Mars Retrograde Alert: If You Mate With Men…

Mars Retrograde Relationships Alert: Do you mate with men? Mars classically rules “men,” so if you date the male of the species, things may weird out a little. Or, okay, a lot.

Men from your past could return, some welcome, others needing swift repulsion. But relationships or joint ventures that had been progressing at pace could slow down or splutter to a cryptic halt. Slowing your pace in response to this is advantageous. Men could bolt or ghost you, for no apparent reason. When Mars is Retro, you don’t go in hot pursuit. Nor do you mount litigation or initiate hostilities if you can help it.

Another meaning of this astro-passage is that men from previous lifetimes could re-enter your orbit. It’s a big-time for karma-baited attractions.

Put on your Love Zombie Aura Protectant Armour. Remember: “it’s karmic” is just the fancy, metaphysical version of “it’s complicated.”

Mars Retrograde Relationships Can Be Karmic But That Does Not Mean It Is Desirable

Anything people say is “complicated” is simple, but they’re hiding some sleaze factor. And “karmic” doesn’t mean “has to happen this life again.”

Seriously, it does not. I feel like people SO often get this mixed up. Any karmic or past life connection generates a vortex of yearning and familiarity. It is not a substitute for a good, functional scenario.  Yes, Saturn has possessed me.

However, Mars Retro is significant for this sort of thing. It’s not even just male mates ‘returning.’  Two of my clients, in the past week, have mentioned male agents from years ago returning.

Mars Retro Stalls Joint Ventures And Relationships – Slowing Your Pace In Response Is Advantageous

See your Horoscopes for the more nuanced, sign by sign take on this. But, share here which men you would and would not want returning?

Mars is already in Aquarius and Retrograde over July/August. The Action Planet stays in Aquarius till mid-November, never mind the little backtrack into late Capricorn.

The last time Mars was in Aquarius this long? 1971. It’s been a long time since the Warrior God hung out in this zany zone for so long.

Image: King Kong – 1933

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I ran into my former grad school advisor at a conference. After we talked about our accomplishments and careers since we departed, he encouraged me to apply for a doctorate at his institution and assured me that financial aid was available. Mars retro will be hovering over my natal (and we’ll aspected) Jupiter in the 9th house.

I will take a look at the options and then make my decision once I have all of the information. Also, I am experiencing my Saturn opposition. I’ve had some amazing accomplishments at work while cleaning my emotional closet (not to mention healing what had been very resistant). It hasn’t been terrible, but yes, very hard work.


I just remembered that the guy I last had a long term relationship with (that ended three years ago) was a Mars/MC in Aqua, Pisces sun guy. During our really strange (with seriously spiritually, lovely wonderful times) relationship, after we had been together for one year, he convinced me, and my children, to move in with him in his lovely, large home on a lake. Right after I moved in, Mars went retro, and he had a change of heart. He also had a massive heart attack and his whole life changed. I moved out six months later! All in Mars retro zone. It was traumatic, and after the trauma I’d already been through with my marriage/divorce before him it was more than I could bear and our relationship deteriorated over the following six months and finally ended when the Sun was in Aquarius. NEVER AGAIN. I don’t do SHIT (that’s major like initiating cohabitation or starting something new) with men around Mars retro now. Avoid like the plague. I expect I will hear from him during this Mars retro, it would be so like him, and I am armed and ready if and when he pops up on my Gchat.


And a venus retro soon ! Keep the faith

Pearl Icicle

There’s still time!


I have dreamt of the same ex(circa 10 years ago) 2 nights in a row. Hes not someone I want to get back together with. Now Im hesitant to go to bed. When is Mars Retro over? Hopefully I can get some sleep then.


Man oh man. Gonna NOPE my way outta Mars retro like a fuqqing ninja. Eeeeeeshhhh.


So back to men and Mars retro. I had to choose the very haute path on email and refrained from explain/complain. I ended by politely handing over the group email task to the alpha male group chair. He had someone else cc’d in his tirade – whom I removed when responding.

This guy is a former sensei to me- and I was professional and cordial in all that I wrote. I reread it several times to check for snide/snark and it passed.

I got no response but saw he had indeed sent his own email out. Bravo and may we all live well and prosper!

Timely zap audio advice from brilliant Mystic informed my response!


Oy!! Ended the evening with another text protesting basically he was right- etc. So I apologized again in specific and generally for any and all shortcomings à la Pisces Moon- and asked what it would take to reduce his ire. Have not heard back.

Am I back in middle school?! LOL!!


Is there any chance that this return could be positive? Like someone who needed time away and returns with a new lease on life?

Pearl Icicle

I’m hoping so, maybe the timing is right this time. Maybe I’m a Love Zombie.

Virgo Ellie

2 Capricorns and a Tauro/Gem… The 3 I wouldn’t be surprised. 1 Capricorn I was dreaming a lot about a couple of weeks ago. The 2nd Capricorn sent me an email… I cringed because I don’t want to have anything to do with him. The Tauro/Gem… been years but I wouldn’t be surprised.

I would rather go back to someone I had trouble getting them to stay with me than to wait for someone else. It is brutally hard out there with men being beaten up so much.


I think all my exes have already done their attempts at an encore…had a really good friend who was like a brother for about 12 years – until he disagreed with my choice of husband and went off in a snit. I loved him to bits and often wonder how he is… maybe he’ll put in an appearance


None of them. No returns.


Same. Same same same. No former co-workers, boyfriends, ex-friends. If someone’s in my rear view, I want them to stay there.

Pearl Icicle

So. I’m a super Virgo. This is timely, last Wednesday I had a male Cancer I was close to 29 years ago reach out on Facebook. Two years ago I sent him a message because out of the blue I found a photo of him and a situation long forgotten and heard a song that reminded me of hi. I forgot about it. Then he sent me a message the day after the full moon. He apologized for taking so long to respond but his mother had died In March of 2016, after a long illness, and he put his account on hold needed to hermit up. We had a very interesting texting conversation last week.

Then today my Virgo X, who I haven’t seen since November, when his mother died after a long illness sent me a message. We had texted a bit since then but I was definitely ghosted on last November because he need to be alone (or not with me.) He didn’t go full hermit mode. He tells me he’s been sober for 2 months.

It hit me how close this two men who are completely different also are both wood dragons, their mother’s deaths affect them profoundly and how soul connected I felt to both of them on first sight.

I’m not sure when this goes, but now I’m prepared.

Thanks for the warning.


Well…this ought to be very interesting since I’ve had my share of ‘returns that were rebuffed’ and others at arms length come back from the past like a zombie apocalypse, and of course the discovery of one from both the past and the future…and that’s been the show for the past couple of years. Maybe this will be the finale like in the firework shows we have here in the USA on the 4th of July?


Had the weirdest dream saturday night following the shamanic epsom & bicarb bath and no screen time. It was the father of my son. His birthday. In a massive room filled with people. I’m there for some reason, and he’s up on a stage thanking everyone for coming. I’m supposed to put on ‘the right tv show’ to accompany the moment. “No, not that one” he says. I pick another. “Not that one either.” he comes over, and I say – if you know the one you wanted, why didn’t you just ask for it to be shown? He was getting advice from his bro-friends (can’t seem to make a decision without the opinions of others – Pisces) and I happen to notice an amazing leaf-camoflaged-stick-insect flittering around under the nearby tressle table. He leans back to me and says, “Sorry, you’re right. Whichever one you choose is fine.” I probably would have been more surprised if it weren’t for the fascinating insect. I nod my head, tell him to put his own bloody show on, and turn my attention back to the leaf camouflaged bug. I crawl under the table and start following it. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It’s like I’m crawling through a wormhole or mystical tunnel, and I end up on some street somewhere. The bug now crawled into a child height hole in a brick wall. A black cat appears to protect the insect, and take a swipe and hisses at me. Cats are never unfriendly toward me, so was a bit shocked. I stand up, and a strange sparkly car pulls up – looks like a gold embroidered 4 person Pope-Mobile, with amazing fabric detail. 2 people get out, looking like they’ve just been shopping in hippies ville, and say “We’re here, everyone else (from the party) is on their way, They’ll be here shortly.”
I woke from that dream with fond feelings for my sons Dad, and then spent the next few hours having a stern talking to myself about the idiocy of such ideas.


Wow, trippy!


When a woman is done with a man, they’re done with him. He may make a cameo, but the dude may as well be dead, I reckon. At best, a one-dimensional hologram version sans shiv bits, or zombie type thing-o.

In other news, since discovering proper birth deets i’m studying what’s where why and what, et cetera. Pisces in Venus ffs…





Haha so true.


MMMm it is interesting that most comment -no thanks, no old returns.
I feel the same
I guess that is why they are past loves.

Maybe one I would like to tell how angry Ive been with him when I look & see how treated. But that’s anger at myself

And I finally woke up.
He was a traditional Scorpio
Dont cross a scorpio! Even with out realising it.
Their way, or the highway
I;m on that road and feeling better for it
But the love was real and hard to let go


I too have a Scorpio I finally left …and youre right “my way or the highway” was his motto. Just like you I’m really angry that I let him treat me the way he did for so long but going through therapy I realize that it’s me being angry at myself. No more Scorpios for me thankyouverymuch.



So Mutable It Hurts

bahahah so good


There’s one that I want to return… I think. The wounds are still so fresh and perhaps just yet I lack the clarity to know what’s best.
My Pisces Sun yearns for the romance to return, my Aqua rising isn’t so sure.

A couple of weeks ago the Taurean, Sag rising in my life broke the news that he’d been approached by his soon to be ex-wife, divorce pending. Married for twenty years, they’d been separated for six, and have two children together. He was considering it.
I can understand the complexity of the situation for him. Of course, ideally he’d be with the mother of his children, and I’d be silly and selfish to not acknowledge they must share half a lifetime of some wonderful memories together. But he’s also a man preoccupied and pressured by his family tradition to maintain the nuclear unit, despite the nuclear being more akin to the bomb variety in recent years.

He and I met online near on five months ago. It was a long distance relationship but we talked/ texted/ Skyped every day, for hours each day. What a connection, so much realness, laughter, sharing, solace and support…and beauty, so much beauty.
We were a massive part of each other’s daily lives, there for each other through the carnage of nuclear bombs on both sides.
For him it was navigating the tumult of an abusive ‘ex’, manipulations to withhold access to his son. For me it was the death of my grandmother, and subsequent reappearance of my mother who had abandonned me 21 years ago to contest her will. I was also dealing with, since the time I met my Taurean man, an abusive father (spookily they share the same birthday). My Taurus helped support me through the hard but healthy boundary setting.

So we just went from all to nothing.
He affirmed that while he was entertaining the idea of reconciling his marriage, it was not right for us to continue a relationship. He’d “sensed a shift in her”.
Was this a Uranian revolution best for me to observe much like you would a solar eclipse?…far away, onlooking, fascinated, but with as much eye protection possible lest it burned the ‘windows to my soul’ ??

Last Tuesday we had a ‘last date’, it was heartbreakingly beautiful. We laughed and cried. I’d been teaching him guitar and gave him a last lesson. He cried, I cried. I said how sad it was that I felt I was losing my best friend. He agreed.

So WTF was that about? From symphony to crickets… I’m feeling the void hard.
I’ve woken up each morning since with the painfully noticible absence of his “good mornings”. He’s the first thing on my mind when I wake, the second is to check MM… And this morning it was *this* post.

The urge to reach out is overwhelming.
I’m generally left bewildered and wondering “why”? re the whole thing.
Specifically I’m confused about how this fits with Mars retro, it seems more a theme of departure than return?
I’m a complete astro novice so making sense of it beyond “this sucks” is somewhat of a stretch!

But yes, if there were a man I’d like to return, it would be him, I’m missing my best friend dearly.


Maybe the mars retrograde is where you both re-enter spaces apart, so then possibly later return when mars is direct?

I suppose I see it that way. My marriage is just unravelling – at the speed of light almost since uranus burst into Taurus…its opposite my ceres/ Juno in Scorpio…

He is around but we are amicably negotiating arrangements…I suppose I’d prefer the actual partnership to survive (as it IS an entity of its own proportions) and we are parents…but we are realistically unlikely to shift dysfunctional dynamics…

It’s hard to foresee…I’d let go, as he would…the connection still exits…difficult when the ties are there…both of us agree. I am questioning the ethics of continued attempts to resurrect this when beliefs / hopes seem so different.

A 3rd person, maybe just a catalyst, an outside interest keeps challenging my values, reminding me of what I do want, even if that is not possible with them (he is just an ideal Neptune dream…) however his concepts of faith, love and nurturing put perspective back into my view to reframe how to re-model or end an old an injured marriage.

I cannot reconcile the fact that I have to accept my current partner as he always was and IS. The other person is holding up my idealism/ dream that is “inaccessible”. It’d be a different door we would walk through, of knowing after we experienced mars retrograde…


Thank you Aquasunrise, the idealist/romantic in me would love to think and hope that the departure lounge I’m sitting in just bid bon voyage to a round trip rather than a one-wayer, the pragmatist in me tells me otherwise.

Maybe like your ‘Neptunian dream’ I provided some healthy concepts for remodelling (hopeful). Perhaps for me it was enough that I had some stellar support and stability during a really crap time in my life.
Thanks for the candid sharing of your own experience. I wish you all the best with your own remodelling/ending/beginning.

So Mutable It Hurts

Oh man that’s tough. Reading your words, I can feel your pain. Sending you strength <3


Thank you <3


Please forgive me for being so blunt (Mercury in Aries conjunct Eris/ trine Mars in Sag):

I have been in the “we’re in love but he just needs to give the marriage one last chance– he cried, I cried” situation more than once. I got my heart torn out and handed to me on a platter. Then that platter was upended and my heart was stomped and ground into the earth.

So let me tell you how it’s going to go:

He will try with her. At first it will go ok, and meanwhile you are feeling flayed alive. Then, just as the first filaments of healing envelop your heart, his marriage shadows start reasserting themselves, and rather than actually deal with them– and his own shadow– he will distract himself with discreet communiques. “You were the one all along” “I sure do miss you” “What are you wearing” “Can we meet? Just for coffee”

Please, just… run. Although I am grateful for the fiery furnace of pain I had to go through, as it made me who I am– I also was very close to insanity and self-harm from this years-long torture.

Walk away and consider yourself lucky.




I’m okay with blunt dizzarina, thank you… Duly noted.


None to be returned! No thank you! I already had a random pop up at the end of April on my birthday. I was weirdly entangled with this man in 2004-2005 in a forum for people choosing to leave a particular faith prior to getting married (and subsequently divorced in 2011). It constituted an emotional affair in my opinion, but neither my fiance at the time nor online forum guy thought so (everyone was asleep at that wheel). Fast forward, he messages me in 2013 after I’ve entered New Healthy Relationship. I explain that it seems odd we be in contact re: emotional affair. He still doesn’t get it but agrees it’s complicated and says he doesn’t understand how to sort it out, but he missed me, and that he’ll close the door on communication. More time passes and he reaches out again in April 2018 to wish me a happy birthday? Apparently forgetting we aren’t communicating but eventually sifts through e-mails and says, “Oh sorry, I forgot.” Still missing the ‘valence’ of our friendship(????). There isn’t anything for us to connect on as I am not at all the same. By the way, he’s a psychiatrist and can’t seem to figure this one out. He has faded back out again for however long.


Wow, just last night I had a dream about one of my exes from years ago, from the early 90’s. I don’t know if I’ve ever dreamed about him before. I don’t remember.. We are actually still occasionally in touch via email or phone, so we still have a bit of a friendship going and he’s the only ex I have any contact with or feel favorably about. In the dream he looked younger again and he actually said ‘I still love you’ in the dream. I have no interest in that way toward him anymore and I doubt he really does toward me. He’s got a great wife and two kids. I have a new BF, too, who I’m really into.

My ex has Venus, Merc, and Jupiter in Aqua and I’m an Aqua Sun and Merc, so maybe our Aqua/Uranian stuff is talking to each other revved up by Mars in Aqua? Very interesting….

I hope no other exes ‘return’ because I wouldn’t want to hear from or see any of them! None of the others have any Aqua or Uranian astro so maybe I’m ‘safe’? I’m still a little concerned about running into Toro ex, but that’s mostly because he lives a block away from me. Amazingly enough we haven’t run into each other face to face all this time! Fingers crossed it stays that way!

dark star

Bring on the tests!


They show up in dreams. Right now, one that isn’t even an ex. We kissed once, lightly. Decades ago. Two nights in a row I dream of finding him to tell him I want him. Romantic feelings are nice. Real live people are different than that.


Yes. It’s not random then. I’ve had both ex husbands in dreams. That’s where it can stop frankly.


I just deleted my Tinder accounts, both of them lol. So freakin liberating! I have no idea how anyone gets dates from there… no one messages you back then when they do it’s 3 weeks later then you never hear from them again. It’s like Ghost dating, ha I cam up with a term for you Mystic.


Ugh – I have already decided that the next six months are a no dating zone and are completely devoted to pulling my shit together to levels pre-2008. Since then its been a freaking roller coaster and my house, finances, and body all look the part. Going completely mars/virgo and cleaning it all up. I’ve taken a four year break from men, with just a few dates here and there. But my progressed moon just went into my seventh house and Jupiter will be exactly conjunct my sun and venus in December. Not to mention transiting north node will enter my fifth house – I got married last time that happened. So holding out until December/2019. No more karmic relationships for me.


I’m looking at the same timescale here. And also on course to pre 2008 just with greater wisdom.


UGHHHH. I had a dream about the only man I think I ever truly let in and truly loved last night. He’s a pisces moon like me but hes a gemini and im in aries. HE broke my heart so many times- we never could say how we truly felt about eachother so i still to this day don’t know how he really felt about me but no one made me feel safer than him, he stayed with me in my darkest moments and still made me feel cared for. We are like two magnets chemically pulled to one another but I havent seen him in a long time and he’s in a long committed relationship now. I dont even know if he’s the man I once loved so not sure I want him to return but my psyche might..


My lovelife up to now has more or less been a karmic mess, except one ex who is now one of my best friends and taught me the meaning of love- I love him to death but it is not a scenario I want to come back! In fact, I friendzone nearly all my exes because they mean something to me, and I know the lesson is over!

There is a karmic attraction lurking in the wings- a man 14 years older than me (yes Saturn opp Saturn synastry) who I fell for in three seconds but then he tried to booty call me a week later (I said NAH) and I haven’t heard from him since.

Stalked out his chart and we have a double whammy venus square the nodal axis. If that doesn’t say romantic karma I don’t know what does!

I feel my Mars/Venus retro experience this summer will be spent avoiding the same old subpar manboys (think: hitting tennis balls with a racket before they smash my face). It’s going to be a battle for my soul!


ugh, it’s such a drag when you completely Fall For Someone almost on sight, and their response is ‘how about it’ way to kill the vibe, jerkface. I think the word is bathos


Well for me it was heartbreaking, as the man who proposed “play” was friendly enough but I understood he was only alluding to it, to see if I would pursue it…and yes he is older, probably partnered, intelligent and astute, and cool.

You just know when someone is pulling you along, especially if there is genuine chemistry but everything else is AWOL…that translates to extreme unavailability in lifestyle choice and values…

Crickey I am so over my venus Pluto lillith transit of the 5th…

Yep, and saturn square my saturn, moon is tough stuff, chiron is also square my moon too.

So transforming pain from rejection, the hurt of others and reflection, regret to stay grounded and real…


Yeah and I also have Chiron in the 7th opposite Venus/Uranus (NATAL). Like…god dammit. This is like the event horizon of dealing with rejection issues for me this year. This shit destroys me. I won’t let it happen anymore.


“event horizon of dealing with rejection issues ”

boy, you got that right. (venus conj chiron and south node here). It’s incredibly liberating to put your finger on the issue(s) though. A complete reframe of the role of romantic relationships in one’s life.


Yup. Uranus into Taurus was when I felt the spark with this guy, almost to the day. But instead of a
“romantic surprise” (I’m Taurus Descending) I got a “aha flash of how fucked up it all still is”.
Painful but necessary.


LOL I have mars chiron conjunct 7th in opposition to Pluto uranus conjunct 1st…

Chiron return is still transiting my 7th…

So I get it!


It is similar situation for me too (natal). Uranus Pluto opposite mars chiron…7th, but I suppose I’m learning from my own actions/ need for freedom?

Saturn in 7th has kept me committed to unhealthy lifestyle choices. My spirit really prefers to be free.

I hope that you can get through with a more hopeful vision, the Neptune Jupiter trine is sort of offering possible philosophical paths/ truths around intimacy & relationships.


The jupiter neptune trine has definitely blessed me with visions of what could be (like meeting actual happy couples who I emulate). I do wonder if there is any hope for us 7th hous chiron peeps, though. Never met anyone with this aspect who ever found love.


Ha! Chiron is oppo MY first house Moon/URan cjon. which makes in my 7th house. What a mess.

Kryssy D

I had a dream about a past man and in my heart it was like a resolve that I should have never been with him Romantically. Then I had a dream right away that pieces of my teeth were breaking and I found some old luggage filled with some junk and clothes next to a church I walk by often.

I nearly freaked when I woke up. No past men for me!

But my DH woke up telling me he cheated on me in his dream and it quilted him so much. What a weird time


Hmm, and this while Saturn is transiting my Venus.


Don’t want (but am bracing for):
– the guy I astral vomit projected all of my Mars (likely Saturn too) onto pre Saturn return. G’lawd. Bracing because I’ve never not found him tucked away somewhere in my psyche and I keep finding these books and clearing it out. I feel like though as I do that there will come a time where I see him in the flesh to really confirm I’m able to handle internal intensity around others without reacting or making up stories.

– ANY AND ALL PUERS! Getthefuqouttahurr.

Would want:
A friend I interned with/worked with. I had a crush but we knew the true feelings weren’t there. However when he did find a girlfriend she was extremely threatened by our relationship (freaked out when she saw I went to his brother’s wedding ‘as his date’ not even bothering to hear that it was his mother who invited me.)
I wound up having to give my key to his house back and the very weak separation (he ghosted me) left me feeling really bummed. We both had our in the wrong placements, but it’d be nice to see him and catch up with some objective maturity.

And to note: with me in fresh post Saturn return and with my own natal map, I feel like my own Mars is coming to life and into my life. I.e. internal masculine assertiveness went through a natal 12th house Sag wringer when Saturn passed through.


Ugh nooks not ‘books’


Would not mind hearing from ex. But don’t mind me, I’m just being a love zombie.

Pearl Icicle

I feel the same, already had 2 make contact. Love zombie mood activated.


Ugh what if you finally set up a date with your great impossible crush of the past three years?! Now this courting period is going to be filled with gross retrogrades -_- must not have been meant to be.


Yeeeusch! None of them. None of them. Grosssss….


I want NO men returning. I’m friends with my bros, but yeah, not to get on the merry-go-round again and there are some dudes–the ones from when Uranus was travelling through Aries and on my Mars, coincidentally, that I could care less if I ever see again.

I’m not into the “ooh it’s karmic,” scene, but if someone’s gonna come at me, I want it to be the new guy and if it’s “karmic” then so be it. It will, alas, probably have to wait for another lifetime.


Something like that happened. I met an awesome man, I have no idea what that means yet but the synchronicities are off the charts. The latest weird being when I searched my email for his emails to check an address. There they were all clumped together and there’s one there from 2012 from facebook saying we both commented on a post about fracking. I met him 12 days ago! I radically cleared my inbox recently. AND it was sent on the 4th of the 4th 2012 so all up its a 4!


It’s not the Mars retro by itself that concerns me (and FYI I *do* detest Mars retro more than any other retrograde – yes, even as a Venusian!); it’s the fact that it’s also making prolonged/multiple contacts to that potentially destiny-derailing South Node. :-/ It’s such a strange dichotomy with Venus in Leo also conjunct the North Node – I get the feeling of our heartspace opening and those 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chakras powering right up but at the same time we’re challenged not to be sucked into the strange energetic vortex of a physical sexual attraction or depleting interaction with the Masculine. Since it’s an opposition involved, it might even manifest as a “torn between two loves/lovers” kind of deal. I can foresee some weird things happening over in the “Friend Zone”. And not necessarily in the sense that attractions could indeed spring from here – it could be a current relationship that needs to be exiled there or perhaps the realization that in breaking it off with someone, no we can’t actually still be friends with them.

I do think this Venus/Mars action along the Nodal Axis may also be a huge flashpoint for those couples not on the same compatible page re: children. To me it looks like the kind of thing where one partner may have a lot of love to give to a child but there’s friction with their partner about this. Could be physical infertility is an issue (Sidenote: Fellas please make sure your sperm count and testosterone levels are where they should be this Mars retro; don’t just automatically assume the issue is with your girl!), could be one partner wants a kid and the other is unsure or flat-out doesn’t want children, perhaps there’s an argument over whether or not to pursue expensive fertility treatments, or maybe a conflict over whether or not to adopt. I will say that if you know having a child is important to you, follow that fucking North Node in Leo like your life depends on it; even if it means going your separate ways with a current partner.

Lotus A

Not the douche from 2011/12 who apparently still has my number according to a snapchat notification I received just the other day. I deleted his years ago. He must have sync’d his contacts. Not that he has actually tried to contact me but it put me on D head alert!

Squared Virgo

Yes! I talked about how Melania disappeared with a friend a couple of days ago, wondering if she had left T and is off to a life on her own. Uranus- of course.


syncing contacts is freaking me out. when you carry your sim over to a new phone it used to be easy to scroll through and delete delete, now, if you’ve so much as sms’d one person once or emailed them to book a room on an overseas trip 12 years ago, they never leave you. The Cloud Remembers. It’s like a pluto in gemini thing? In a couple of decades, “having your head in the cloud(s)” will mean something completely different from this cute little analogue daydream era


It sure seems as if she went in for more plastic surgery and is just recovering from her bruises away from the cameras, using the lie of “kidney surgery” as the excuse for why she went to the hospital in DC. Either that or he beat her and there’s a cover up of that, too. But yes, the timing is super strange and Uranian. Maybe she had plastic surgery and it got botched and she is now like the plastic surgeon played by Martin Short on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? 😉 Also really strange that DT is apparently doing cover-up tweets for her, now that people are talking.


I agree LW as she is making an apperance and ‘no photos’ is the order.


Please explain “douche?” Is this an actual term of reference for an ex? I am intrigued as to how a past male partner acquires such a title! How does an intuitive woman saty clear of a prospective candidate, if he is a “douche”…I wonder…


take longer than you think you need to suss them out. Don’t commit emotionally. detach and observe how he (or she) rolls in social and intimate situations to see how they solve problems, and handle themselves and others. reflect on the stories they share about themselves and others (proud, blame-y, polite, aggressive, intolerant, genial, complaining, detached, generous? etc). how do they handle stress and conflict? how do they reach out, express feelings?
thats how my moon in cap works anyway. I build a kind of emotional dossier without really realising I do it. with the aim of establishing whether they’re grounded / have clarity and self awareness in the ways that are most important to me. sometimes that all goes out the window, you know how it is, but I’m still aware.


LOL, “douche” is very funny/ silly but I’m hearing that it could pure tragedy…

For some reason I’m picturing ultra smooth talking womanising slippery sort of creatures, charming / super “confident” persona but flaky with decent / morality?

I have never attracted any, not ever wound up committed to any either.

So, you have the saturn filter too – I’ve venus in cap 5th, and saturn in in my 7th, maybe I’m just too serious!


Apparently she had kidney surgery, right after her coming out to the media – Be Best or something. Perhaps she’s recuperating? I like the Assange angle better though.


I noticed her hair wasn’t fresh and done in the last public outing. Not being catty- to me it meant she really wasn’t well/herself. She was on a balcony in side profile.


Unrelated – sorry – but as I trudge through this latest dirgey of void moons, trying to summon up motivational energy for the week, I thought I’d go back and read the article / blog post from the other day on the subject: how, now that Uranus is again in early degrees of a sign, we are subject to more frequent longer void episodes. Sounds as fascinating as they can be frustrating.

But I can’t find it anywhere! Did I dream it up under the shamanic watery trines of late? I’d like to try to remember it as it sounded sooo interesting and a bit of knowledge might give me the strength to deal with this interminable void-yness.

Anyone got any ideas? About where I can find it, or about the reason for the longer voc moons in general? Thank you, and sorry for off topic comment! X


Thank you! I like some aspects of voc moons but I’m also noticing these whole day (27 hour, dear lord) voids and feeling that it’s a bit of a pain when it comes to the pulling off the detailed work that’s needed to set beautiful plans / earth energy into motion. Go back and revise, go back and revise. Maybe earth energy likes it slow and ground covered many times lol


Can relate. I went on one date with a man i met via an online dating website close to 15 years ago. I wasnt keen for a second date and let him go. Out of the blue he text me yesterday asking hows it going? Seriously ….Who keeps phone numbers that long??


Spray and pray!!! Haha yes. Love it MM


…water signs?


For sure.


Perhaps he is Mars in Virgo and no matter how he tries, or what deleting protocols he employs, he just can’t forget a number! I have this problem. I wish there was an extra special defcon five delete for Mars in Virgo types.


Lol, yes, same here. Not necessarily phone numbers, but definitely details that I’d rather forget.


I keep all my conquests and mistakes in my phone still named etc. Not because I’m incredibly watery but because if they ever do text/call I know to ignore it !


Ooh I love that– ’cause I still do the same as emg, even though it feels icky to have them in there


I did this with my ex- hub during toxic divorce proceedings and it was very therapeutic. I called him an obscene name in my phone and every time he called I laughed out loud. I can highly recommend it, and even better with a humorous pic


Hormonal error. Hahahaha. I’m going for itch needed scratched !


My personal Mars/Mercury conjunction (Virgo) is currently taking a hit (square) from Sun and Mercury and is still being opposed by Neptune and my aggravation is high at the moment. Yes, there have been strange sightings and phone calls from long ago wanna-be-suitors. An ex from a lifetime ago (another Kataka, NOT the a-hole I was married to – with my 8th house Kataka moon I seem to draw them in like flies) with whom I do have a nice friendship has been hovering on the edge for a couple of years now, but we aren’t connecting fully. There is already a SN pull there, and I’m resisting going back even though he does provide pleasant distraction from time to time (his Jupiter is on my SN). Our schedules do not align and there is no indication that they ever will. I recently read a disgusting article, written by a man, titled “5 Reasons Why Men Are Giant Babies in Relationships.” OMG it makes me want to stay the hell away from men forever. Yes, yes, I know, #notallmen, but — seriously? All the men I’ve known have been like this. I’m over it. I’m tired of dysfunctional, imbalanced relationships. I’ve been staunchly single for a few years now even though I’ve had a few potentials line up, including the aforementioned ex, mainly because I refuse to settle and most of the middle aged men I’ve met have issues with alcohol and/or substances, not to mention a nagging need to dominate. Could this Mars retro (and OMG Venus retro right after?? The last Venus retro sent me on a ridiculous love zombie attraction, too embarrassing to even mention, even though I was aware and supposedly armed against it) mean I’m about to be done with men forever? One last zombie bender before I give up the ghost for good? Sigh.


Also when Mars stations direct, after its retrograde, it will be exactly opposite my Kataka moon. It feels like a Mexican Standoff. It may just be the current transits talking, though.


Well there is one bloke I’d love to hear from again but I doubt he’s coming back anytime soon. I’ve finally accepted what the role was he played in my life and I in his. Weird, but total acceptance finally happened over the weekend.
Of more importance to me is that Mars will retro through my 6th Aqua house. Right on cue the power trips at the cube farm are ramping up..going to take a LOT of self-mastery to keep a cool head and not tell them all to get fuqued.


Hilarious. Woke up this morning to a current pic of the boy/man I lost my virginity to when I was 14, texted to me by my mom who had bumped into him at the coffee shop. I have a feeling this is going to get interesting.


By “this” I mean Mars retro in general, not my mother and my teenage boyfriend. 🙂


Ha, I was just reminiscing on exes and logged in here to see what was up.

None of them seem to want to talk to me, though (I mean, they have not reached out. Nor have I). Which is probably good.


Men in my life? Where they’ve gone, they’re not coming back from. If it wasn’t a south node farewell vortex, it was a Neptune communion with the spirits and a sending into the light. Well, I hope so anyway


Ha ha ha hahahaha.


Yes, Saturn has possessed me, lol.


Eep I got a text from an unknown (deleted?) number yesterday, commiserating on the loss of my stepdad two weeks ago, saying that they’d only met this person once or twice but hoped i was okay, knowing what they had meant to me.

I’m convinced it’s my very toxic kataka ex and don’t want to enter into a ‘who dis’ conversation so just replied with a simple thank you. But the suspense of not knowing is, well, suspenseful!?

I don’t want said person back in my life at all and though it’s doubtful they ever would be now as life has moved on (he has a baby with new partner and five years have now passed), I’d rather draw the line in the sand than regret a soggy boundary. Hmm..


Whoa, we are leading parallel lives! I also left a very toxic (excruciating, violent, sociopathic) kataka ex 5 years ago, he also has a new baby with his new (but 23 years his junior and moved her in four months after I moved out) wife, and my stepdad also just passed away six weeks ago. The only difference, fortunately, is that my dysfunctional ex from hell never contacts me nor I him, so I don’t expect any crypto text messages with any degree of sympathy from him. Still – weird to read the life timeline similarities! 🙂 And yes, you are wise to keep the boundary between you firm. Your intuition has already told you who the message was from. Move ON. <3


That is so strange! How very uncanny. Yes my kataka ex moved on from me 6 months after we split, but by my reckoning only by mere days after I delivered a final ‘no the reason I’ve not got back to you post travels is not that I’m busy but because I don’t want to get back with you’ message. Maybe even the same night. He moved in swiftly and she was pregnant 6 months later. She’d already escaped one traumatic (violent) relationship, with two children, and described my ex as a ‘knight in shining armour’ to a mutual. That’d be his Mars in Leo and good old sociopathic mirroring and love bombing. I hope that they, and especially the children, are okay. I bumped into the ex a year ago while on a night out – literally almost ran into him around a corner – and drunkenly agreed to meet him for a coffee the next day (!!?!). The news was all of how drained the new relationship was making him.etc etc. It was a hard balancing act not letting on how little i care to be engaged with his life and decisions. Ughhh. So there is no reason to engage and be in touch – I cannot be an authentic good friend to him and he seemed deep in delusion and confusion. Thank you for your advice x

I’m sorry to hear about your stepdad. It can feel hard to grieve when the bloodlines are not there – but the heartlines, in this case, are. I hope you are okay x


Thank you. Yes, I am okay. My mom took a nosedive after he passed though and almost didn’t make it. She has come out of it though and looks as if she will be around for a while after all. Death of a stepparent is very strange, for me at least, because it has brought up layers of childhood issues that had long ago been given up on. My Chiron return is nigh, too, so I’m feeling all the wounds I carry at the moment. Life sure is weird. But thank you again, I hope you are okay as well. And yes, please stay away from the narcissist kataka dude. He has way more issues now than you want anything to do with. <3


<3 <3


Thought I was going crazy…. Thank goodness MM I have now read your Post.
Dumb-ass ex I had to dump last September sends me a TOTALLY random text yesterday asking “How are you darling?”.
Completely out of the blue. Un-asked for.
I ignored him, of course.
But if this is a sign of Mars Retro, well, OMG.




Showbiz, I guess?


My first thought was “secret.”


i’d love to have an agent. my god, someone repping me. that would just be so much less stressful. I mean, i don’t even know what it would be for at this point. Just someone to promote me, talk me up & my whatever I do, get me into places, hustle. so that I could focus on my Artiste lyf or whatever….. saturn in Leo dreams lol


Yes I also went ?
I too thought “secret”
Perhaps MMs autocorrect overshadowed her


Apparently Mars will be sitting in my 5th house for the next 6 months.
Does Mars Retro + Venus Retro means not to date AT ALL for the next months?
I have been alone for a very long time. I am subscribed to online dating and the subriscription is quite expensive.
Do I have to say no to anything?
I do NOT have any ex I want to reconnect with and I would not have trouble saying no to exes.
A guy/collegue of the present reminding me of a seriously painful ex: that could be tricky but I am pretty sure he won’t do any move, nor will I.
So what is the best option? The scope will say I have Mars Retro in 6th house but in my case is still in the 5th.


No, Miss Dee, please don’t deny yourself or others from the opportunity to date. ‘Next months’ is way to long to abstain; isn’t it?



Well I have been alone for a long time and there are no prospects at the moment. So if anything should happen between here and November – and it’s already a big IF – I’d find it hard to say no. 🙂


Maybe let others inititiate or “pursue” you as it is apparently a mars retrograde cycle?

Then I guess you consider from introspection the values / lessons that surface?

Then when mars is direct it is more in sync, although I think there is a venus retrograde cycle too!


June to August is Mars retrograde. Then Oct/Nov is Venus retrograde. I believe that in September the Mars and Venus shadows overlap. Oh boy.


I live w/Mars retro so am always swatting away past paramours.

Lost appetite for “complicated” in 2nd Saturn Return. Ran into someone who asked about an ex- she insisted he rode a motorcycle. Nope. No candidates. Rethinking lunch with her- not up for qi vamp review!

Prepping for eldest’s move to Asia for at least a year. Sudden departure of dear friend and mentor- farewell fête and successor hunt loom.

Uranus opp Moon- crazy ditch it all energy- tupperware orphans face recycle bin. Kataka Venus spouse gulping as edge them to the corner then bam- out. I think he has named them.

Cats provide great peace and haven from zaps.


Nothing worse than old mates who remember things wrongly! Hey, im neptune trine merc, so i understand interpretations. But interpretations that become fixed impressions? Very telling, and not of you, but of friend’s enduring story of you.

Your adult child friend is going, not gone. Your old mate is a ghost, feeding on past nostalgia.


Lucky I don’t see her much. LOL!

Big qi chill when old mates remember a past with no curiosity about current life.

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