Love In The Time Of Coronavirus

Covid-19 Astrology? I blame all this on Saturn, I really do. And okay, Pluto. I knew that whatever kicked up in Dec/Jan would be disruptive as fuq and propel us into the future. I exhausted the word ‘catharsis’ and made sweeping suggestions about canceling globalism, flying, and factory farming. They irritated some people but I have Mercury in Aries so all my suggestions can sweep.

But I was secretly hoping that the disrupt would be something undeniably cool. David Bowie or Princess Diana would reincarnate, revealing another dimension and even the most venal politicians would be so awed, they’d evolve. Or an inexplicably bloodless revolution would overthrow <insert mediocre, corrupt and/or archaic leader/dynamic of your choice> so inequitable, Gaia insulting paradigms would simply end, elegantly.

However, it’s more like when you’re in a relationship that you think should end but you can’t even imagine how to uncouple. And every time you think about it, you fantasize about some mysterious benefactor who wafts in and takes care of everything. A lottery win or an attentive new lover who is strangely interested in helping you swiftly sort out the details of your separation.

But show me one significant transformation with no pain or effort and I’ll assume you over did the Dreamweed while trying to bonsai your gerberas.

This changes everything. And, while it is impossible to see right now, many of the changes wrought by this situation will be good. Fantastic even. See below for more. Whether you’re freaking out or merely inconvenienced and wondering why you didn’t buy bulk potato crisps, stay composed. Some of us are more exposed or insecurely circumstanced than others, but Covid-19 influences everyone.

My Aquarius accountant is one of the Uranian types who transmits tangible in-command, tranquility rays. He would not alter his demeanor or tone if a U.F.O. landed in his backyard. He sent out an email to all his clients a few days ago that outlined employer obligations to employees and so on but ended with this: the most important advice we can provide to you is to remain vigilant, patient and calm.

The word ‘vigilant’ struck me anew, so I looked into its etymology. Its root origin word is “weg.” Get a load of this!

How profound is this word and all the associations?

So now for a little F.A.Q. about the Covid-19 Astrology:

Q: Is it appropriate to be amusing/light about such a dire situation? 

A: I got asked a version of this on Thursday. I won’t quote from the email as the person did not send it to be posted, but they thought my ‘cavalier’ attitude to the crisis was tone-deaf. eg: joking about introverts being thrilled and so on. I understand this point completely and I have done more sombre posts about things like the Amazon + Australian fires, the economy and this viral threat. But everyone chooses how they want to express themselves, and I usually select levity. It’s healing and there is a vast amount of media covering the doom end of the spectrum.

I read a crazy amount. The economic implications of this alone are staggering. I could easily take a darker tone and yes, we are all aware of where this could head. Last year I had a virus that took my voice away while it was trying to attack my nervous system. Thank you, Saturn square Mercury.  It steeply upgraded my empathy with sick people and reassured me of magic. The former was because I was feeling vile, there was no explanation, just a costly and time-consuming new routine of seeing specialists, listening to scary possible diagnoses and getting scans, etc.

It impacted my work and ability to communicate with people. But more than that, when something implacable and hostile is in your system and things you take for granted become a big deal, it’s psychologically destabilizing. You become acutely aware of security factors. I realized I could not step away for a few weeks and hire a spare me to fill in, for example. Projects I adore and love working on fell behind for reasons out of my control. Many of you know this cascade of crap effect. It’s humbling.

Because of that thing last year, a Covid-19 intrusion would find me less bristling with immunity than usual. So I could easily be gloomier about this than I am; the idea of having to navigate something more virulent than the one I had, but with the already strained medical system imploding and amid widespread chaos is horrifying. And the hideous imagery from that wet-market that kept auto-playing on social media? It nearly gave me a nervous breakdown. So if I want to make light or talk about Reishi, I will. Maybe it’s a Mutable thing. I like to go straight from doing a creative visualization meditation into researching Hazmat suits.

But the magic of it is that I (1) learned so much about who is/is not there for you when stuff like this happens (2) educated myself about viruses and the immune system in a Mars in Virgo bender and (3) the condition literally resolved spontaneously over night when I woke up on my first morning in a haunted house. And it sure as hell wasn’t the house energy. If I am light about Covid-19 astrology and the implications, it doesn’t mean I think it’s funny. When I make a joke about bunkering, it doesn’t imply callousness toward people who are homeless or unable to self-isolate.

My intention is to lighten the gloom and make this a magic, ad-free digital haven.

Q: Saturn was conjunct Pluto in 1982. Why wasn’t that this bad? 

A: That was Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra. It was a breakdown in multiple diplomatic agreements and post-war detentes. There was the Falkland War, Israel invaded Lebanon, Iran invaded Iraq. It set the scene for globalism, which was, to be idealistic about it, a way to try and swap endless conflict for trade.

Or look back to 1947, the previous Saturn-Pluto conjunction. It was in Leo and with it came the establishment of the I.M.F. and the nation of Israel. If this one seems more full-on, it’s because we’re living in it, trying to juggle everything we usually do and manage our end of a global crisis.

Also, news travelled slower in the early Eighties, with very little immediacy. There was not very much pan-anything.  It’s also because Saturn in its home sign is an over-achiever.

Q: Is there an astrological trick or tip to do with my Sun Sign/birth chart that can help me stay healthy? 

A: Yes and no. There is a health sector – so to speak – in every natal chart and it can provide some interesting ideas around your constitution. In classical medical astrology, each element has a temperament, and it is fascinating! I will come back to this later. But to be clear, if I say something like ‘wow I am drinking thyme tea and I love it plus it’s apparently anti-pathogenic-fuqery‘, it is not medical advice or insulting the work of virologists, nurses and so on.

You can tell I have been getting some cool correspondence, right? If any food or culinary herb spikes the immune system and makes us feel good, that’s amazing. We have a duty to keep ourselves as healthy as we can to leave as much space as possible for people who require hospital treatment. A

nd in the absence of a preventative treatment or a cure, why can’t we share thoughts on broadly immune-enhancing foods or herbs, etc? It’s not like when there IS a legit cure and yet someone avoids that to purchase alien rocket fuel extract from the dark web.

Q: When/how will this all end, astrologically? 

A: Good question. Saturn-Pluto is done. It was building from April 2019 and peaked in Oct to Feb. It was a change-sparker, a catalyst of cosmic proportions. There were countless clues that the economic and ecological algorithm was totally out of whack. The signals became ever more shrill and even after devastating environmental consequences, so many leaders were complacent. “No need for drastic action…” etc.  I don’t live in America but I am sure the disbelief after mass shootings is similar. Okay fine, then what would inspire a ‘drastic’ action? Also, how evil is the invocation of “tradition” to protect a dangerous and corrupt status quo? Acting like everything is awesome, and it’s super-neurotic to say it isn’t is gas-lighting at government level.

Anyway, Saturn-Pluto was a wake-up and the beginning of a new cycle. As Uranus is in Taurus, it is loosely aligned. That’s the Earth era synergy I have mentioned. Therefore, the pandemic is half super-shock to the bloated and unfair system of debt-addiction + share/property bubble, exploiting workers everywhere and free trade agreements with terms that must not be divulged. And it’s half catalyst for the Uranus in Taurus reinvention. That’s the trickster aspect of it. Awful as this is, it’s probably already giving the planet a breather. Millions of people are at home, grounded and cooking for themselves more than usual.

Saturn was also a flashpoint for the Pluto in Capricorn era that began in 2008 with the G.F.C. Anyone who has ever had a Pluto transit knows it’s best to rip the bandaid off and make profound changes when you get the call. They didn’t. The banks got bailed out, and the bullshit did not just continue; It leveraged. The next ten days of intense Mars-Pluto in Capricorn vibe will be telling and stressful. I still think some specifically weird info will emerge as Mercury comes of shadow in the last week of March. I know; what counts as weird these days, lol?

Then we have Saturn into Aquarius – visionary, electric, and weird but a lighter Saturn energy than Capricorn. It is there until July before darting back into Capricorn for an encore nobody asked for – you know those kinds of shows. But remember, this change is already in motion. For all that you may read about toilet paper hoarders or what to read when you’re quarantined, this is a historic inflection point.

People fighting to set up at-home work and care for kids in lock-down while also worrying about elderly relatives or their business/job sustainability don’t have time to turn on governments. But they will. Covid-19 is not some freakish thing that just happened; multiple balls were dropped. And the fact that pandemic preparation is such that there are not enough I.C.U.s is not an oversight. It was a calculated risk taken by people who ignored expert advice. See also flammable cladding for high rise apartments, the Great Barrier Reef. or the U.S.A.’s Department of Energy.

Jupiter is conjunct Pluto on and off over 2020. It’s rich, regenerative energy. That plus Uranus in Taurus = grassroots movements, new styles of commerce, and perhaps even currency. Then Jupiter and Saturn meet in Aquarius just before Xmas, another epochal astro-passage. I think that for many people, the most intense threat of this plague will recede by May but that in the volatility between now and then, mass consciousness will shift.

It’s multi-faceted. I had some old article pop up in a news feed the other day and I felt my blood boil. I have rarely ever felt that and I imagine it is a cortisol reaction. The article was from early last year and in it some douchecore politician said that they can afford to cut funding to hospitals and fire services because of, well, you know, some app they had developed.

By the time the acute stage of this shit finishes, people will think differently about health. And when this long-time Ponzi economy implodes because it was hollowed out to benefit a relatively small amount of people and their mates, they will change their mind about wealth too. I am optimistic for the prospect of profound change from this and the events leading up to it.

So watch the early days of Saturn in Aquarius from next weekend for trend indicators and, if you are a Mega Mystic member, tune into my alerts. But most of all be well and stay vigilant!


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First day of Saturn in Aquarius and the government doubles welfare payments. Bring. It. On. 😎


Very interesting look at all this going husband kept telling me yesterday how there will be a silver lining once all this is over…

Wish Upon a Star

I love you Mum and Dad stop like the earth is going crazy. You lived through the second world war and you come to comfort me.

aqua hair

I feel like I am going to crack under the pressure of some revelation and disruption. I am excited by a chance to change. but scared about dictators going out of control and a revolution of life that I cannot envision as the decay of USA in particular unfolds, into a very different world order. It is as if the old are being taken out, so that we cannot have reference to the calming wisdom of experience. It is as if experience is no longer enough because the ground is so unchartered we need to use our minds (air) to reflect. Maybe this is only possible by taking us into solitude.

Probably feeling this more than others.
Virgo Asc, Aqua sun in 6th and Mercury at 0 degrees Aquarius and Chiron at 0 Aries conjunct n node. MH 13 Degrees Gemini.


So, some things might be blessings in disguise, actually. My friend has planned her wedding this year on 30th May, smack in the middle of Venus retrograde. I was so anxious about this, but as she is a non believer in astrology and things like that, I could not really comment. Now she had to postpone it foe a year due to the virus and I am so happy about it. It a shame it is affecting so many people and turning their lives and plans upside down, but therr must be a grander plan behind this.


Seems your friend wasn’t destined to be married in Venus Retrograde. I love stories like this.


Thank you Mystic, for another brilliant post, and for your ongoing insightful levity which I personally find enormously, delightfully therapeutic 🙏💚


That feeling when Neptune crosses your descendant and the world disappears


I’ve got Neptune about to conjunct my asc ! And the world disappears. I hear ya


bleh, I have Neptune squaring my moon for a few months. Not thrilled. But other gorgeous aspects to my north node mean I can’t really complain. Also, I’m still alive, touch wood so hahaha


It’s so quiet. I haven’t heard this much quiet unless it’s snowed. The uk is idiotically complacent despite the roof being on fire. The undertone is anger (and fear). “Can healthcare and our government really be this bad?” Er, yes. I’ve repeated the story of my mother dying in the years of Thatcher again and again. I have to put it down now and self care because of the buttons it is pressing. So I’m sat isolating with earache of all random things, Reishi en route. I know who my friends are. I am secure in the knowledge that I have and always will wash my hands. I am relieved I don’t need to worry about my fathers lungs or my grandmother as they too are now passed but I worry about others. The more I worry, the more I meditate and observe that worry and seek forgiveness (similar to the Ho’oponopono prayer). The more I hate the twatfuckery and selfishness around me, the more I stir a pot of warm food and try to love it more.

This is hard but by god, do we need this wake n shake up call.


Since I got more into astrology over the past years and have seen direct correlations between transits and events in my own life, I more and more came to believe in the veracity of the effects of these transits globally. I have also said that politicians who have placed little care in healthcare – particularly for the poor or ensuring all have access, will now be confronted with what it means when those who don’t have healthcare become health risks to the lucky people who do – even themselves. They will see what it means when they deprioritize the very social programs and progressive focus (I.e. pandemic response teams) to cheers from a base who believe these things wasteful and who refuse to learn from the past, but prefer to sit in it in all of their glory with their arms crossed. Who knows what this will mean politically, but it is a huge wake-up call to many that the adage, “what happens to one of us, happens to all of us” actually has merit. Let us see how far “every man for himself” gets us now.


I normally read all the comments before commenting myself but I just loved this post – thank you Mystic. Your usual insightful, comprehensive post that has both gravity and levity. I appreciate this as a fellow mutable with a Mercury in Aries.

Particularly your experience with illness, which echos mine and which is making me very afraid of this virus given I’m in the high risk for complications group.

I love your insights on natural remedies also, I first went to a naturopath at 17 who ‘tested’ systems in the body with a crystal pendulum. I have bookedmarked several of your posts with references to herbal or supplementary remedies. I am always amused by people discounting these given heaps of western medicines are derived from natural sources. i.e. Aspirin being derived from willowbark. I treat supplements the same way I treat normal prescriptions – with respect and trepidation. Long lists of horrific side effects instil more fear in me than ‘incidence unknown/not tested,

I have just come back from spending my birthday on an island off Australia that was like stepping back in time and the perfect place to sit out a pandemic. There was plenty of toilet paper and little phone reception, just seas, trees, animals and friendly locals living in the slow lane. I cried when the plane left the tarmac and had to bring me back to the mainland. I am really not looking forward to the next few weeks. I have friends that ‘just want to get it and get it over with’. This is a brand new virus, who knows what the long term effects will be? Look at the linkages to the EBV and autoimmunity.


Great advice, as always, Mystic – thank you


I have been having the hardest time with this on multiple levels. Definitely socially. I was warning people in January when I saw that flights out of Wuhan were shut too late. Everyone except the 10 smartest people I know were all “it’s just the flu, bro” until days ago. Many still in denial. I’ve felt like the crazy person and it’s not even a satisfying “I told you so” now that they’re all coming around. We are all suffering and will all suffer indefinitely.

I am extremely privileged to be able to work from home but I was on leave for an onslaught of unfortunate traumatic events since last November that would not let up until February and only started to improve when coronavirus got real here. So I start work again in a week, I am so not ready to go back but as someone lucky enough to have a remote job I need to step up and get back into it.

This sounds egocentric af but I won’t life, it’s frustrating that there’s not room for my individual PTSD anymore among my support systems because we all are going through it.

I was already feeling like I wanted to change my life and might try out country life again while I ride out lockdown. I don’t want to be locked indoors in the city. I want to go on horse rides and learn how to be happy about simple pleasures again and being in nature. I won’t be missing out on any dope techno shows or cool city things for months, the FOMO is non-existent.


Because your values have shifted perhaps you will find that you draw in the opportunities for those very things you desire over the next few months? Your fomo has shifted from techno to nature freedom (as has mine!!).


Definitely think so! I can still drive into the city for techno. I can’t have the more harmonious with nature lifestyle I am currently wanting by just commuting to the country now and then.


Im so feeling this way too

dark star

Vigilant vigilantes <3


Brilliant post MM!!


As an extreme introvert and committed misanthrope, I AM actually thrilled with the official mandate to socially distance. It doesn’t affect my day to day because honestly, that’s what I have always been striving to do every damn day. So I really don’t see what the emailer was on about.

The general public and the powers that be have been ignorant and complacent AF for the longest time, choosing denial over any remote kernal of sense or personal responsibility so I’m glad this is going to signal a sweeping change.

Stupidity still seems to be going around though, I’ve seen someone denying washing hands is going to make any difference, saying they heard it on a Joe Rogan podcast. I didn’t even bother to engage.

Just keep doing you Mystic. I recently subscribed up front for a number of years exactly because I appreciate your clearly very well-read, candid and amusing take on things. I’m not here for politically correct BS.


Good lord. I listened to the podcast and the point was that it’s mainly passed through the air. Why anyone would think basic hygiene is optional during a pandemic (or ever) is beyond me.


PLease,please,please PERSIST fabulous Mystic. Uplifting and down to earth rant !
I hope you know that for every critic you have there are lots more like me ( and my family)
who are of the same mind….thankyou once again for some sense on this interminable subject.


Fascinating about the etymology of vigilant too…


Mystic, I’m predominantly (well 50 percent) fixed but I still love you! Your voice is authentic, original, compassionate and humorous and the thought you put into making your platform as supportive, uplifting and entertaining for as many of us as possible during unprecedentedly anxious and depressing times is noble. I’m a bit shocked and even upset that someone found you “tone deaf” when your piscean compassion always shines through in my opinion, but I guess those of us with mercury in fire signs spew forth so passionately with our ideas that some mistakenly think we’re not seeing things in a measured or thoughtful enough light. Happens to me and I get horrified. Please keep being fully authentic YOU and thank you so much for your daily mystics which are pretty much literally keeping me sane. You’re a rare force of good in this world. xox


Mystic, I LOVE the levity and humor that you bring. It is a much-appreciated balm in challenging times. Humor is great medicine and sometimes the only medicine.


Thank you

Love Merkuri

Thank you for this post! Yes, staying as vigilant as possible, also one of my favourite words.


I am wowed by all the meanings that are interconnected in the word “vigilant”! It’s mind-blowing on a deep level but, superficially, “stay vigilant” is just short for “be awake, aware, watchful, and eat your vegetables to stay vigourous. Oh, and also be a witch.” Love this advice, LOL


You had me at the title Mystic. Brilliant post.

As someone who’s been navigating ill health for a number of years now self-isolating is a doddle. And so is levity cause sometimes that is all you have in an emergency department or stuck at home. So I say continue on with the levity Mystic 🙂 It has been interesting watching the panic (I mean toilet rolls really?!?) but I’m thinking they’re the people who take everything for granted and get a wake up call. There has been wonderful moments of humanity though: people helping each other and the little things like greeting friends with your feet (shoes on of course). While I am nervous about catching anything due to my immune system being… well…shot I see so many positive things that can come out of this it only makes me glad. Keep safe fellow Mysticals xxx


Great read
thanks so much for your vigilance wisdom and patience
We need good leadership globally
Hopefully with the change in Saturn coming up Global minded leadership will come forward for the hoarders who really need it


Dear Mystic, you are a genius. Along with George Eliot, JS Bach, and Prince. I am privileged to live in your epoch. That is all.


I value yout point of view and the way you express it enough to pay for access fo it – and there’s not many sites i pay for – you are up there with books, music and yoga as far as i’m concerned. There aren’t many people who manage smart, savvy optimism – a rare treat in this age of stupid, ill-informed pessimism. Bring it, Mystic!


My mother is 80 this year and I have loved her my whole life.
She phoned last week to tell me to go outside and look at the moon. When I was a child, she bought binoculars so we could lie on the grass and look at the stars.
If I did too much homework she’d tell me to go outside, or ride my bike, or walk to the beach.
Blessed be the Moon Watching Mother’s.


I am a Moon Watching Mother. Beautiful sentiments.


Your observation about the beautiful, serene, purplish skies in Sydney stood out to me, in your last blog, Mystic. I found it a very soothing idea. I even went out on my balcony to watch the skies here, late last night. But I am on the other side of the world, and we are at the tail end of winter… so, very different. The air did seem fresher and cleaner though!


What an in depth ‘head’s up’ from Mystic. Trust & hope you are well and safe too. Thank you so very much.
Mystic, you never winged about your ”voice meltdown’, just that you lost it. How brave. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, the old ‘keep on keeping on’ How insanely BRAVE you are..
How brave we ALL are. How seriously comforting this site is.
Being a ‘Silver’ with COPD, saving me if i succumb to corona is not a priority. Don’t mind being part of the cull as long as another 2 billion depart with me, be like that netflix series, The Departed.
Whatever’s best for Gaia’s regeneration.
Bon courage mes enfants. We’re together alone, or is it alone together…got it: we are all together in this alone.


You know that is my sentiment exactly. I have suffered asthma, actually I have a c reactive protein gene. I inflame whenever I can. So I have had to decide that if I haven’t already had this bug then if I get it I’m ready to give up my slot. I’m Also wishing it on my father bless him who is well beyond his use by date now and needs a quick shove off his perch. ( he is very very poorly now with Lewy body, not nice). Bless you dad. So I’ll book my seat next to you if I may and I hope my garlic breath is gone by then!


Dear Pegs, saving you would be MY priority xoxox


Hey Pisie, was wondering where you were. Copacetic i trust.Bless ya cotton sox. Love backatcha.x


Thank you Mystic for your words of wisdom. I so agree that levity is a tonic to all the mega-doom in the mainstream, and it is clear you are taking things seriously, just not solemnly. It is interesting to see the shift already being forced by the cover crisis, such as Medicare/PBS schedule rebates proposed or teleconference consultations. because up till now, despite it being possible, doctors could not get paid for these consultations. Now they are a necessity. The changes needed will take all of us stepping up and putting the ‘demos’ back into democracy instead of letting the vested interests control the narrative and the power. It is awful to think of the steps that have led us to this mess, but we have the ingenuity and the ability to clean it up for ourselves and every other living being on the planet. We truly live in interesting times.


Mystic keep on, keeping on. Gallows humour is an utter necessity for us to keep sanity. And if anyone tells me vit c and herbs and a nutrient dense diet and oils and frequencies and great alignment are not beneficial I yell medical schism NOW. I am not a huge fan of evidence base. All it means is that there has been no money spent on research into an arena by anyone who cares not to dismiss it or belittle it as it may hit their cash flow. And when ‘science’ does catch up and find that homeopathy et al actually does work via a route that was simply undiscovered and beyond our understanding at that time, I for one will demand a massive apology for all of us who were rubbished throughout our careers ! Grumbles. It’s a big part of me walking away from my previous career. Saturn is sitting in gate 60 in human design, last degrees of cappi into Aquarius and it is related to death, end of cycle, start of another. Very interesting. I’m just not looking forward to it’s retro back over it or Pluto living in it for a long while ! As to changes…
we will watch this space. I’ve just made this huge investment into my new life and may have to carve out a totally different one. with this house has come olive groves. I now own the famed and revered taggiasca olive trees. Suddenly I find myself having to study olive culture. I haven’t found the collect noun for being an olive producer yet. But I’ll say this loud and proud, they are used Medicinally. So fingers crossed I can yacht in the summer whilst they grow, earn some money and return in time to harvest and press my crop in the winter.
Mystic just delve deeper into delivering an authentic you on the page without apology. It’s why we read you.

Wish Upon a Star

Well said about alternative medicine.

Olive tress: feels auspicious !




So glad you agree on gallow’s humour. I’m there…lol. Read above.
Hope you are safe Sweetie Girl. x


Thanks Pegasus. I’m good. I’m eating a ton of raw garlic a day and that simply means I’m self isolating in a very antisocial way ! I’m waiting on the way italians do things. I’ve bought the house but it takes five days to get electric ! I’ve no heating and am waiting on a plumber for that. So hopefully I’ll be fully moved in by Wednesday but I’m not holding my breath. Been ripped off by a car hire firm so I let the bbc know. Oh and italians don’t let you buy a car unless you are resident. So I’m buying a car anyway ! May have to license it differently until they accept me. It’s a bit fraught really but actually I need to learn to slow down and enjoy the ride. As to gallows humour… I was in the mountain rescue, we needed it to survive ourselves. It’s like swearing to relieve pain we say seemingly appalling things but it lifts the spirits when you could really just give up. Thank gods for humour. Keep well.


YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE! Serious congrats. It will be a high energy dwelling i’m sure. My father was Italian, Sicilian actually, as the birth was out of wedlock, was hidden from his mother in Italy as being a ‘mortal sin’.
A strange thing happened when i watched the movie The Godfather, i KNEW what they were saying in the dialect even though i spoke no Italian. Was forbidden to ask about my father at home as raised by grandparents still influenced by WW11. This knowing must have been from being exposed when about 3 yo, to his sister and her hubby’s macaroni dinners and hearing the language.
When 16 yo a jukebox played ‘Quando quando’ and tears flooded down my face as a strong memory surfaced.
Sound, memories and aroma’s have always been my area of fascination and study perhaps because of these early strange emotions. Have a thing about sharing food as in ‘share food = share emotions’.
My Italian Story EMG. Again stay safe, hope your father has a good transition and buy a fiat of course.
Maybe an Alfa 🙂
PS: My favorite magician Stuart Wilde was a blue eyed blonde Sicilian.


Wonderful story Pegs!! I totally agree hearing a language spoken around you as a child profoundly embeds it into your psyche, this happened with me.


That’s an awesome tale pegs. Our lives are really interwoven with so much more than we ever see on the surface. Of course you speak Italian we imprint so much. It’s scent for me. My olfactory lobes go wild. And yes I’m buying a fiat 500. Then I’m set.


LOve that car your getting!! Car house and an italian Lover coz they do it better *sigh* living the dream.


Congratulations on this house new development emg!! Italy and olives sound idyllic.


Grazie grazie

Eclipse Tripper



Your work is brilliant as always Mystic – thank you! Take it from Merc Rising/Mars in Gemini- anyone who can’t/won’t understand the nuances of the instrument/tool/weapon/ that is humour in the hands of a masterful communicator such as yourself is to be left behind as you glide elegantly past them. It’s all brill but your take on Saturn? Beyond!


Earlier I posted on this immensely helpful post. But what do you do when you’re scared to death of loosing your parents, one whom is nearly 80 and diabetic? And a friend tells you they are not dealing with this by distancing themselves socially, and by the way they are not even using hand sanitizer? I don’t want to cut off friends but my god how could one be so foolish? Not even one but her entire family of 5? I manage myself very well usually but this is hard. The eye twitch is back.


I hear you. I thought this morning that this experience is going to cull some friendships and really strengthen some others. I feel like that is very Saturn in Aqua too – like weeding your own personal community. Xx


I’m having a hard time at night so we did a special run for stress reducers. Time to revamp my night time rituals.


Keep the humour. And the optimism. Ignore the critics.


Doing well, smooth deal, Myst. My aim is to get the big Cap Saturn aspects in line with Plutonic ones, as i am team leader with Mars in Cap. Personally, this time has been scraping me. But observing underlying stress and mounting panic among team, colleagues, clients means i absolutely have had to manage (not quell) my own neg to be at least one small source of calm and informed reason, to be warmly supportive without leaky boundaries (pisces with strong 12th/nep) so i have the time to implement the systems in the background. Tomorrow i have to learn systems and policies to continue our work in the event of a shut down. That part’s ok, it’s just managing team panic when they have to address CHANGE. Change is for the good! Fingers crossed my Sag Rising can hold that part well! 🙂 And i can get my personal life scrubbed and cleansed, like nicely with fresh green scents as a metaphor, not triclosan-producing sanitiser


Millie we love you. Such a sterling work ethic you have always had, a maturity that still eludes me. LOts of water your element is your best friend, baths and showers, ocean if you can (no pools of course said the horse).x

Mama nehama

Dear Mystic Medusa …. ” I love you just the way you are…. ” Sing it with me folks


Thank you Mystic. Don’t think about changing your brilliant mutable-ness in response to some turgid emails. We need you – spinning on a dime, making connections, synthesising and communicatIng back to us what you see. We need you in our digital world, just as you are xxx


I’ve always needed Mystic and this blog, even when i don’t appear to be here. Mystic models the hi-vibe Mutable way as visionary, synthesising and responsive xxx


I have loved your approach to ALL of this (I’m also mutable af). You have, for years, and especially now, been like some cool aqua oracle on Sanity Island that I could depend on.
I’ve had a whole Covid movie thing going on and tonight is Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1979 classic, Stalker. I recommend!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

But show me one significant transformation with no pain or effort and I’ll assume you over did the Dreamweed while trying to bonsai your gerberas. YASSS

I read this site for the levity (among other things). It’s an astrology blog, not the New York Post. If people want a different take, try a different news source.


Mystic — I think you are unique, brave, smart … and with a tremendous sense of humor and levity.

Not a day goes by without checking in —- your website is my touchstone.

Thank you.

Goldy Hawnbag

What a great read! I love your approach to these events. It’s always practical and reassuring, which is exactly what we need now. I can’t wait for you to have more time to blog again as this post reminded me as to why I keep coming back.
BTW great point about gaslighting. How good is the footy? Has anyone noticed that not only did the arts step up majorly with fund raising for the bushfires but it’s been quicker (certainly than major sporting events) to respond sensibly to the pandemic by closing shop. And at a huge cost – there’s no safety net in the arts. There’s a message going around to not ask for refunds but I’m wondering if we need to go further and start buying tickets to shows that won’t happen.


Brilliant. Thank you for all your insights and keep the humour coming. It’s the best antidote to all those cray cray muggles freaking out over toilet paper or the media trying to run with “business as usual” tag line. Personally can’t wait for Taurus influences to abound – food, plants, time in nature, plenty of sleep and rest with books etc.


It’s simple Laughter is an immune tonic and this is what you have given us as well as balanced and inspired research and information. I’ll take that and give you many thanks as it helps tremendously. I just bought a book at a ‘garage sale’ on the way in to Petty’s orchard and am now researching Dr Royal R Rife’s life, his frequency machines and how he was curing cancer and all sorts of health issues with different frequencies that popped the bacteria and viruses. Also got the sprouting jar out as sprouts are full of micro nutrients and now will go enjoy a cup of fresh rosemary tea from my garden and thank the consciousness that sent you.


I got my sprouter out today too!

Wish Upon a Star

Yes laughter is the medicine.


So true about laughter being the best medicine! When I was in my early twenties, I got a bad pneumonia and landed on the intensive care of my local hospital. When I was over the very worst, the male nurse who was taking care of me, made a joke which made me laugh. At the same time he was of course monitoring my condition and he said: ‘Now that you are laughing, I can see the amount of oxygen rising in your blood. Good!’


Oh oh I’ve done that. Got totally grumpy with mouldy seeds so chucked out the trays. My wonderful angelic honoured vegan pal has bountiful seed sprouts but mine were beyond rubbish. I should go back to trying it. I can do cress on wet tissue paper , any good ?


Yep! Nature is very opportunistic. If preschool age me can grow alfalfa sprouts on wet cotton balls and 30 something me can accidentally grow lentil sprouts in the fridge then you can too 🙂


I like the accidentally. I grow spuds in my cupboard sometimes ! Then I find them and remember I should have used them !


I do that at least twice a month. Lolz


Cress seeds ? I’m going to do this now I’ve thought about it.

Penelope Darling

I read something to this effect yesterday and it has helped me reframe this situation, maybe it will be helpful to some of you.

It’s so easy to feel depressed and scared and anxious when we are told to avoid large gatherings, practice social isolation, and focus intimately on our health.

But each of these actions is an act of solidarity to protect our communities, our friends and family, and the most vulnerable people around us. If we can act now with thoughtfulness and care, we have the privilege and power to save lives, to shorten this crisis, to help.

Strong back, soft front, wild heart, clean hands.
Let us go in power and protect our people.


Oh my front has become way too soft with this menopause thing !

Penelope Darling

Oh no… maybe “equally strong and soft front and back”?!


I love the etymology of vigilant – as someone who is always vigilant, sometimes hypervigilant, it makes me feel better about being so awake, being awake and full of energy seems to rub some people the wrong way.

I’m about to have a baby, I’m in Canada and taking a year of maternity leave, and very thankful to be thus a bit cushioned from the impact of no school for my school-age child, and a slower economy as we’ve been paying down debt and preparing to live on a reduced income.


Brilliant voice of the zeitgeist that you are, Mystic.
My penny worth- just braved the supermarket after several days of isolation – and felt all the distancing, among other astral winds. Just wondering if this isolation thing is moving us into the old Aquarian adage of I love humanity, but I hate people.


Hi Mystic, Thank you for a terrific post. As the old saying goes “Laughter is the best medicine”.
As I reside in a body that has Aspergers, I smile a bit about the keeping your distance from people. Makes me feel almost ‘normal’!
I feel Mother Earth was exasperated with her children and pushed the reset button. The saddest thing is that people are dying from this virus. Yet I found that something within sprang up with optimism for real change, that it was a door opening. Humanity has an extraordinary opportunity. I hope we make the most of it.
💐💐💐💐 bunches of flowers for you 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

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