Your Seven Years Ahead Astro Passages

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Gain valuable insight into future trends with your personal Seven Year Transit report. It explains your upcoming astrology themes in an upbeat and inspirational style.

Looking at your astrology in a seven-year transit context is a fantastic way to better understand the cycles of the slow-moving Outer Planets.

The houses that Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are in represent vast eras of life, lasting for seven years and beyond. Understanding the realm that they’re influencing gives you an advantage.

For people who like to plan ahead or who appreciate an Eagle Vision view of the upcoming terrain, the Seven Years Ahead Astral Passages is perfect.

It will give you Mystic’s unique and empowering take on your most significant transits, including the Outer Planets house placements.

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It will only be entirely accurate with a birth time, but if you don’t know yours, please choose Sunrise on the day that you were born.   Daylight savings is taken into account so there is no need to adjust for that.



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8 reviews for Your Seven Years Ahead Astro Passages

  1. annafras (verified owner)

    Training for the terrain ahead is a really practical way for me to work with astrology. This report is nicely organized, easy to understand and my plan for world domination wouldn’t be possible without it.

  2. Moonglow (verified owner)

    Mystic gives practical canny advice on how to work your transits, and what might play out where in your life, so you can plan to maximise and minimise the astrological energies over the next few yers! Great for big life plans as you can see what influences will be at play in different areas of your life individually…what you can harness for benefit or change, or where to minimise any poorly timed manoeuvres. Exciting to see what’s coming up for me astrologically.

  3. Trixie (verified owner)

    Fabulous, in-depth and insightful interpretation. Forewarned is forearmed. Mystic, as always, provides a loving, humorous and wise guiding light. I am forever grateful.

  4. Andy (verified owner)

    Excellent, luv it

  5. MissV (verified owner)

    The description of the way each phase might be felt/experienced is the real strength of this forecast. Mystic Medusa really writes it up so that you feel it.
    I wish it was a little more harmonized — meaning described/summarized in terms of major overlapping phases ….
    I found I wanted to basically print the whole thing out on paper then cut and paste and diagram it into a kind of chart because of the way different planets overlap or emphasize themselves over time

    ….but honestly at this price i couldn’t really ask for more. I’ll do the cutting and pasting and if I get rich I’ll book a Skype consult to sort it all out

  6. Jokerman (verified owner)

    Just had my 2nd Saturn Return and 5th Jupiter. Good to see how the next transits will play out. Informative and succinct. Also great learning tool for students of the astro.

  7. Pook (verified owner)

    Receiving my 7 years ahead astro passage is timely as I have just celebrated my 60th birthday and in my Saturn 2nd return…gruelling at times but can now plan ahead with this knowledge. Lots of ahhh…haaa moments. Thanks Mystic. All will be fine!

  8. Jo Jo Maria (verified owner)

    Love my 7 years ahead Astro passages. It was timely as I am having significant transits at the moment. Just past my 2nd Saturn return and uncle Pluto just past a conjunction with natal Saturn. Neptune in the first, Jupiter return, on it goes. Now I can see where and when the cosmos might be offering new opportunities and make the most of them (or not)……..

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