through the effect of its potent force) stimulate… men into a new coherency, into a brotherhood of humanity which will ignore all racial and national differences and will carry the life of men forward into synthesis and unity..”

Barely Anyone Mentioned It Before 1969

Bailey was a prolific and influential writer. The prototypal channeler, she coined the term ‘New Age’. But she peppered her ‘Third Ray’ waves with references to the “child-soul of the Negro” and anti-Semetic takes on the Bible. And for someone allegedly in constant telepathic communication with ‘ascended Tibetan masters’, she talked about Christ a lot. Her Aquarian Age involved his second coming and a one-world religion.

Add that to books with titles like Glamour – A World Problem and you can see why her version of the Age of Aquarius did not gain mass appeal.

The Age of Aquarius ‘brand’ owes more to a musical with live nudity (Hair) and the hit song by 5th Dimension.

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius

Since its ‘launch’ in the late Sixties, the Age of Aquarius has become a perennial go-to for pessimists and optimists. Some fret over the potential rise of a dystopian collectivism and others eagerly scan for ascension symptoms. Who doesn’t want to up-vibe into a higher class of harmonic? Everyone projects their utopia or dystopia onto the phenom: it’s Jesus again, no – wait, cool, kind aliens. Cash bans and barcode conspiracy theories or cryptocurrency, decentralized nirvana?

People Project Their Utopias & Dystopias Onto The Aquarian Age

But it’s not that relevant. Think about this: the most legit theory comes from a vast cycle that takes about 25,000 years. It takes that long for Earth’s axis and equator to rotate all the way around the Ecliptic and if you divide it into 12, you end up with astrological ages for each sign of the zodiac. But aside from the dates and borders for each of these hypothetical eras being impossible to define, it’s nebulous.

Nothing is one theme for 2000 years. Pluto shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius will be a fascinating shift but it’s not 2000 years worth of Aquarius. You can’t reduce the vast complexity of space, time, stars, planets and magic  in this way. If you look back through history, every culture with the luxury of (relative) peace develops both ‘end of everything’ AND ‘higher vibe imminent’ scenarios. It’s human nature.

The media knows lofty meta-concepts like “the Age of…” tend to do well. With a hit song and a controversial, nudity-featuring stage musical, perhaps we could make – say – Uranus in Gemini (from 2025) the next big thing.


18 thoughts on “Is It The Age Of Aquarius Yet?”

  1. Wish Upon a Star

    Mmmm Uranus in Gemini, really?

    I’m a Taurus Moon, Gemini Sun 4th house. I suppose I have to get used to it.

  2. I was born with the moon in the seventh house. I have Jupiter conjunct Mars in Aquarius.

    My life has been tumultous and bizarre.

    Before I was born the story goes that my mother, who had been the “perfect housewife” of the silent generation, who in fact kept myriad secrets got pregnant with me and a “strange woman” came up to her to tell her her that she was to have a special child*
    that would do great things for the world.
    She had not only not told anyone she was pregnant she had been considering abortion which was now available. She already had 7 children and they were all in school. She was finally “free.” So Mater Dolarosa took her post as martyr. She was heavily doped up on experimental mothers helpers at the time, so take it where it lays. The rest is just too complicated to go into in a comment section. Suffice to say I came out and I was WEIRD. Like “where did you come from?” Was a constant. But not to mythologize myself…

    *(Don’t tell your children these things by the way it goes badly every time.)

    But if I’m the messenger It Is here.

    Best of luck to you all.

  3. My conclusion about the possible Age of Aquarius is that like all ages, there will be a ton of cool stuff happening, much of which will go unrecorded, and there will be a bit of creepy stuff happening, much of which will go on the record.

  4. And i’m having an ‘end of life crisis’ like men have ‘mid life crisis’ and buy a red sports car except the one i’m going to test drive is a little silver 2 seater number just enough room for Daisy Dog in passenger seat wearing her new lilac 3 -rows- of -silver -studs collar. Hope it comes with a libido thrown in free.

  5. Too many already have made the ‘Uranus in Everything’ a thing. No sacred cows go untouched by the Pluto in Sagg Gen Z or was that Gen X?

  6. Yes it takes eons for the constellations to experience the journey around the our galaxy, but is it true that the Age of Pisces symbol of the fish was used by underground christians when it was radical movement?
    The age of Aqua IS about communication, the sign of the water bearer that’s actually an air sign, and so another paradoxical juxtaposition like me reading AA Bailey & William Burroughs at the same time.
    The Alpha Aqua i know has taken the vow of silence after being the first person to tell me how the web was like a huge library, but you needed to know what you were looking for to navigate circa ’93.
    All i feel is that past present & future is melding, could that be what is meant by the 5th dimension?
    ‘We are stardust-we are golden’……….sang Joni

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