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Strangely Happy When The Sun Goes Down

Guy De Maupassant via Sea Of Quotes Love this. De Maupassant was a triple Leo – Sun, Mercury, North Node with Virgo Rising and Moon in Kataka. His best known short story is probably The Neck;ace. Note also; chart ruler = Mercury, on the North Node. And is there an astrological correlation with day/Sun people and night/Moon people? It would seem so basic but hey why not?

Jessa Crispin: Astrology Can Be So Damned Sexist

If you are a Cancer female, it is probably best if you don’t read any astrological books written before the 1970s. Cancer has been associated with the mother forever, sure, but for a long time there wasn’t really anything else a woman was supposed to do. Male Cancers got to be historians and inventors, but for the women it was just breed, breed, breed. The descriptions of our personality range …

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Bruce Dale National Geographic


  “Listen to me, your body is not a temple. Temples can be destroyed and desecrated. Your body is a forest—thick canopies of maple trees and sweet scented wildflowers sprouting in the under wood. You will grow back, over and over, no matter how badly you are devastated.” — Beau Taplin   Genus sagacity so APT for the Full Moon in Taurus this Thurs/Friday. See also the pic on the …

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How To Re-Funk

Some of us have had a gutsful of Saturn, Xmas w.t.f.?, Pluto sitting at 11 degrees for apparently eternity, and stupid deep Eclipse insights. And how often do Full Moons bloody well come around? There probably ARE some people prancing around shadow boxing and whooping with glee in prep for the SIX MONTHS of the Zap Zone we’re heading into. We need to know what hooch they’re on. It’s not …

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Never An Exception

  “Every positive change—every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness—involves a rite of passage. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation. I have never found an exception.” — Dan Millman   Fuq yeah. And when we observe the cycles of astrology, these jumps or zaps tend to synch with the …

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Jung At Heart

Subscribers will soon notice the ramping up of Mars-Neptune square alerts – don’t worry, if you don’t know the drill, you will be reminded. Stand by. But i just want to also share an example of Super-Haute Neptune, as it’s all too easy to dwell on the lying, grifting, addict-delusion-zombie end of the Neptune spectrum. Also, given that we are all going to be – ready or not – doing …

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