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Get Mystic’s take on your essential and definitive year ahead transits, with this unique to you Astrology Transit Report. Worked off your individual birth chart, this report is an astrology transit interpretation unlike any other. It’s pragmatic – no fluff to muffle anything that needs management – and upbeat.

It includes the house positions of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune + your most significant astro-passages for 12 months ahead from the date that you order it.

Get cosmically informed now. Be future-ready.

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Here are the Year Ahead reports for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – no, I don’t know what his new name is supposed to be.

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Year Ahead Astrology transits to get you fired up and future-ready. Maximize your money, relationships + self-actualization via astrology!

Get Mystic’s take on your essential and definitive year ahead transits. Astro-Passages includes the house positions of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune. It delineates the most significant aspects to your natal energy.

Here are some sample interpretations from a classic year ahead transits report:

Uranus in 11th House

The synchronicity matrix is activated the whole time this astro-passage is ‘live.’ The connection between different layers of your life and psyche is strange. You meet people via bizarre coincidence, pull off networking coups and revitalize your social life. If you’re introverted, Uranus here is optimal for cultivating your digital audience or realizing a particularly visionary cause. What Not To Do: Persist in obligatory socializing with people clearly not on your frequency.

Jupiter Conjunct Moon

Traditionally, the Jupiter-Moon Vibe heightens fertility and blessings via female relatives. It is unequivocally good. However, if your Moon makes any tricky aspects, Jupiter ramps those right up. Jupiter is a Growth Enhancer so if you’re good with Lunar Vibe, this transit feels fantastic. If you’re the sort of character who treats feelings like cockroaches, you wonder why you’re suddenly ‘so emotional’ all the time.

Jupiter-Moon is when your eyes mist up at babies or life insurance ads on television. You want to be the all-giving one. So you go way off track with time/money scheduling but everyone loves you.

The tone is upbeat, amusing and supportive but with candid cautions where necessary. Get cosmically informed now. Be future-ready.

56 reviews for Your Year Ahead Astrology Transits Report

  1. Ms Alterity (verified owner)

    As always – for years – Mystic’s words come just as I need them..pithy, wise, considered and resonating in all directions; a total starburst. This year ahead transit report gave me energy and hope, much-needed and always, always treasured. Thanks, Mystic xx

  2. EdgeofJupiter (verified owner)

    Always feels good to know you have a map of a number of different universes in your back pocket so you hardly ever get ‘down’ or snarky about things. Mystic gives so much in her guides, reports, raves, and her excellent new site that helps your plan for the day or the next month/year . Highly recommended – Your Year Ahead Astrology Transits Report.

  3. DomA (verified owner)

    Excellent as always. Great overview about year overall and what to look out for in regards to certain transits.
    Thank you!

  4. seawitchmermaid (verified owner)

    It is very well-written and helpful, but I wish Chiron was included.

  5. Debsdivine888 (verified owner)

    Mystic’s perceptions are always so brilliant and mind/heart opening. This report is no exception and a must-have!

  6. Giorgi (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery, but it was only about three planets and their aspects, no eclipses mentioned or retrogrades, not what I expected.

  7. Fresh (verified owner)

    Kim – Rolling Thunder Hawk
    There is a lot of work to do this year! Glean and grok all the personal major growth opportunities
    presented in this total renewal Year of the Virus. Or should I be correct and say the year post Saturn / Pluto in Capricorn.
    This is a way easier task with the Mystic’s Your Year Ahead. A total 5 star resource.

  8. babysinclair (verified owner)

    I love having access to Mystic’s advice for my year ahead. It’s an annual astrology essential. I love putting my transits in my calendar so I can know exactly whats going on without having to overthink it, and having a general feel for the vibe of the year ahead. Thank you, MM!

  9. laughing_violet (verified owner)

    Right thing at the right time…thank you! I back-dated my year to see what was happening during a bumpy patch last November. As per usual all signs literally lead back to what I know intuitively. I’m new to understanding my chart and previously had no understanding of my transit planets. This was a great start. The print out was clear, concise, FUNNY! and surprisingly, right on. Im still trying to take it all in but the reading is making this fun and so much less intimidating than it has been.

  10. Janarthani10 (verified owner)

    Hey Mystic, Totally missed my Saturn Opposition in my Saturn Transit in 2019. Wow did I suffer!!!!!!!!!! Well not getting bummed out again. Muaxes.

    • Mystic (verified owner)

      Hi Janarthani – do you mean it is not showning in your report? Or that you did not know it was happening at the time? If it is not showing, please regenerate the report from your dashboard (as in download a new one) as there was a glitch for approximately a day where oppositions did not show. We fixed it & emailed purchasers to ask them to regenerate. Pls email or msg on social if any probs, thank you!

  11. mariefilm (verified owner)

    Speedy as promised and good if very basic and a little unclear. The layout was uneven – things spilling over on pages unevenly probably becuase they haven’t figured out how to do this for all the different texts, but also (and really the important thing) that there was less explanation about the two parts of the report — less clarity about my planets in relation to the transits etc., less clarity about the year overall. Perhaps because mine started in February than January? I love the writing on this site, and have ordered reports from other astrological sources before, so was a little disappointed.

    • Mystic (verified owner)

      Hi Marie,
      Can you please forward the report you downloaded – I want to check you got the current version as this does not sound right. But yes, it does go for the year from when you order it. Thank you.

  12. arise (verified owner)

    Wow, so fast, detailed, on the money, inspiring and downright uplifting. All the perspective and support to see me through potentially challenging times, along with dates, details, options and suggestions for turning good times great. And always so well put, Mystic. Talk about turning a phrase!

  13. Yenzo (verified owner)

    Thanks Mystic you have reaffirmed the shifts that i have been experiencing. Affimatiom is enlightening. Big kiss…..

  14. cowden (verified owner)

    What would we do without the humour and ingenuity of Mystic…fascinating reading and a Must Have in trying times.

  15. pollydarton (verified owner)

    Mystic is my favourite astrologer for a reason: her reports are not only accurate but are also sublimely written. She always makes me laugh, even when she’s letting me know about realities I must face, even those my Sagittarian heart/ Piscean soul would prefer to run from. Unlike some others here, I am not organised enough to put these transits in a calendar (I think I am allergic to calendars) but I know I will refer to my astro-passages again and again throughout the year to make sense of it all and manifest accordingly. Many thanks to Mystic for continuing to be as affordable as she is wise.

  16. LolaKritz (verified owner)

    Wooooooow that report really delivered. Since it was my first one, I don’t know if it’s from the transits or their incredible interpretation (I suspect both) but I thought it was awesome. Thanks a lot Mystic for the explanation of this year’s transits, they all seem amazing. Finally I see some kind of hope after some tough times, and to me that’s priceless. Thank you very much Mystic, it is literally what I needed to read at the perfect moment. Merci infiniment and I wish you a wonderful 2020 🙂

  17. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot (verified owner)

    Absolutely spot-on like all Mystic’s reports. J’adore!

  18. amitasalsita (verified owner)

    Loved my year ahead review! Amazing, helpful and accurate 🙏🙏🙏

  19. laart (verified owner)

    I have Pluto on my asc. so this definately has come in handy. Mystic has such a new take on things, she doesn’t come from a place of fear, just encourages experiences, while observing the tendencies that certain transits bestow! Def worth the $, and while you are at it get a phone consult! Amazing!

  20. zada (verified owner)

    As always with Mystic, a perspective on my life where the ways things unfold can sometimes leave me feeling baffled. The wisdom and insight of Mystic helps me make some sense of apparent chaos. As a Virgo sun with Gemini rising, I need this.

  21. Anomie (verified owner)

    This year’s hits the mark. It is 100 times better than last year’s. All the extra effort has paid off. Excellent value as always.

  22. Jamb (verified owner)

    Mystic is the spy cam to my life gently following my trips and falls or at times minor wins or epiphanies…I’m a willing apprentice of beautiful words previously unbeknownst to me…oh how I love douchecore gaslighting (!!! Really….yes!)… so I took another plunge to see if mystic was my Dora complete with map to plot out the year ahead or at least pop in a few stop, give way and speed up for gods sake (!!) Road signs…and you know what, it’s gentle, and loving and encouraging…and pitted with the usual whimsy and humour that permeates mystics interpretation of this wonderful life. Nothing else to say other than Thankyou… this year ahead will be a year of wonders, assisted gently by your forecast dear mystic….

  23. Gemyogi (verified owner)

    Mind blown!! I’ve been feeling change in the wind and getting reading to emerge as an artist, and my report contains so much helpful advice and information that I’m feeling super confident about becoming a successful brand. Wonderfully positive and high vibing. 💜

  24. Sim oneness (verified owner)

    Superb insight Mystic, very inspiring and illuminating .
    Your writing is flawless.
    The way in which you weave your words.
    Hilarious too,
    Loved the taking of a peacock as a spirit animal and hiring a pool boy when you don’t have a pool. 😀

  25. Karenelectra (verified owner)

    Brilliant and accurate. Mystic at her best

  26. Catriona (verified owner)

    Uncanny, unusual, and extremely useful. Mystic knows how to talk astro for our current times and will help you absorb, enjoy and work the astro influences as they occur for you.This is about you, your world, this world and how to track and place yourself in the best possible mindset for the year.

    If you are feeling the major shifts in our world currents and know that this new decade is about realigning to everything that can be then Mystic’s astro-passages is your personalised map. Don’t resist.

  27. Rubeedoo (verified owner)

    This report is a huge step up from last year! I love it. It’s been uncannily accurate already. Thanks for all your hard work!

  28. Kathy (verified owner)

    To be honest, I haven’t finished reading it yet, as it is EXTENSIVE. I shall leave it permanently open on my desktop for the year so I can consult it often. It is also well designed (kudos to the designer) and super-useful if you are an astrology-novice and want to improve your understanding of transits.Thanks, and YAY!

  29. lou (verified owner)

    Astro passages is an essential yearly go to for me too. Aside from the amazing info, it is set out to be easy to read and refer back to, and I love the astro symbols next to each paragraph as well.

  30. Queen of Disks (verified owner)

    MM always delivers high quality Astro info that is always practical. Thank you!

  31. Ruby (verified owner)

    LOVE reading any Mystic writings, and the Year Ahead transits are no exception.
    Always a pragmatic, positive stance/ approach…. kinda comforting in these times of panic, apocalypse and grand scale human tragedy. Thankyou Mystic, as always I like your style.

  32. devilgetout (verified owner)

    As with all of Mystic’s work, it’s STELLAR! So very useful for planning the year ahead. It really aligns with my goals, studies and work already in progress. And this will definitely help me plan optimal timing for my studies, marketing ventures, travels, networking, etc. There’s so much going on in my life right now, so much that I want and need to to do to make the most of the upcoming year that the added benefit of timing my moves to favorable astrological influences is incredibly invaluable. This report is well worth the modest fee that Mystic charges, especially considering all the work she has put into making this report so detailed. Highly recommend!!!

  33. Scorpleocap (verified owner)

    Mystic’s Year Ahead report is greatly improved from last year’s offering. More in depth, with plenty to chew on to get you in the right frame of mind to tackle your year ahead, and all in Mystic’s inimitable fun and quirky style. Amazing value for members, and still amazing for non-members too. My only suggestion would be to add some more artwork into it, if at all possible? And please still do offer audio zaps when you can as they are the creme-de-la-creme!

  34. kriblack (verified owner)

    I am convinced the only reason I’ve got where I wanted to be these last several years is because of the advice in Mystic’s Year Ahead reports. This new version is not only brilliant as usual but looks fantastic too! Life just works better when you work with the astro.

  35. musoterica (verified owner)

    so gooooooood!

  36. dbananza (verified owner)

    I love that the advice is always to empower and use my own weirder, best qualities though I never thought of them as strengths. It’s a refreshing and validating look at me (the ‘Astral DNA’ summary). I’m happy to work to become an ‘ageless vampire’ and kick the creeps to the curb. There were def some spot on -dare I say – ‘predictions’ that hit many of the dates, and I was able to change MY part in things to avoid the ones I could influence. Also the consciousness of Old v New influences (from society, zombies, exes, family, social media, crappy tropes, isms, political dinosaurs, etc etc) is exciting, humorous, and, again, empowering. I appreciated the emphasis on the long game and outer planets in my case, since I’m in 2nd Saturn Return. May we all flourish long enough that I may order a report for my 3rd! I recommend both the annual and longer (7-year and ‘DNA’) reports.The Oracles alone were hysterical and totally worth the annual membership. Looking forward to the new ‘Year Ahead’ report bigtime.

  37. Lucy (verified owner)

    Really clear, pragmatic and insightful year ahead scopes. I always love Mystic’s way of communicating about the movement of the planets and how they affect us, and these in depth reports are no different

  38. Vertex (verified owner)

    Totally into this merciful rendering of transits. Thanks!

  39. Raven80 (verified owner)

    I’m gonna print this one out and keep it in my planner so I can check the dates regularly and be mindful of what’s going on in my life at any given point. I’m sure it will be very helpful to avoid pitfalls and to understand the emotional states I’ll be going through. It’s probably one of my favorite reports so far, thank you Mystic!

  40. Fiona Jefferies (verified owner)

    OMG – these reports are the BOMB! Get them for you, for your mum, for your dog walker, for the secret crush…just order and then delight in having the inside knowledge of what makes you and others tick. And do weird shit. Ridiculous value!

  41. toro (verified owner)

    Fantastic information and insight! Marked up the dates in my calendar….lots of action in December. Helpful for improving inner astro sensibility.

  42. Carly (verified owner)

    A personally useful heads-up on the year ahead!

  43. JacqZeeBee (verified owner)

    This is an awesome product. I updated my previous passage so that it allows me to look at the Mega conjunction in Jan 2020. MM is witty and insightful. Go on you know you need it! XxXx

  44. Pete (verified owner)

    Startling insights combined with amusing and clever wordplay.

  45. joyceanncurry (verified owner)

    I love this! It has helped me gain some calm insightful understanding instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off! I am now able to read it at night and reflect on it and gain clarity in my dreams! This unlocks my year! Love it! Wish I could have this for every person in my path!

  46. leoliza (verified owner)

    Love this! The transits that I’ve been dreading explained in a non-tragic way 🙂 Nice to see them explained with a Mystic point of view!

  47. Dizla (verified owner)

    Insightful wise and so cleverly written. Mystic’s wit is scintillating and her astrological knowledge is mind-blowing!

  48. Dizla (verified owner)

    It’s a fabulous way to get valuable insights into major astrological influences and as usual Mystic makes it as entertaining and informative as it gets and she’s consistently on top of the latest everything!!!

  49. Trixie (verified owner)

    Absolutely vital purchase for an insightful heads up in these increasingly crazy times. Highly recommend.

  50. Ariell (verified owner)

    As always Mystic is ON…great insights, constructive guidance and generous with her sharing. As a fellow Piscean love her attunement with and awe of the Great Mystery. Ariell

  51. Ariell (verified owner)

    As always Mystic is ON…great insights, constructive guidance and generous with her sharing. As a fellow Piscean love her attunement with and respect for the Great Mystery. Ariell

  52. Cameron (verified owner)

    After years of skepticism, depression, anxiety, that whole miasmic swirl of feeling stuck in and afraid of my life, my work, my relationships, my self, Mystic Medusa has been a balm I didn’t know I need, a way forward I would have never thought for myself. The year ahead report, most simply, is a new way of framing the complexities and mundanity of daily life and routine under late capitalism. At best, it is a salve for the soul by way of context, insight, and myth, delivered via a delightful, pragmatic humor. Thank you, MM, for the centering this report–and all of your services–provide.

  53. Lili (verified owner)

    Amazing, useful, and empowering!!!

  54. babysinclair (verified owner)

    This is an essential annual purchase for me. I’ve purchased Mystic’s annual books since 2016 and this is like the annual book on steroids. I do the same as Gala and input them into my calendar so I always know whats happening to my own personal chart. Mystic’s words have a way of framing situations in a positive and empowering way and her interpretations are crazy accurate and often in a weirdly specific way! Love this innovative product!

  55. galadarling (verified owner)

    Year Ahead Astro-Passages is an ESSENTIAL PURCHASE for any astro-whiz. I had my assistant enter every single transit into my Google Calendar (including descriptions!) so I could plan my life completely. Won’t catch me slipping!

  56. Jo Jo Maria (verified owner)

    Mystic has been my go to for Astro advice for the last 20 years.
    I love my year ahead Astro-passages. I can check in when I’m wondering what’s in store or just generally seeing what going on in the universe.

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