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Listening To The Soul Zodiac

Jaded with your current tunes? Saxophonist and composer Cannonball Adderley’s Soul Zodiac and the follow-up Love, Sex, and the Zodiac are sensational. They both blend psychedelic jive with smooth patter Seventies (Neptune in Sagittarius) astro-talk but the second album has the hilarious song titles:  Examples: Aries: Damn Right, Taurus: Wampus Cat and Pisces: Allison’s Trip. They’re voiced by Rick Holmes, a Los Angeles Dj and astro-obsessive whose hot takes on …

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The Uranian Meditation Technique

The Uranian Meditation technique works particularly well in weird conditions like this. I know the old Vedic formulas are trendy at the moment but this is Space Weather: geomagnetic fuqery, high solar winds, and electrical strangeness. Animals, winds, and the ancestral part of you pick up on it via a level of the psyche that humans don’t use or talk about much. Now, the meditation may not seem like a …

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Friday 13 = Epic

Friday 13 – any Friday 13 – is perfect for alchemy, deepening your astrological understanding, geomancy/Feng Shui, witching up your nutrition, herb & scent potion genius and modern telepathy or sorcery. It’s only considered “unlucky” if you’re anti-Goddess Vibe. Even if you follow Moon cycles more than arbitrary days of the week, Friday has always been the day of Venus/Ishtar/Freya. And thirteen is the number of Moon cycles there usually …

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Subscribers: Turning Off The Auto-Guilter

First up, let’s admit that guilt and shame are not necessarily productive emotions. They are the cheap and tacky knock-off of the more nuanced and intelligent “remorse” – the latter implies a degree of deliberation and distance. Remorse indicates that an unwise decision or a difficult series of events with your less-than-stellar reactions has been assessed. In the same way that your immune system “learns” from a vital attack, your …

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The Five Tibetans

So who does the Five Tibetans?  I don’t but i intend to.  Some of them just seem like, you know, yoga. But the whirling around? So they are said to be two and a half century old potent rejuvenation practices that act on the chakras/glands and basically re-zap you into your Awesome.   They were “rediscovered” and published in a 1939 book called The Eye Of Revelation.  People claim improved everything …

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Dream Diva

“The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the psyche.” Jung Those of you whom have been hanging around here for a while will know that i think dreams (as in the nightly dreams we have whilst asleep, not dreams as in idealism) are super important to psychic health.  They are the most simple way to do so-called past life regression, free therapy …

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