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Venus Mars couple embracing on motorbike

Venus Mars Compatibility Is Deathless Lust

  Venus-Mars compatibility is deathless lust, a hormonal interplay strong enough to have both parties feeling it’s a non-negotiable, must-have relationship. It often manifests in the sort of chemical romance never quite settles but never exactly ends. The people involved are in a perpetual cycle of breaking up and making up. Of course, if there are other strong links between these two, the Venus and Mars synergy translates as a …

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1989 album cover artwork for The Seeds Of Love

The Venus Sign Compatibility Trick

Venus sign compatibility is not the whole story but knowing someone’s Venus sign can help you understand what they find sensual and alluring. People are drawn to the style and sensibility of their Venus sign. For example, a person who is a Sun Sign Capricorn but has Venus in Sagittarius may be comfortable with Earth sign achievers but fancy the hell out of rock-climbing, poetry-quoting, nomadic Sagittarius types. Knowing someone’s …

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Ovid book

The 2000 Year Old Love Guide That Still Works

This 2000-year-old love guide still works and contains pertinent advice re dating, romance, and beauty. It was written by Ovid, a Pisces. You can read his awesome  Art Of Love online.   Amazing how stunningly relevant and funny something written thousands of years ago can be. There is a cute little Daily Mail article on hs beauty & love advice here. “If I heard a voice from heaven say “live without …

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