Minimalist Mystic

Want to breeze in and out without committment? Check your Horoscopes or get a Tarot read with zero ‘join’ prompts, no emails at all ever? Minimalist Mystic is perfect for you. The site is already free of ads and trackers – add this option and it’s like Ghost Protocol.

Minimalist Mystic buys immediate access to the Alchemy Tarot + Twelve Card Tarot, Oracle, Moon Calendar* and Weekly + Monthly Horoscopes for four days.

You won’t receive ‘renew’ prompts or any correspondence other than the receipt for your payment, which we are legally required to send you.

Important:  You will not be sent a reminder when your access is about to expire because you’re not added to any mail lists. However, the end date is on your Mystic dashboard and of course, you can always Contact Us if you have any questions.

AUD $5.00

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