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Same Birthday Synergy Attraction?

Hey Mystic, I know you’re busy, but just thought I’d ask you this random puzzling question… What’s the deal with a romantic interest with someone who has the same birthday as oneself? Recently bumped into someone on a plane who is April 17 Aries like me (but a few years older)… There were a few sparks and it feels vibey. Thing is I’ve been in a relationship before with someone …

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Aries In Relationships Have This Weird Glitch

Aries in relationships have this weird glitch. They can end up in trouble because they don’t need support. Or so they say. Instead, they stress their superior self-reliance skills and demand a juiced up version of respect. But sycophancy will suffice. They can be so invested into their self-image of invulnerability that they end up isolated. And then, even the most loving and loyal Aries ends up bereft because they …

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Venusian Voodoo Debrief

  Welcome to your Venusian Voodoo Debrief. The Venus Uranus Pluto vibe that dominated the astral terrain in recent weeks has simmered down but have you? As you may recall, Venus opposed Uranus and squared Pluto – thus triggering the Zap Zone – over the last five days. Cue hot, weird & karmic carry-on.  Decisive also. This sort of Venus-Outer Planet scenario induces an almost surreal degree of lucidity, as …

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You Broke My Heart - You Killed Me

Love Zombie Relapse Symptoms

Venus square Pluto synastry is but one aspect of the obsessive love frenzy that is Love Zombie Central. When these two square one another in general, it’s a trigger. And, the latest Wuthering Heights movie is bound to be a MASSIVE trigger for even the most dormant of Love Zombie tendencies, seriously. Wuthering Heights is absolutely on the Non-Recommended Reading for Love Zombies list. So is the Venus-square Pluto shebang …

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Dating Drought: Why No Love Action?

Dating Drought – Why No Love Action (?) is one of the most popular questions in the Oracle. And, it is a perennial of people after astrology advice or doing their Tarot.  Timing Love in astrology is an art and in fact, a good time for romance can just as easily express as art. Or through being more in ‘love’ with your life. If it’s Venus, it can evoke a …

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Love Zombie Trigger Alert

Amongst other things, Venus in Leo square Mars in Scorp on the verge of a Feral Full Moon (see extended alert re this on Monthly Horoscopes page) could trigger Love Zombie tendencies. Even long dead – you thought – little, um, tendrils. Love Triffids? Anyway, obviously you’re having none of this: Do Yoga, Do Your Nails, Do Hair Genius, Do Work, Do YOU – do anything but even a teensy …

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