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Saturn Dreaming Of Being A Mercury

This quote from one of my favorite books beautifully illustrates the difference between Saturn and Mercury’s consciousness. Each needs the other. If you are all about the Saturnine stoicism, you miss out on the Mercurial flights of genius.  If you are purely “doing” Mercury, you can fail to apply yourself to score sufficient traction. Of course, if Saturn and Mercury are in beautiful aspect to one another in your natal …

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Salvador Dali Cerebus

Your Inward Power

“Our inward power, when it obeys nature, reacts to events by accommodating itself to what it faces – to what is possible. It needs no specific material. It pursues its own aims as circumstances allow; it turns obstacles into fuel. As a fire overwhelms what would have quenched a lamp. What’s thrown on top of the conflagration is absorbed, consumed by it – and makes it burn still higher.” Marcus …

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Loose Woman

 “Loose Woman” They say I’m a beast. And feast on it. When all along I thought that’s what a woman was.   They say I’m a bitch. Or witch. I’ve claimed the same and never winced.   They say I’m a macha,  hell on wheels, viva-la-vulva,  fire and brimstone, man-hating, devastating, boogey-woman lesbian. Not necessarily, but I like the compliment.   The mob arrives with stones and sticks to maim and …

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Secret Mercury Retrograde Business

Paolo Roversi Right, I am off on some secret Mercury Retrograde Business (it is stationing direct exact on my Venus) but i will be back once the planet is Direct. ie; in approximately 24 hours from now. If you’re finding the Mercurial bats vibe a complete pain, may i suggest you browse the Sagacious category? It’s where i bung all my fave bits of poetry, inspirational advice and quotes etc. …

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Green Goddess Shamanic Figure

The Shaman At The Supermarket

“Dear Mystic, Something unbelievable happened yesterday. I was standing in line at the supermarket, there was a kerfuffle going on at the counter and i kind of zoned out, whilst practicing patience. I noticed a lady about 50 or so putting something into her bag – about a metre away, i wouldn”t have given her a second glance except that her necklace popped out of her shirt when she was …

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Thw Worlds most mysterious manucript

The World’s Most Mysterious Manuscript

There is a one-off book from the 15th Century or earlier that is said to be the most mysterious thing in the world. Seriously. The Voynich Manuscript – named after the book collector who acquired it in 1912 – is completely awesome. It’s illustrated by peeps with a clear knowledge of herbs, the occult and astrology but written in a secret language that NOBODY can decipher. Plus some of the …

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