Eclipse Renewal

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The Solar Eclipse Renewal Bundle includes Power Moons, the Uranus In Taurus Re-Grounding Chill Meditation and Mystic’s Rant re the Saturn-Pluto 2020 Conjunction.

It’s all you need to power through Eclipse Season and stay enviably serene. Power Moons is a personalized (done off your unique birth chart) New and Full Moon reading. It has a year’s worth of lunar info but most importantly, it will inspire you to maximize the super-powered new and full moon eclipses of July. It will reveal the way they influence your natal energies by the house and significant aspects.


Power Moons

Worked off your individual birth chart, Power Moons is your indispensable Lunar Planner for the year ahead. Power Moons provides you with your next year's worth of New + Full Moons, their exact time for your location, the house that they fall in for you personally and any conjunctions made by the New or Full Moon to an essential point of yours. If there is going to be a Full Moon in (say) your 10th House conjunct your Pluto, you will know about it. Fun and practical, Power Moons will also wow you with the magical results.


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Uranus In Taurus Re-Grounding Meditation Mp3

The words are by Mystic, spoken by meditative storyteller, energetic alchemist and visionary meditation guide Jessica Snow. The meditation features the Schumann Resonance under woven with binaural beats set to the healing Theta frequency of 528 Hz. Mystic has written this with the intent to prompt your own intuitive inner Uranian genius.



Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2020 Mp3

The Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2020 is the biggest astrological event of 2019 and 2020. It's formidable, rare and worth maximizing. Get a grip on this pow-wow of the Time God with the Change God incarnate with this instantly downloadable astro-rant.



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2 reviews for Eclipse Renewal

  1. lola0211 (verified owner)

    I believe this will be very useful this coming year, with the power moons advice and the overview of the Saturn Pluto. I’m going to hear the meditation tonight. Thanks!

  2. brigid (verified owner)

    Love all the items!
    The power moons are informative and will definitely prove useful.
    The meditation is a dream, I’ve listened to it twice just before sleep and it’s so peaceful and clarity inducing.
    The Saturn Pluto conjunction were life affirming! Incredibly pertinent and deep information.
    Thank you so much!

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