Your Seven Years Ahead Astro Passages

$59.00 AUD

Gain valuable insight into future trends with your personal Seven Year Transit report. It explains your upcoming astrology themes in an upbeat and inspirational style.

Looking at your astrology in a seven-year transit context is a fantastic way to better understand the cycles of the slow-moving Outer Planets.

The houses that Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are in represent vast eras of life, lasting for seven years and beyond. Understanding the realm that they’re influencing gives you an advantage.

For people who like to plan ahead or who appreciate an Eagle Vision view of the upcoming terrain, the Seven Years Ahead Astral Passages is perfect.

It will give you Mystic’s unique and empowering take on your most significant transits, including the Outer Planets house placements.

Turnaround: Your Seven Years Ahead Astro Passages will be emailed to you within 48 hours. It will only be entirely accurate with a birth time, but if you don’t know yours, please choose Sunrise on the day that you were born.   Daylight savings is taken into account so there is no need to adjust for that.

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