Soulmating Synastry Report

A synastry report like no other. Soulmating compares two people’s birth charts and scans for 88 super-potent soulmating synastry links.

They include the standard Sun-Moon, Venus-Mars links as well as some more esoteric points and asteroids.

Don’t count the number of astrological soulmate aspects.Quality is what counts here.

Lots of people have mutual chemistry or form a functional relationship together without any soulmate links in astrology at all. Keep in mind, that many of the people with the strongest or numerous soulmate links are not in a conventional relationship.

A synastry report that includes asteroids + unusual points as well as the heavy hitter classic soul connectors.

If you are interested in Mystic’s unique interpretations of these, you’ll love the Soulmating Synastry report.

Read a sample Soulmating report – this one is for Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa.

For the full list of the aspects that Soulmating looks for and has delineations for, go here.  If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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47 reviews for Soulmating Synastry Report

  1. VivaEva (verified owner)

    Great to get a perspective you haven’t considered before, grounding sort of . . . well that is my daughter’s thoughts after reading her report for a new 3 month long relationship. Thanks Mystic

  2. Cupcake (verified owner)

    The report gave me great insight, however, I’m still left with a lot of confusion. I have been having strong connections with this guy for years and I can’t figure out why. So I thought maybe it was some kind of spiritual connection and I’ve been trying to understand how to read astrology charts every since. And like always, I either end up disappointed or I’m left with even more questions than before. This report only made me feel even more confused. If we don’t have all the signs of soulmates in our charts, then why is this connection happening to me? Why do I have such a strong connection with him? Why do we have so many parallels and synchrocities? Why haven’t I met him yet? And why does he not know that I exist? I just want closure, thats all I’m asking for. I feel like that once Ive got the answers maybe all of this will go away. I need to get myself together for my real soulmate (if I even have one) in the future, not be connected with a man that I apparently have no soul links too. He’s just getting in my way at this point. I don’t even know him! I don’t even know how I even got connected to him like this. I didnt even know he existed until he came to me in my literal dream. I don’t even know how i managed to dream about someone I never knew existed in the first place. This stuff gets pretty bizarre at times. Its not that I’m mad or anything, I’m just annoyed as to why would something like this happen if there is nothing significant behind it. Maybe its just me not wanting to believe that a man like him would ever be my soulmate let alone find me attractive in any way. Sorry to nag and rant but these results really made me annoyed. Its like being connected to someone who isn’t even your soulmate. What a waste of time. Anyways, thanks for the insight 🙂

    P.s. if we don’t have a lot of soulmate links but we have a few aspects that indicates a soulmate link, does that still count?

  3. Lizzybee (verified owner)

    Mystic is like the mother I never had. I mean, I have a mother, and she is wonderful as very Christian mothers go. But this witchery gene skipped a few generations and it’s slightly lonely with also only very Christian sisters. I have left the fold. But all is well in love and in divination thanks to Mystic.
    The Soul Mating Links is so accurate that it has confirmed all my suspicions with my last four lovers. (Well, one lover I met only virtually during the Covid-19 nonsense and we haven’t yet consummated the relationship :). The recent fella and I only have two soul links but since the first two had seven and eight links respectively, and they ended in heartbreak, I am hoping the new guy with only two links means we don’t have as must past-llfe baggage.
    I have become rather adept at using a pendulum and the tarot and am a Reiki ART Master so I’ve been able to discover myself why these relationships held the energies they did. It has been very uncanny how the energies of these past relationships felt heavy, but also why they felt like they were unearthing old wounds. Both of these former flames had Saturn square Venus energy and even though they had many other links, it was this linkage I think that indicated there was just too much heavy energy there for the relationships to take off. And I loved Mystic’s take on these links. I share her page and content as often as possible to anyone who will listen.
    Thanks to Mystic. xx..

  4. Agstar (verified owner)

    So I decided to do another report with my son and very glad I did. So many more links than with my husband and great to keep it all in mind as he grows.

  5. Nothing (verified owner)

    So I took another bite at the cherry and ordered a second report, based off a (different) significant past relationship. This one included a lot more information, which from the get-go was a different situation than the first report (where I just didn’t have many links with the other person).
    The volume of information in this report does reflect the fact that it was a complex, significant relationship, and one which I felt at the time and since was a “major” one in my life arc. Others have told me that they have not necessarily experienced their major relationships in the intense, compelling, and deeply connected way that I experienced this one, and MM’s reading does reflect this intricate level of entanglement.
    As to the accuracy of the information, there were certainly new insights there for me, which are very helpful in processing some of the more challenging aspects of the partnership that have bothered me since. Some of these were surprising and gave me a perspective I had not previously imagined. While it does not synch with all of the aspects I have seen previously in a synastry report on this relationship from other providers, nonetheless obtaining this report has been a therapeutic and validating experience, and given me more of a sense of peace regarding the meaning and value of this exchange within my greater soul journey.
    I would certainly recommend obtaining this report to gain a greater level of insight where there are strong and compelling undercurrents in your relationship.

  6. Nothing (verified owner)

    TBH I was a little disappointed with this report, but in saying that it was due to the minimal interactions between my chart and the other person’s, not the quality of the analysis per se.

  7. weathersystem (verified owner)

    I enjoy all of Mystic’s insights. But this one was very helpful because it explained a connection with what is really a stranger that is so intense and deep. By reading the report I got insight into the power dynamics and have been set free from his charms. Thank you Mystic!

  8. CapricornSue (verified owner)

    I was pretty happy with the review although no mention of his Saturn, my Sun conjunct which seemed a little weird, seeing as that is kind of significant.
    Thank you

    • Mystic (verified owner)

      The Soulmating report scans for 88 Soulmating Links – and while Sun-Saturn is a significant synastry aspect, it is not one of the 88.

  9. AKAPluto (verified owner)

    The reading is accurate but if you only have two aspects you just get a two paragraph reading. I understand that but don’t think it was worth the money. Perhaps if you could pay for three reports at once it would balance out? Otherwise really great idea and very well written

  10. PippaFort (verified owner)

    I can’t express enough how happy and impressed I am by this report! It was strange since it confirmed things I already felt about my romantic situation and gave me a lot of peace. Very cool stuff!

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