The Astrological Guide To Divorce

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Divorce or the break-up of any significant relationship is a tricky time to navigate. Get the astrological edge with this one hour talk from Mystic. Instantly download the Mp3, a transcript, or both.

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The Astrological Guide To Divorce – or any significant relationship ‘break-up’ – delivers strength and guidance in equal measure. Download it as an Mp3, transcript, or both. You don’t have to know your birth chart ins and outs to get value from Mystic’s take but if you do, this intel is priceless.

It explains why some people sail through life events like this while others are left floundering and provides magically informed but practical tips for managing the situation.  The Astrological Guide To Divorce is Mystic’s astro-philosophy applied to the unique challenge/opportunity presented by the end of a meaningful relationship.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn all represent styles of being. In a utopian world, we’d embody or channel all of them with some sort of spooky aptness. But in reality, we’re usually brilliant at some, oblivious to another and downright deranged with one in particular. The classic example of this would be the ultra-Mercurial scientist who lives for information/discoveries but disdains the emotional terrain of the Moon.

Divorce exaggerates everything so as you listen to this, even if you barely know what Sun Sign you are, you’ll recognize your archetype among the descriptions. If you are across your natal chart – you know your Moon sign, for example, or that you have Mars square Pluto – this Mp3/transcript will give you a fresh take on your birth astro energies and a present or past break-up.

The Astrological Guide To Divorce is an instant download upon purchase and from then on, is stored in your Mystic Dashboard. You can access it whenever you like, downloading it to any desktop or device, or listening/reading straight from the site.  The recording is 72 minutes – 1 hr and 12 minutes – and the transcript is a PDF file of 11,000 words.

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2 reviews for The Astrological Guide To Divorce

  1. babysinclair (verified owner)

    Mystic, you always got my back! Thank you for this timely offering. I always appreciate the way you frame challenges as opportunities with the right mindset, and this is no acception. I’m finding out how taxing and overwhelming divorce really is, and this is easy-to-digest, grounded, inspiring, practical, streamlined take on this life event through the lens of astrology from a badass woman who’s been there. I left this feeling capable and in good company, at a time where I could easily be overwhelmed by perceived devastation and loneliness. This is a wonderful, accessible metaphysical resource for someone going through divorce.

  2. Ruby (verified owner)

    Great rant setting out the different planetary “categories” to deal with …really helpful to sort out your head….Where you have been and where you need to get to. How to look at different aspects…when terrain around a big split is complicated and muddled, this gives you a blueprint.
    No finger wagging just straightforward strategies and tactics. Of course all with Mystic’s insightful style. Thankyou, it helped lots xoxo

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