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The Pisces Man In Love

The Pisces man in love can be difficult to distinguish from the Pisces man who’s just, well, playing. They trade in mystery and contradiction. Absence is an aphrodisiac to them, and they think they’re doing you a favor by being similarly elusive. This dilemma and the reply illustrate just this. Dear Mystic, As always your horoscopes are spot on but today was so spot on that it’s scary. So just …

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Astrology For The Lovelorn

Astrology love compatibility queries generally fall into five different camps. And they can be broadly answered with five distinct responses! (1) Unrequited Love Agony. The unique hell of encountering your perfect-for-you, Everything person only they are not available for intimacy. Or they could be, but they are not reciprocating.  But surely the Sun-Moon (or whatever) synastry is strong enough to make this manifest? Or, if it is never to be, …

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Your Saturn Square Neptune Love Life

Your Saturn Neptune square Love Life may not live up to expectations, but there is a particular grim relish in reappraising the scene sans delusion. If your idealized mating matrix turns into a solo consciousness-raising trip, at least you know you’re in alignment with the Saturn Neptune square. Zero tolerance for lies + delusions is just the start of it. Like, the beginning of a trek with all the signage. …

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Honesty In Dating Profiles: Scorpio

Deep Scorpio Dating Truths Dating A Scorpio? You may enjoy this Honesty In Dating Profile. Read on for what they're unlikely to tell you straight up. This is what their dating profile really says, but it's encrypted of course. Favorite Quote: "If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss gazes into you."  Nietzche.   Likes:  Not having to answer stupid questions. What is "like."? Dislikes:  Taxidermy in restaurants. Human rights atrocities. …

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Relationship Astrology Advice – People Can Be Like Transits

Relationship transits don’t necessarily mean you attract the person you want. Sometimes they help you draw in the person you need. There are factors of compatibility and figuring out your Venusian Vibe, Whenever you are relating to someone with powerful synastry between you, it’s like you’re having a permanent transit of whatever planet is involved. Huh? If you’re want to know the transits most likely to result in a committed relationship, …

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Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility? Sure, they’re not the most obviously compatible Sun Signs in astrology but this dating profile seems to be going too far. Hi Mystic, I enjoy your blog and Weekend Australian column. Thought you might enjoy this bit of astro-prejudice. Off and on I do internet dating on a well-known site. A while ago i checked out the profile of a chap. He was a serious outdoorsy looking …

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