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The Chaos Protocols, a book about magic to master the neo-liberal economy

The Chaos Protocols – Magic Against Neoliberalism

Gordon White’s The Chaos Protocols is a very NOW book. Magical techniques for navigating the new economic reality? Who can’t use some of that? It is, after all, what I also strive to offer with the Horoscopes.   Reality must be approached more from a pirate angle than a naval one. As we shall soon see, the rules of this world were simply not built for your benefit. And in …

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The Magical Watchers Or Royal Stars

The Royal Stars, also known as The Watchers are the most magical in Fixed Stars Astrology. Known since ancient times, they’re resonant and poetic. There are four of them and you’ve probably seen them before, even if you did not know their names. These are the four brightest stars in the sky, outside of planets such as Venus and Jupiter. The word “planet” – by the way – means wanderer. …

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Vatican at sunset

Veni, Vidi, Vaticanus

The site where the Vatican stands today was an ancient temple worshipping Cybele, the mother goddess. And Vaticanus is a Pagan God. The Vatican has come to stand for Christianity, Popes, and power, along with corruption, greed, and ignorance, depending whom you’re talking to. But like many words, Vatican, at its Latin core, is far less corrupt than organized religion has made it. “Vatis” means prophecies, and the “can” part …

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Weather Magic

Weather Magic Begins With The Winds

  Weather Magic is real and it begins with the Winds. Winds are the Air element, carrying messages and memories from other lifetimes. Every direction of Wind has an associated deity; some are more friendly than others. I know about compass directions – North, North East, East and so on.  I never got the point. Literally. Think: Mediocre navigation skills and booted out of Girl Scouts.  Aquarius Rising can knock …

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How To Have A Non-Naff Halloween

A Non-Naff Halloween? Sorted. This is from my good friend, the genius Marcella Kroll:  Celebrating the Witch’s New Year As we move into another season, and October gets closer to November, many begin to shift their attention to the festivities associated with this time of the year. Some may celebrate Halloween, Samhain, or Dia de los Muertos. For many Witches, myself included, it is also the beginning of the spiritual …

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Saga Is A Goddess

Sága – Scandinavian Goddess of History. Sága resides in the Sokkyabek, a large hall located under a river, whose walls flow with mead. A Goddess of tales and myths, She would drink heavily from her walls and transcribe the important events of the day so that none would be forgotten. She is the patroness of seers and writers, and She records the history of the world as well as events …

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