Pre-Order A 2023 Personal Astro iCal

Pre-Order a 2023 iCalendar file loaded with Mystic’s pithy daily – or more, depending on how much stuff you’ve got going on – take on your personal astrological phenoms. It will include longer-term transits – eg: Pluto Alerts – and incorporate the general astrological calendar for 2023, so you can view your unique astro within the context of what’s going on around you.

We’ll reach out to confirm your birth details + location for next year (to get the most favorable timezone, not because we are nosy) and your 2023 iCal file will be emailed to you in the first week of December, along with a simple chic black and white print-out version.

It is an isc file which will work with any digital calendar.

ICS files are one of the most widely used files in the world: they either automatically find your calendar or are easy to import.

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