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Get Mystic’s take on your essential and definitive year ahead transits, with this unique to you Astrology Transit Report. Worked off your individual birth chart, this report is an astrology transit interpretation unlike any other. It’s pragmatic – no fluff to muffle anything that needs management – and upbeat.

It includes the house positions of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune + your most significant astro-passages for 12 months ahead from the date that you order it.

Get cosmically informed now. Be future-ready.

Want a sample?
Here are the Year Ahead reports for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – no, I don’t know what his new name is supposed to be.

Turnaround: Instant Download.

If you know your birth time it will be even more accurate. If you don’t, select midday on the day that you were born.

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Year Ahead Astrology transits to get you fired up and future-ready. Maximize your money, relationships + self-actualization via astrology!

Get Mystic’s take on your essential and definitive year ahead transits. Astro-Passages includes the house positions of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune. It delineates the most significant aspects to your natal energy.

Here are some sample interpretations from a classic year ahead transits report:

Uranus in 11th House

The synchronicity matrix is activated the whole time this astro-passage is ‘live.’ The connection between different layers of your life and psyche is strange. You meet people via bizarre coincidence, pull off networking coups and revitalize your social life. If you’re introverted, Uranus here is optimal for cultivating your digital audience or realizing a particularly visionary cause. What Not To Do: Persist in obligatory socializing with people clearly not on your frequency.

Jupiter Conjunct Moon

Traditionally, the Jupiter-Moon Vibe heightens fertility and blessings via female relatives. It is unequivocally good. However, if your Moon makes any tricky aspects, Jupiter ramps those right up. Jupiter is a Growth Enhancer so if you’re good with Lunar Vibe, this transit feels fantastic. If you’re the sort of character who treats feelings like cockroaches, you wonder why you’re suddenly ‘so emotional’ all the time.

Jupiter-Moon is when your eyes mist up at babies or life insurance ads on television. You want to be the all-giving one. So you go way off track with time/money scheduling but everyone loves you.

The tone is upbeat, amusing and supportive but with candid cautions where necessary. Get cosmically informed now. Be future-ready.

64 reviews for Your Year Ahead Astrology Transits Report

  1. (verified owner)

    My journey with Mystic has been a very long and ever deepening one. I have often relied on all the magnificient divining tools to enhance my intution and navigate my life. The Year Ahead Astrological Transit Report is another excellent tool for planning and decision making. I think I really used it well last year, especially when the lock downs happened and the Capricorn and Jupiter were transiting my second house. I heeded the advice, bit my lip and paid my dues. Saturn really delivered and financial planning was the most valuable lesson I learned. The detailed transit explainations really fleshed out the possible scenarios and best ways to navigate them. I just purchased it again for 2021 – 2022. Thanks Mystic for your wonderful labour of magic and love.

  2. Catebla (verified owner)

    Fascinating stuff. And always a good read from Mystic. My only quibble is the Planetary Influences section isn’t chronological which is irritating (hello Merc, Ur, and Aqua Asc!). It would be a lot easier to read if they were presented in chronological order. If I want to know what, say, today’s influences are then at least it would be easy to find them. Otherwise amazing stuff and many thanks.

  3. Birch (verified owner)

    As an intrigued astro newby, I appreciate the interpretation even though I’m still at kindy level re my understanding of terminology and astrology in general. I love the humour and humanity of MM’s style. Oh, and then there’s the actual substance. Impressive pertinance.

  4. Ez (verified owner)

    Terrific ! So creative, well written and Inspiring.

  5. coa (verified owner)

    Mystic Medusa’s way of crafting together this year report, and her way of sharing insight is always so beautifully powerful

  6. fmh4105 (verified owner)

    Another smart, contemporary, erudite report from Mystic. Exactly what I’ve come to expect. Last year’s was spooky in its content and vibe. Spooky, I tell you. I’m really looking forward to 2021 especially now I have this intel to work with. I’ve set reminders in my calendar to read and review. Thank MM for being by my side throughout the comping year.

  7. melc (verified owner)

    Music Medusa is magic and I wouldn’t goalstalk without a transit report! Mystic’s advice has guided my life. The freedom I have now, after crawling back from an abusive relationship and finally landing my dream career, has been an astrologically guided journey I could not have done without Mystic’s wisdom. This site has magic. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  8. Mysticcaitlin (verified owner)

    Phenomenal. Mystic’s forecast is as insightful as it is accessible. She marries the esoteric and the practical perfectly, so reading the information I feel empowered and inspired moving into the year ahead. I highly recommend this transit report.

  9. Ms Alterity (verified owner)

    As always – for years – Mystic’s words come just as I need them..pithy, wise, considered and resonating in all directions; a total starburst. This year ahead transit report gave me energy and hope, much-needed and always, always treasured. Thanks, Mystic xx

  10. EdgeofJupiter (verified owner)

    Always feels good to know you have a map of a number of different universes in your back pocket so you hardly ever get ‘down’ or snarky about things. Mystic gives so much in her guides, reports, raves, and her excellent new site that helps your plan for the day or the next month/year . Highly recommended – Your Year Ahead Astrology Transits Report.

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