Browse hundreds of fun and informative posts covering every aspect of Relationship Astrology. From Dating Your Planets to Strange Dating During Mercury Retrograde, Mars-Venus pheromone-inspired romances to whether Venus in Capricorn people like big age-gap relationships. If you’re interested in compatibility, synastry or how astrological transits influence human interaction, read on!

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Dating After Chiron Return?

It must be Venus in Libra. Or Saturn Fatigue from the Karma Cop having been on the South Node so long. Hormones in plastic? Whatever the reason, people are asking about Chiron Return dating all of a sudden. Like the better-known Saturn Return, Chiron Return is cyclical. It occurs to everyone in their late 40s and early 50s. Chiron returns to where it was when you were born. It’s likeRead More…

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Saturn Conjunct Pluto And Relationships

New Frequently Asked Question: But what of Saturn conjunct Pluto and Relationships? I’ve gone on about this astrological cycle’s influence on neoliberalism, politics, the economy, and money but not romance. To recap: Saturn and Pluto were last aligned like this in 1982. It is already a rare and profound influence, made more so by Saturn being its home constellation of Capricorn. It’s ongoing from now until February 2020 but exactRead More…

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Relationship Repair In The Last Days Of Mercury Retrograde?

As Mercury Retrograde IS an excellent time to revise previous decisions, it is technically a good time for relationship repair. But is it really? My answer to this query illuminates the issue. Dear Mystic, Your valuable advice is a tremendous public service, and I already feel forever indebted (as I’m sure a lot of the other members do). Mercury Retro has its moments for everyone – hidden info coming outRead More…

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How Your Ex Will Win You Back

Can you tell from the zodiac sign how your ex will try to win you back? Don’t roll your eyes. People ask this and here, in speed-zaps, are the answers. Why are we even asking this question? Some of you may recall that there is a section on the back end of this site that shows the search queries that bring people here. Every now and then, I check itRead More…

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Do Peptides Cause Love Zombie Crushes?

I have a new item to add to the How To Be A Love Zombie suggestions.  Run natal chart compatibility assessments for people you never see in real life. If you need to ask a psychic how your love interest is doing (because you can’t ask the person in question), initiate full anti-Love Zombie protocol. Or, as this person below is doing, embrace the condition and enjoy the upside ofRead More…

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Strange Synastry – What Are The Soulmate Links?

What are the Soulmate Links? They’re the strange synastry and weird alignments between the birth charts of two people that reflect soul affinity. Some are the sort of thing you find in classic compatibility reports (Person A has their Sun conjunct the Moon of Person B) while others are weirder; Asteroid Isis in conjunction to Osiris, for example. The entire list of 88 Soulmate Links is here. Most couples orRead More…

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