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My Favorite Magic Shop

This is the most insanely cool online magic shop.  Look beyond the hokey site design to the actual amazing content and legit occult info on there. If you have been thinking that Jupiter into Virgo could be a nice cue to get your witch vibe happening with more exact attention to herbs, potions, essential oils, planetary correspondences, culinary spells and all, start with Alchemy Works. This is not a promoted …

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Virgo Grace

This by the Beat poet Richard Brautigan – multiple Aquarius – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and North Node.  I am not sure who the Virgo “Hilda” was but it’s kind of funky. Arguably THIS is his best-known poem. MOUTHS THAT KISSED IN THE HOT ASHES OF POMPEII Mouths that kissed in the hot ashes of Pompeii are returning and eyes that could adore their beloved only in the fires of …

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Jessa Crispin on Marsilio Ficini’s Cures For Saturn

Marsilio Ficino was terrified of Saturn. I guess we are all terrified of Saturn, sitting as we do staring at our charts and our upcoming Saturn transits whispering obscenities under our breath. He’s unpleasant, we know this. He takes things away from us, we know this. But Ficino was perhaps even more terrified of Saturn than anyone else and went so far as to develop a whole system to protect …

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The Astro Phrenological Brain

Well, well, well.  Who needs neuroplasticity? I’m joking – The Brain That Changes Itself is one of my favorite books but STILL THIS is amazing. I don’t know precisely where it comes from but it was obviously pre Pluto being discovered. Note they’ve left the Sun and Moon out plus Neptune is marked as a “moral power”. Thoughts?   Image: Moishe Pipick’s World Of Wonders

Strong Mars = Sharp Instincts

“‘Do you know what the biggest difference is between talent and gut instinct?’ ‘I have no idea.’ ‘You can have tons of talent, but it won’t necessarily keep you fed. If you have sharp instincts, though, you’ll never go hungry.’” — Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 The Moon may be intuition – the soft inner voice that prompts a more Yin awareness and Neptune is the pure potent true-born psychic, the indicator …

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The Ancient And The Awesome

 Reddish marble carved votive relief of the Moon Goddess Selene: a female bust to the front in an arched niche, draped in a sleeved chiton, and with her hair parted in the middle and brought down over her ears, nose now missing, surrounded by a crescent on her head, seven stars in the field around and the signs of the zodiac in low relief; inscribed beneath with an unintelligible Gnostic …

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