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Long-range planning is the secret of successful people. And there is no better way to get a zoomed out, panoramic view of your future terrain than this unique Seven Year Transit Report.  Updated and redesigned for the new decade, it includes a cool visual graph so that you can see astro-passages more clearly. See examples of reports here (Jessica Chastain) and here (Zendaya.)

Outer planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto make better sense when seen in eras. They influence the same sector of your birth chart for years, not months. Understanding their house placement alone gives you an incredible edge.

But the Seven Year Transit Report covers and explains (in Mystic’s unique style) all your most vital transits.*

Empower yourself with accurate and pragmatic astrological intel.

Turnaround: Instant Download.

It will only be entirely accurate with a birth time. If you don’t know yours, please choose Sunrise on the day that you were born.  You need not adjust for daylight savings, as the system does it for you.

Please enter the birth details and double-check they are correct before adding them to the cart: you cannot alter them after you’ve ordered.

*It covers Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto through the houses and their aspects to your natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, North Node, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

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An Astrology Transit Interpretation that covers the next seven years.

When you’re barely able to even comprehend next week, your life is so weird, it seems weird to think about a Seven Year Transit Report.

But they’re remedial, compelling you to pull your mind away from transient crap (bills, narky partners, power-guilting girlfriends) and think more broadly.

Gain valuable insight into future trends. Fend off fears with the clarity of making a longer-term plan. Astrology can help. The Seven Year Transit context means you’re looking at the cycles of the

Outer Planets.  Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto represent life-eras. Their influence is usually only appreciated when you look back, realizing that all of the changes you put yourself through were Plutonic.

The Change God is into extreme makeovers. Metamorphosis is an everyday mode during Pluto transits. Or perhaps you see that your era of yearning for people you not only could not have but did not want to have was Neptune at play. You traded in magic or art and renewed your connection with Source Vibe. Your Muggle friends left.

The Seven Year Transit report is an amazing map for people who want an Eagle Vision view of the upcoming terrain.

It will give you Mystic’s unique and empowering take on your most significant transits, as well as the Outer Planets house placements.

Turnaround: Instant Download.

It will only be entirely accurate with a birth time. If you don’t know yours, please choose Sunrise on the day that you were born.   Daylight savings is taken into account so there is no need to adjust for that.

Please enter the birth details and double check they are correct before adding to cart – thank you!

21 reviews for Your Seven Years Ahead Astro Report

  1. vikingwoman (verified owner)

    Outstanding report…mine was like 156 pages and really gives great coaching information as only MysticMedusa can. I plan to gift this report to others as we navigate through some possible volatile times ahead. Really worth purchasing and perfect as a gift. I printed portions out for me and made notes and highlights. Seriously you will review this time and again over the years so I would keep an electronic copy as well as keep a printout in a binder…no kidding. Immensely valuable.

  2. Tallulah Aissa (verified owner)

    So delicious to have a lay out of what is ahead for us through the planets on a personal level. LOVE I!!!!

  3. Jules28 (verified owner)

    So good! It’s detailed and a lot of info to go through. It will be really helpful to see what’s coming up so I can be a little prepared. I’ve copied the charts at the end for easy reference. Thanks for always having our backs Mystic!!

  4. Dizla (verified owner)

    Mystic you’ve done it again! You just keep on giving so much for so little. A very nuanced and detailed forecast of prevailing astrological impacts which really inform the future and give a bird’s eye view of the opportunities available. Cheers babe 🙂

  5. Jules (verified owner)

    The report is VERY thorough, and helps you prepare and be aware. Excellent value too. Highly recommend! Thank you Mystic!

  6. cck (verified owner)

    I love the vibe and the clarity. Useful to plan/think/dream ahead with an edge. Great value and Great Wisdom. Thank you.

  7. tdq (verified owner)

    lurve it… so great to zing arrows 7 years forward and get perspective… thank you Mystic

  8. Trish (verified owner)

    Thanks Mystic for the update d transit, there is more padding & expanded awareness. A tad less cryptic & I love it.
    Aqua Trish

  9. shazzzstarrr (verified owner)

    Brilliant value and the redesign is fantastic! Thank you MM!

  10. Librarius (verified owner)

    So much information it’s hard to even take in with only one read! I’ll definitely be going back to this.
    I really appreciate the positive/constructive turn Mystic gives us on even the most challenging of transits, and a lot of the descriptions were so witty they made me squeal with laughter.
    The chart/graph at the end makes it easier to take in the movements of the planets and see the big picture; I’m still not sure, however, if this is as helpful for planning my nearest several years as I’d imagined it might be. Whatever practical application I do or do not come up with, it’s been an intriguing read!

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