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Soulmate signs are written in the stars.

Soulmating is a unique consult that compares the birth charts of two people to ascertain their strongest soul links. Soulmating scans for 88 soul links all up, including the standard Sun-Moon, Venus-Mars links but adding in the Nodes, Vertex, and asteroids including Isis, Osiris, Eros, Psyche and more.

If you are interested in Mystic’s unique interpretations of these, Soulmating is for you.

Read a sample Soulmating report – this one is for Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa.  Another one: Elton John & David Furnish

For the full list of the aspects that Soulmating looks for and has delineations for, go here.  If you have any questions, please email

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If you don’t know the time of birth for the other person, please select Midday (12 PM).


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14 reviews for Soulmating

  1. Incense (verified owner)

    Not only was this helpful, and spelled things out clearly, but it did just what I was hoping; cleared things up for me about what was going on between me and I colleague I had a crush on. I’d been feeling that even though we had a great rapport like a house on fire, when we weren’t actually *in* a conversation, I wasn’t on his mind at all and he wasn’t into me. The report showed that we had a TON of soul mate links, but that indeed, he was likely getting something quite different from the “relationship” than I was. My expectations and parameters are set lower and more realistically now.

  2. lisa guest (verified owner)

    I’ve been a mega-Mystic member for a long time. I do an astrology meditation of sorts each morning. I’ve had my chart done a number of times and put off doing one here because I’d done them elsewhere. I met a man… he seemed very spiritual and thought it incredible that I pulled together my astrology each morning as a meditation. I did it for him. He left me a message on my machine and said later he doesn’t ever leave messages. I told him how this astrologer in Australia has a voice that no one else has and how perceptive she is. He told me he would pay to have our charts done and the soulmate chart done as well. I ordered. To be brief I will say this… Mystic’s words pointed out things it could have taken me a long time to see for myself. At first, I was bummed and yet, when we spent our first time together it became very apparent this was not healthy for me. It was over before it really started and I’m grateful for that. Her words cut through the con, told me exactly what would ruin the relationship. I saw it immediately. He never paid me for the reports but I am grateful, I knew what to look at and saw through him as fast as I did.

  3. KAK (verified owner)

    I did this report on myself and a man I have known for 40 years – it was spot on! It is a great guide on the circumstances of the nature of our relationship – Neutrally setting the parameters for how we interact with each other – what levels we take it to ? well that is up to us !!!

  4. Mythofnorml (verified owner)

    I was so entirely gobsmacked when I read this Soulmating report, just because I’d done so much “work” to get over a three and a half year long relationship with my non-boyfriend, and there was this residual “energy” left behind that was unsolvable. These questions that were left unanswered. I was NOT into “woo” before I met this man. I had just left a Christian religion a year prior to meeting this non-boyfriend (I’ll call him MB), and he had left a decade earlier.
    MB basically “saved” me from the cognitive distortions surrounding a myriad of subjects that our childhood-early adulthood religion had encased us in. He “saved” me a number of times, this anti-hero (an impoverished professional musician) who could never commit to me. When I met him, I was a single mom and co-dependent (a very religious stay-at-home mom in my marriage). On the drive home after our first date, I was awash in tears for this man (this has never happened to me before or since). I could not understand why he struck my soul. I literally said to myself after our first kiss, “I’m in trouble.” I was a virgin when I got married, was married twelve years, and never had decent sex. I didn’t even know if “that” existed. And sex with MB was otherworldly. I still have so much gratitude for him for “awakening” me in this way.
    During this time we were dating I worked fuqing hard to finish my bachelor’s, begin a Master’s, rise to the position of Editor-in-Chief and kick ass at life. MB, this anti-hero, eventually left me for a woman who “looked better on paper” and was “more stable,” (zero children) but who, as he explained, was “not as attractive to him, or as drawn to emotionally or intellectually.” This “more stable” woman showed up in my dreams before I discovered his “indiscretions” with her (I’d known they were friends and had run into her at least five times at random places without every having formally met her), and I felt deeply that the three of us had played out this narrative before somewhere. This strange love triangle.
    The Soulmating report described seven soulmating alignments MB and I have that were so very revealing, not because they were “news to me,” but because they perfectly described both our attractions and repulsions, and this otherworldly, “I knew you before,” pull. Will recommend to everyone interested in any kind of woo. Will be getting all birth data from next person who will be a real “boyfriend.” I love Mystic Medusa. She is so skilled.

  5. Gasha (verified owner)

    I was mind blown by the accuracy and language used. It really helped me with a perspective on my last relationship, that was so intense, transformational, beautiful and volatile at the same time. I really need some guidance with understanding how and why this manifested in my life and this was extremely useful. I think it is one of the best products on the website.

  6. P.Arthur (verified owner)

    I ordered one for me and my three year old son, and it was really fascinating. We had eight links, and some were particularly interesting: especially my sun being conjunct his north node, which seemed particularly apt for a father son relationship. Certainly worthwhile for relationships that aren’t either romantic or sexual.

  7. crisannm (verified owner)

    I purchased two of these, one for a past love who I wanted perspective on, and one for a current interest and I have to say that I am totally besotted by everything Mystic offers. The reports looked at aspects I hadn’t considered before and I love going deep. I love the way she describes aspects and dynamics, it’s both unique and utterly accurate. I’ve been a long time Mega-Mystic member as well, and could never live without my membership. It’s become a guiding fixture in my life for at least the past 10 years. I’ll be a member as long as Mystic is a practitioner. I can’t recommend this report enough – gift yourself some clarity and insight, you’ll be delighted.

  8. TripleCardinal (verified owner)

    I did this report on a whim of sorts, but the results really got me thinking about the meaning behind the “soulmate” relationships. I did one for my ex-boyfriend, who I got over long time ago (4 years), but who stills holds a special place in my heart as in I still would have a loving positive conversation with him quite happily. No grudges or bad feelings, nor wanting to get back at all. The thing was…we were very compatible, but I liked him more as a friend. Even now I prefer we could have been good friends instead.

    Turns out, we have 11 soulmate links. What? Explains the complexity, the going back and forth, never being at the same place emotionally. In my opinion, soulmate relationships do not always translate to romance, but it is really profound experience that changes you a lot. So I am happy that with the help of this report I can now put that past phase of my life to rest as I now know what exactly went on.

  9. April Morning Star (verified owner)

    I loved this report. I have nine links with my husband which probably explains the complexity of our relationship!! Not always easy but the lessons are there to be learned! I only have one suggestion – a key to interpreting the symbols on the combined charts. I have studied astrology all my life but the asteroids are not so familiar. Perhaps also a brief explanation of the various houses and their influence on different types of relationships. Thanks Mystic love your work!

  10. aquaqua (verified owner) accurate. i feel

  11. S1993 (verified owner)

    Totally blown away by the accuracy of this report. Spot on, very helpful in confirming what I felt with regard to the other person as well provided new insights and most importantly WHY! Highly recommend!!! Like all the reports offered – top quality!

  12. Louie (verified owner)

    I came home after a few wines and we organised this report for my not entirely available lover and I.. And was totally blown away. We thought we were just playing when we hooked up but the connection and passion we have isn’t quite earthly and the report showed me how true that was.
    It doesn’t give answers but helps me understand why its so difficult to let go.

  13. stinala (verified owner)

    I purchased three – one for me and my husband, plus for two past relationships that went awry to help me understand their purpose. Each report was SPOT ON. Totally blown away by the accuracy, and they’ve helped me to release baggage from the old relationships. I recommend 1000%!

  14. Neptunian Amazon (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my wife and I. We believe that we’re soulmates and I was curious to know where that fits in with the astrology side. I am amazed at how accurate the findings were. The reasons why we are together and how we feel when we are together were very accurate!

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