Is It The Age Of Aquarius Yet?

When is the Age of Aquarius? Nobody knows because nobody really knows what it is. If you go off the song made famous by the Sixties Musical Hair, it's several times a year, when the Moon is the seventh house' and there is a Jupiter-Mars alignment. The most precise definition is that it is when the March Equinox point occurs in Aquarius - that is, anytime between the 1400s and …

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You Are On Planet Aquarius

It’s February 2021, Aquarius Central. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Hekate, and Saturn are all in the 11th sign. Uranus square it all doesn’t antidote it, not one little bit. So how are you doing with it? I’ll tell you one hilarious multi-Aquarius “symptom” – you’re super-inspired, uncluttered by legacy concepts or your expired assumptions. But the material world around you is in disarray, at least compared to the everything-in-Earth …

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Aquarius & Meta-Complexity – The Extended Mixes

Yes, it’s the Sun in Aquarius! And the rest of it – Mercury, Hekate, Jupiter, and Saturn. I’d say ‘happy Aquarius season’ but it’s more like a galaxy. Straight after Saturn scoots out of Aquarius, in 2023, Pluto arrives in Aquarius for a 21 year hang out. To be clear, we will have just 16 non-Aquarius-influenced days in April 2023. I’m delighted – the Earth sign emphasis was too much …

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Uranus in Taurus For Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

For Aquarius and Aquarius Rising people, Uranus in Taurus is different. It’s their ruling planet or rather, their affiliate planet. Aquarians don’t acknowledge hierarchies. They’re still so influenced by Uranus that they change when the Uranus sign does. Everyone gets a seven-year ‘change-everything’ itch as Uranus changes sign. It’s just super-accentuated for Uranians. The ideal Aquarius ‘change’ is profound and sweeping. Grumble about this sign as much as you like, …

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Vettius Valens

An Aquarius Man Of The 2nd Century

The best (or worst, depending on your perspective) takedown of Aquarius men was written by a 2nd Century Aquarius man. Vettius Valens was an in demand astrologer of the 2nd Century. He lived in the cosmopolitan, polytheistic city of Antioch, which no longer exists but which would be in Turkey if it did. He despised religion and suggested people abstain. His temple was that of Tyche, or Lady Luck. Vallens …

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Single eye fashion image with cyber goth theme

Respect For Aquarians

Respect for Aquarians involves shredding a few myths about them. They’re not rebels or (usually) overtly political. That’s Sagittarius vibe. Being part-ruled by Saturn and a Fixed sign, Aquarius people* like to conserve energy. Ask them a direct question and they may lecture rant in response but it is not their mode. At an early age, most of them clock the government as hopelessly non-progressive or corrupt and structure their …

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