Mercury Retrograde In Gemini Mp3 Rave

Keen to advance your agenda without unnecessary delays? Listen to Mystic’s Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Rave for must-know intel, precision timing, and insights for each Zodiac sign. Nimbly bypass erratic “Mercury Retro in Eclipse Season factors” and head straight for the inspo. Mystic’s suggestions are pragmatic but elating.

Format: Mp3 – (Download or listen straight from the site)  This order includes a transcript but for some reason that is being investigated, it will look as if you have two Mp3s as they both have the product title. However, the top link is the Mp3 and the bottom link is the transcript pdf.
Duration: One Hour

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8 reviews for Mercury Retrograde In Gemini Mp3 Rave

  1. Lupa (verified owner)

    What would I do without this site!? It’s so reassuring to have a feel of what might be coming up, and a feel of how I might best handle it. Thanks for the ‘Rave’ in both voice and print, I use them both in my musings. Thank you so much 🧡

  2. Mysticcaitlin (verified owner)

    Fantastic. The Mystic Raves are always helpful and inspiring, offering smart and practical ways to navigate and embrace the astrological energies operating around us. So grateful to have her breakdown and insights heading into RX and eclipse season!

  3. LolaKritz (verified owner)

    Wonderful Report, thanks a lot Mystic
    It will put my anxiety-ridden mind at ease re: that busy period coming up in the next few weeks. Also the transcript was a great help. And I was reading it I immediately ordered a flash drive 😋. Merci beaucoup

  4. annafras (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t even try to navigate a Merc Rx without a classic Mystic Rave! She provides serious intel in a straightforward way, like a guide pointing out the best way to navigate the terrain.

  5. KimBrulee (verified owner)

    Gemini Sun AND Mercury retrograde when i was born, i didn’t even know! It absolutely explains why i have had my own mythos way before customizing ideas from whatever random thinkers and religion was considered normal. Have courted controversy for my way of thinking my entire life and totally had to defend and explain what the hell i was thinking before people eventually found out i was actually on to something <- Libra boyfriend. Very happy to hear Mercury retro isn't bad just tricky intense which i can work with, the fox is my new spirit animal. Def get anxious when people are out of it or too slow, ha! i thought i was just me, I will watch this. It's a confusing thing to anticipate too much air, I love wind, it's a force and you can't contain it but you can direct it and make it useful. The Mp3 rave was dense, i have to admit i get confused with astrospeak, mix up planets and signs, mind goes blank when degrees are discussed and have no idea how to use this to plan. SO i think the new addition of planets in signs/houses in the personal horoscopes is freaking brilliant. It will help a lot teaching myself astrology in a more practical way than reading a book. Thank you Mystic. <3

  6. Cat (verified owner)

    So much awesome astro-intel here, and so relevant to pieces of my life. The sun sign pieces are already clearly relevant to people that I know of that sign.

  7. EdgeofJupiter (verified owner)

    I wrote five pages of notes. I used highlighter. I thought back over how Mystic’s Mp3 rave would affect my life. Then I began again on the action plan and the way ahead as we thunder towards Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. The things that need to be bolted down.
    Intense is good but it feels like persevering with ‘intense’ is the road ahead. I’m really happy that there may be a breeze of cohesion ahead. Thanks Mystic. Brilliant as usual.

  8. meaganjane (verified owner)

    So informative, thanks Mystic!

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