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This is a list of the 88 Soulmate Links in Astrology – they are scanned for and delineated in the Soulmating Astrology report, available here.

Don’t be disheartened if you and the person of your interest have only a few. Quality is what counts here. Just read the descriptions of the Soul Links and muse upon them.

Lots of people have mutual chemistry or are capable of forming a functional relationship together without any soulmate links in astrology at all.

And, weirdly, many of the people with the strongest or numerous soulmate links are not in what would be considered a conventional relationship.

Note that the South Node is included here but it’s not written as such; Pluto Opposite the North Node – for example – is Pluto conjunct the South Node. It’s a quirk of astrology that can seem strange but it’s clear in my Soulmating delineations.

These are in alphabetical order for convenience and the Soulmating report scans for them between two charts. It is not a read of your natal – say – Venus-Node aspects.

  • Ascendant Conjunct Midheaven
  • Asteroid Dionysus Conjunct  Jupiter
  • Asteroid Dionysus Conjunct  Venus
  • Asteroid Karma Conjunct Ascendant
  • Asteroid Karma Conjunct North Node
  • Asteroid Karma Conjunct Venus
  • Asteroid Lancelot conjunct Asteroid Guinevere
  • Asteroid Pan conjunct Moon
  • Asteroid Pan conjunct  Venus
  • Chiron Conjunct Chariklo
  • Circe Conjunct Ascendant
  • Eros Conjunct Ascendant
  • Eros Conjunct Psyche
  • Eros Opposite Psyche
  • Eros Square Psyche
  • Eros Trine Psyche
  • Hecate Conjunct Moon
  • Isis Conjunct Osiris
  • Juno Conjunct Jupiter
  • Juno Opposite Jupiter
  • Lilith Conjunct Magdalena
  • Lilith Conjunct Moon
  • Mars Conjunct Hecate
  • Mars Conjunct Lilith
  • Mars Conjunct North Node
  • Mars Conjunct Venus
  • Mars Conjunct Vesta
  • Mars Opposite North Node
  • Mars Square North Node
  • Mercury Conjunct North Node
  • Mercury Opposite North Node
  • Mercury Square North Node
  • Moon Conjunct North Node
  • Moon Opposite North Node
  • Moon Square North Node
  • Narcissus Conjunct Echo
  • Neptune Conjunct Moon
  • Neptune Opposite North Node
  • North Node Conjunct Ascendant
  • North Node Conjunct Midheaven
  • North Node Opposite  Midheaven
  • North Node Trine North Node
  • Pluto Conjunct Asteroid Proserpina
  • Pluto Conjunct Moon
  • Pluto Opposite North Node
  • Psyche Conjunct Ascendant
  • Saturn Conjunct Lilith
  • Saturn Opposite North Node
  • Sun Conjunct Moon
  • Sun Conjunct North Node
  • Sun conjunct Pluto
  • Sun Opposite Moon
  • Sun Opposite North Node
  • Sun Opposite Pluto
  • Sun Square Moon
  • Sun Square North Node
  • Sun Square Pluto
  • Sun Trine Moon
  • Uranus Conjunct Moon
  • Uranus Opposite North Node
  • Venus Conjunct Ascendant
  • Venus Conjunct Chiron
  • Venus Conjunct Moon
  • Venus Conjunct Neptune
  • Venus Conjunct North Node
  • Venus Conjunct Pluto
  • Venus Conjunct Saturn
  • Venus Conjunct Uranus
  • Venus Opposite Midheaven
  • Venus Opposite North Node
  • Venus Opposite Pluto
  • Venus Opposite Saturn
  • Venus Opposition Neptune
  • Venus Opposition Uranus
  • Venus Square Neptune
  • Venus Square Pluto
  • Venus Square North Node
  • Venus Square Saturn
  • Venus Square Uranus
  • Venus Trine Neptune
  • Venus Trine  Pluto
  • Venus Trine Saturn
  • Venus Trine Uranus
  • Vertex Conjunct Ascendant
  • Vertex Conjunct North Node
  • Vertex Conjunct Saturn
  • Vertex Conjunct Venus
Soul Mating



Soulmating is a unique consult that compares the birth charts of two people to ascertain their strongest soul links.

Soulmating scans for 88 soul links and includes Mystic’s unique interpretation of them.

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